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Spring Floral

Happy Friday!

The end of school is so close but the days are way too long. When I tell you that this week has been the slowest week of my life I am not exaggerating. Anyway, let's end this year-long week with some floral nail art!

I actually matched my nails to a dress I wore to a banquet and this was the outcome. Ill have to show you later! 
For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. I then created the flowers (following Getnailledd's tutorial on Doc Marten Floral) with Zoya Candylicious. The lighter pinks were created by adding small amounts of white to lighten it up. For the green leaves I used Essie Mojito Madness and added white to it for the lighter green shade. I finished this design with a shiny top coat. 

The roses were A LOT easier to draw than I expected. I love the finished look but I really love how easy this was to create. 


Chevy | Featuring Laquerlicious Pebble Stone

Good morning!

Today is the last day of Laquerlicious nail designs. So far I've done a V-Day design, a Geometric design, and now a Chevron design right here on this post. This one is my favorite design of the three! 

On top of the Laquerlicious designs and swatches this week, I am hosting a giveaway where a lucky follower will win three mini polishes from Laquerlicious, you can enter here

For this manicure I used Laquerlicious Pebble Stone layered over Zoya Monica as the base. Then I carefully drew the chevron stripes, one at a time. For a more interesting look I created three chevron stripes on the middle and ring fingers and only two on the index and pinky fingers. For an extra accent I created horizontal stripes across the index finger. All these stripes were created using Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet

The base of this mani, Laquerlicious Pebble Stone, kind of reminds me of a galaxy, no?
Laquerlicious Pebble Stone is a multicolored small glitter suspended in a dark purple--almost black--jelly base. This is two coats layered over Zoya Monica. This is another one of those colors that is just "meh" in the bottle but then transforms on your nails! So unique and pretty! This is a semi-hungry glitter though so I used two thick coats of topcoat for these swatches and the above design.

Pictures are just not doing this polish justice, the colors are much more vivid in real life! Love.

Laquerlicious retails for $8.50-$15.00 (depending on what type of nail polish) and can be purchased on Etsy and found on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram

*Polishes sent for review


Melted Candy Cane

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Yeah, I just did that.

My brain is filled to the top with drip designs to do but I'm trying my best not to overwhelm you guys with them. You'll probably see more in the next coming weeks but for now I'll ease in the marathon of drips with this simple candy cane manicure.

With candy canes being the official Christmas candy (at least in Shaina Land) it was bound to get on my nails one way or another. I mean, I did it last year so really the past repeated itself. I had no say in it. But maybe this should be a yearly thing while we're on the subject?

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Break the Ice as the shimmery white base. Then I used Wet N Wild Red Tape for the base of the drips. The stripes were created using a nail art brush and the same WNW Break the Ice polish that I used for the base.

Here's a quick how-to on the drips, just add stripes afterwards!

Now you cannot tell me this doesn't look like a melted candy cane?
*Wet N Wild polishes sent for review


Plaid Christmas Drips

Good morning! I haven't done a nail art post in a while since I've been so wrapped up in my giveaways lately. 

I've been planning this design for so long. I'm not kidding y'all, this has been planned far before December! I kept putting it off, waking up every morning and saying "okay, I'll do it tomorrow, it's not very sunny outside today" or "hm...I'll watch this movie then get right to my nails." And of course that last one almost always results in me forgetting, or falling asleep. Oops. 

And sorry for the weird pictures that make my fingers look extra dry and sickly. The sun was going down as I took these and these pictures just came out really...strange.

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Break the Ice for the white shimmery base. Then I drew the "dripping" part of this design with a regular nail art brush and Wet N Wild Red Tape. The plaid was created using a thin nail art brush and these colors: Sation I Paint in Peace, Zoya Ray, Sation 3 Free-Dom, and a black acrylic paint. 

This was so pretty in person, I actually have another drip design I plan on doing so that will be posted soon!
*Polishes sent for review


First Striping Tape Design: Divided Gradient Stripes

Happy 12/12/12 Day!

Obviously not as exciting as 11/11/11 was for most people but whatever, it's the last "repeating number date" in a while so I plan on enjoying it.

Actually, let's do something random to..."celebrate" I guess. For each 12, I'll tell a random fact that relates:
12- The age I was when I went into middle school, oh the memories.
12- The number of pages I have on my blog (errm, some are hidden).
12- The number of black shirts I have in my closet...that's right, I counted.

Alright, now that that's done, moving on to the manicure!

