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2 Easy Fourth of July Nail Art Designs and Tutorial

Happy Independence Day! 

This will be the first year that I have posted a Fourth of July manicure before the actual holiday. I really wanted to make sure that this tutorial was available for anyone who wanted to try it. 

Let's dive into both these designs and make sure to let me know which is your favorite! Click below to keep reading.

Creating this look was a little complicated but the steps themselves were easy! It takes a lot of patience but it can certainly be done.

Step 1: Paint your nails with a red creme nail polish. I used China Glaze Hey Sailor. Allow this to dry.

 Step 2: Next, use a sponge to create a vertical gradient of white and red. It's okay if it's messy. The Nailasaurus has a great tutorial on gradients, just switch the directions and make this horizontal with white on the two sides!

 Step 3: Using a nail art brush and a light blue nail polish, start creating your stars. Doing half stars is much easier than whole stars so that's what I chose to do. Start with an outline and fill them in.
Step 4: Finish drawing your stars by filling them all in with your nail art brush and light blue (Zoya Kristen). The brushes I use are from Born Pretty (use code GFL91 for 10% off).

All done! Just add top coat.
 This is such a fun look! I think it's perfect for the more funky and edgy people out there.

This second design is much more simple for beginners--or anyone--to recreate. I didn't get the chance to make a tutorial but it's so simple so I will just walk you through it.

I'm loving the textured look lately, it's such an interesting look.
Using vibrant colors really turns this simple manicure into something more exciting!

For this manicure I used China Glaze Hey Sailor as the red base. Afterwards I used a nail art brush and white acrylic paint to paint about 2/3 of the nail white. The blue stripes were created with a thin nail art brush and Zoya Liberty. I used a dotting tool for the dots.

The Fourth of July is filled with fireworks, fun nights, and good food. Nail art can now be added to the list! Which of the two designs is your favorite?

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! You could win a $100 shopping spree to PersunMall and buy all the clothes you want!


Haute Lacquer Nail Art Transformations | Before and Afters Part 2

After my first "transformations" post I got great feedback from you all. So of course I decided I'd do more! I thought I'd be running out of pictures to show you but I already have enough saved for another post. Who knew? You just have to really look.

The first before & after is of this unfortunate gradient I created back in 2011 when I first started blogging. Although I'm not on The Nailasaurus's gradient level, the after is clearly improved. Original posts: before and after

I'm proud to say that my chevron print has improved but ashamed to say that the before was fairly recent. These two manicures were only months apart but it seems that was enough time to get the chevron down! Original posts: before and after

This transformation is probably the most dramatic. When I discovered the art of drag marbling I got really excited and just slapped some colors down and came up with the first manicure. For the after shot I decided to take my time and watch a few tutorials and I'd like to think that paid off! Original posts: before and after

So as you can see from both the befores and afters, NO ONE is perfect and we all mistakes in our nail art and in our life. And because no one is perfect, no one's nail art is either (except maybe Chelsea here...gah)!

Do you have any crazy before and after moments in your nail art? Just looking back can kind of surprise you! 


Haute Lacquer Nail Art Over the Years | Before and After Transformations

In celebration of my blogiversary this month, I thought it'd be fun to show you guys where I started and where I am now with my nail art.

I'm always saying that practice makes perfect and that nail art takes patience so today I want to show you guys exactly what I mean. I'm still not where I'd like to be and I am always learning but my nail art now is significantly better and cleaner than when I first started blogging!

Not only did I learn how to take a better picture (I mean, really, the first picture is not my proudest moment) but I also learned how to create sharp, crisp lines with tape. Original posts: before and after.

This one is pretty dramatic! Over the years I learned how to create actual leopard print, the first picture looks like random spots while the second is more defined leopard. Original posts: before and after.

I will say that the before is not so bad; however, the leaves are visibly uneven and messy. Once I started to actually take my time and not rush through designs, I could create sharper details. Original posts: before and after.

I will say it again, and again, and again, and again...practice makes perfect! It has taken me a lot of time (and manicures) to get where I am today. 

Let me know if you'd like to see more of these posts!


3 Easy Beginner Nail Art Tutorials | No Nail Art Brushes Required!

A goal of mine this year is to make more designs and tutorials that would be helpful for a nail art beginner. We all have to start somewhere and a 2 hour, intricate design definitely isn't where I began!

I decided to start a little series here on the blog where I will showcase three simple designs within a specific theme. For today's post the theme is nail art without nail art brushes. Yes, it's possible!