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Candylicious, Finger Paints Chrysanthe-Mum's the Word, and Zoya Breezi as the gradient. I sponged on each color onto my naked nail. I let that completely, 100% dry then took striping tape and laid down the pieces to create horizontal stripes across the entire nail. I painted diagonal sections of black (acrylic paint) and nude (Zoya Avery) over the tape. After letting it dry a bit I removed the tape and slapped on some topcoat.

Let me know if you guys would like a tutorial on this design, words are sometimes hard to follow.

P.S. Make sure to enter for Day 1's prize in the 7 Days of Christmas Giveaway!
*Zoya Avery provided for review


Hoot! Hoot!

Hello, hello!

I have a quick post for you guys today.

I love any cute, animated animal, monster, whatever! So of course an adorable owl would eventually land on my nails!

*I'm holding a random bottle in this picture, the polish wasn’t used for this manicure*

For this manicure I used Essie Sag Harbor for the base and Sally Hansen Model Behavior for the sponging. The brown is Sally Hansen Valentino. I used Orly Ancient Jade as the turquoise/mint, Wet N Wild Candylicious is the pink, and the purple is Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet (mixed with a bit of white).

And if you're wondering where you've seen this design it's  probably because you follow me on Twitter where I entered it in the CVS/All Lacquered Up contest!

P.S. I now have a Born Pretty discount code for my readers! The code is GFL91 and will take 10% off your order. If this code is used 10 times BP will sponsor a giveaway for you all!
* Code is in affiliation with Born Pretty


Lazy Scales

Good morning!

I titled this post "Lazy Scales" because this design was originally supposed to look something like this print but as I was doing it I became impatient and just rushed through it. I do not recommend to rush a design, never a good idea.

But I still loved the finished look so I thought I'd post it for you all! Anyway, I love the gradient.

For this manicure I used the following colors to create an orange-yellow-green gradient (in order): Wet N Wild Club Havana, Barielle Soul-er Powered, and Essie Mojito Madness. Instead of my usual black nail polish I used black acrylic paint for the scale-like details. I used a nail art brush for those. I finished off with two coats of top coat.

This was my first time using acrylic paint for nail art and I absolutely love and recommend it for details like these! I'll most likely only use black and white paint since I run out of those color polishes so quickly. Wish I had tried it sooner!
*Barielle and Wet N Wild polishes sent for review


Gradiance Week | Animated Flowers

Good morning!

For the last day of Gradiance Week (which was really just five days, but whatevs) I decided to go out with a bang!

Remember my Abstract Paisley design from this summer? Well I took inspiration from that manicure and put it into this one. I showed my sister this manicure after doing just one finger and she immediately recognized where it came from! How funny is that?

For this manicure I used Zoya Carey as the blue-ish gray base. I sponged on Wet N Wild Break the Ice on the upper portion of the nail (which isn't too obvious in these pics). Then I created all the details with a nail art brush and the following polishes: China Glaze First Mate (love, love, love this polish SO much!), Zoya Monica, and Zoya Kristen.

This didn't take me as long as you'd think, It actually went pretty fast! Or maybe I was just enjoying myself since Four Christmases was on while I was doing this...
*Zoya and China Glaze polishes were provided for review


Gradiance Week | Tropical Explosion

Welcome to Day 2 of Gradiance Week!

Now I know we're in the middle of fall but I couldn't resist this manicure. It's so summery, bright, and refreshing! I'm just one of those people...I don't care what season it is, my nails will be whatever color, whenever.

I'm not alone on this am I?

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Heatwave as the red base. Then I sponged on Zoya Arizona on the center of the nail. Lastly I sponged on Zoya Shelby to the very center of the nail. It almost looks like a pink stripe in these pictures but it is sponged on! I let it dry, hm...let's say 50%, then added a topcoat.

Super bright, super crazy, just perfect. 


Gradiance Week | Sponged Stripes Deux

Happy Black Friday!

Anyone going out/went out shopping today? I'm more of a low key, pajama loving, online shopping kind of girl. Cyber Monday, now that's what I'm excited for!

Today's design is long overdo. I've been wanting to recreate this manicure from a post I did two summers ago but just now got around to doing it.

 I'm also starting a new series, about a week long, called "Gradiance", the word gradient and radiance combined. I've been loving gradients so much lately, so why not?

For this manicure I used Zoya Marley as the light purple base. Then I freehanded the stripes (which I do for most of my stripe designs) but you could use striping tape or regular scotch tape (just cut to desired size). I used Wet N Wild Bite The Bullet for the stripes. Lastly, I sponged on Zoya Monica (which is stunning). I finished off with top coat.

That's it! Easy as pie. Speaking of pie, how was your Thanksgiving?
*Zoya Monica and Wet N Wild polishes sent for review


Accented with Tribal

I'm back with another design! My inspiration for this design came from Nails by Kayla Shevonne. She is one of the main bloggers that I have seen take on the new accent trend that has been going on, and she does it well! I decided I would have to try it myself. 

I'm running on about five hours of bad sleep, last night, or really early this morning (2:00 am) there was a pretty bad thunderstorm here and lucky for me my bed was right by the window. The thunder, the lightning, and the extremely heavy rain was enough to wake me up several times. And I've slept through hurricanes in the past!

For this manicure I used Zoya Arizona as the main orange base and Zoya Breezi for the pinky. Using a nail art brush I took the following colors and created all the stripes, zig zags and polka dots you see: Zoya Breezi, Essie Mojito Madness, Wet N Wild Black Cream, and Wet N Wild Through the Grapevine. The dots were created using a dotting tool. .  The tribal inspired print was completely random so if you ever try tribal, just have fun with it! 

Do you like this double accent nail art trend or is it just not your thing?


Above The Influence

I think this manicure really speaks for itself. I was inspired by's logo. I've been meaning to do this manicure for so long but for some reason never got to it until now.

Being in high school, this really relates to my life. Although I've never been offered drugs (thankfully, I would have laughed straight in their face) I know a lot of people who do them, buy them, sell them, bring them to class, etc. I've never been interested in drugs ever in my life and don't ever plan to be but I decided to do this manicure since I am happily living above the influence.

Too cheesy?

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild French White Cream as the base. Then, using a nail art brush and Wet N Wild Black Cream, I created the circle outline. I made sure to do this as bold as possible while still leaving space for the arrow. The arrow was then created using the same polish and brush. I started with the tail of the arrow and then created the two ends of the head of the arrow. The purple accent nail was made using Wet N Wild Through the Grapevine. I finished off with topcoat.


Fourth of July Love

Happy Independence Day!

I spent about two hours doing this design this morning. I made sure to wake up early enough that I didn't miss the sun, not a success. The sun was almost out of my yard but I managed to get some decent lighting in these pictures!

When I created this design, I originally planned for something else but it turned out almost identical to my valentines day manicure earlier this year. Oh well, I still love it. 

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild French White Creme as the white base. Then I took my nail art brush and China Glaze Hey Sailor and I slowly created each stripe, slightly slanting some and completely rounding others. Next I created the hearts using Orly Royal Navy (my all time favorite blue!) and bordered it with black. The dots were created using the same white I used for the base. 

I don't have any big plans for the fourth, what are you doing for Independence Day?


Abstract Paisley

Gooood morning!

When I started this manicure I expected it to come out looking like distinguished paisley print but of course, that didn't happen. I think I like this better though, it was much more fun to just do random abstract than to "follow the rules" of paisley print!

For reference I used this picture, I didn't follow the colors but it was very helpful for the shapes.

I originally carried the print to the ring finger but the completed look was overwhelming so I took it away and just left a coat of polish instead. 

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild French White Creme as the base. Then, taking my nail art brush, I started created the different shapes of the paisley/abstract print. I used smaller lines or some nails and thicker lines for others. The dots were all created with the a dotting tool. I used the following four colors for this entire manicure: Wet N Wild Black Creme (black), Wet N Wild French White Creme (white), Zoya Wednesday (turquoise-ish), and Essence Bloom-A-Loom (purple).

The middle finger is my favorite. Which one is yours?


Puzzling Pieces

Long time no see!

Well I'm back today now that I've found some inspiration for nail art.

I'm sure some of you have seen this design floating around Pinterest but for those who haven't I got the idea from Nail Polish Wars. Her blog is amazing so check it out if you're not already following her!

This manicure is just...ugh, it's so brilliant! It's also so simple that I think I'll try different variations in the future. Love this.

For this manicure I used Fingerpaints Easel Come, Easel Go! as the silver foil base. Then, following Nail Polish Wars tutorial (minus the tape, I freehanded), I created each section of the puzzle pieces using the following colors: Zoya Robyn (blue), GOSH Miss Minty (mint green), and Wet N Wild Candylicious (pink). I finished off with a shiny, fast drying top coat.

Before I removed this I decided to see what it would look like if it were bordered in black. This was obviously just for fun so it turned out kind of messy, lol.

I bet it would look cool with white, or with a design on top. If you ever try it, let me know. I'd love to see it!

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