I can assure you that these designs are easier than they appear, I completed each one within fifteen to twenty minutes.    

For The Center Stripe you will need...
-1 toothpick
-Teal nail polish
-Light blue nail polish

Step 1: Paint your nails using two coats of the light blue nail polish of your choosing.
Step 2: Use the brush that comes with your teal nail polish to create a stripe down your nail.
Step 3: Use your toothpick and dip it into a drop of the light blue nail polish. Then dot your toothpick down the stripe of your nail. 

For The Chevron Tip you will need...
- Light blue nail polish
- Gold metallic nail polish
- Taupe or white nail polish

Step 1: Paint your nails using two coats of the light blue nail polish of your choosing.
Step 2: Use the brush that comes with your gold metallic nail polish and create a "v" shaped tip on your nails. Start on one side of the "v" and then connect the other. 
Step 3: Repeat step 2 with your taupe (or white) nail polish.

For The Bold Stripe you will need...
- Silver metallic nail polish
-Teal nail polish

Step 1Paint your nails using two coats of the teal nail polish of your choosing.
Step 2: Use the brush of your silver metallic nail polish to create a vertical stripe down the side of each nail.
Step 3: Use the brush of your teal nail polish to draw a horizontal stripe that connects to the first stripe. This should create an "L" shape.

That's three easy designs, with three easy steps, and a very minimal amount of supplies for each! 
Which one is your favorite? Which would you try first?

*These images are very much pin-able. Pin now, try later!*


Easy Christmas Drag Marble Nail Art w/ Tutorial

Happy Sunday!

Today I am posting my monthly guest post for Creatively Yours. I love contributing to CY, it's so much fun trying new writing styles and creating tutorials. It also allows me to challenge myself and do something that's easy for anyone to do!

This month's post features my first Christmas design of the year. To check out this post, plus a full step by step tutorial click here.

I hope you enjoy. See you tomorrow for a very exciting giveaway!


Vivid Stripes + How to Make Your Manicure Last!

Good morning lovelies!

As most of you already know, I am a monthly contributor to the gorgeous Ro's blog, Creatively Yours.

This month's post features this bright striped design and some simple tips on how to make your manicure last! With these tips, I can usually go five days without chips or tip wear. If you've had trouble stretching your manicure or you just want to try this design, you'll want to read my guest post!

To find out more about this manicure and for a quick walk through of how to achieve this design, check out my guest post on Creatively Yours.

Ro's blog also features makeup, hair care, beauty tips, fashion and basically everything in between. Make sure to check out her other posts while you're there! You can also stay connected to Creatively Yours other ways:

Creatively Yours on Facebook
Creatively Yours on Twitter
Creatively Yours on Pinterest
Creatively Yours on Google+


Creeping Cat + Tutorial

Good morning-almost noon!

I promised you guys a Halloween design and I was not going to break my promise. This year I was only able to create the one design but I wanted it to be a cute design that was simple enough for beginner, intermediate, and advanced nail artists.

I hope I accomplished that with my monthly guest post over at Creatively Yours. I missed last month (sorry!) but I already have next month's planned out so no more excuses!

To see the full step-by-step tutorial for this design plus more, head over to my guest post HERE.

Check out some of my other Halloween posts from last year, click on the pictures below!

I hope you enjoy!


X Marks the Spot + Exciting News!

Good morning!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you may already know that I have some exciting news to share with you all! Well, I think it's exciting, I hope you guys do too.

Ro (R'Chelle) of Creatively Yours invited me to be a monthly contributor to her blog and I gladly accepted! I wrote a guest post for her last year so naturally I was very open to the idea. I will be posting nail tutorials for beginners/NOTMs as well as nail health tips that I would recommend.

Today's post will be a step-by-step tutorial (yes, I am actually doing tutorials now) which will allow you to create the look below. I realize that this look is a little more time consuming and maybe even a little hard for beginners (sorry!) but I really did try to keep it simple. Hopefully the tutorial is easy enough to follow.

To find out more about this manicure and for a step-by-step tutorial on how I achieved this design, check out my post on Creatively Yours.

Ro's blog also features makeup, hair care, beauty tips, fashion and basically everything in between. Make sure to check out her other posts while you're there! You can also stay connected to Creatively Yours other ways:

Creatively Yours on Facebook
Creatively Yours on Twitter
Creatively Yours on Pinterest
Creatively Yours on Google+

Are you as excited as I am about this new collaboration?


Field of Flowers + My 1st Tutorial!

Today I tried out one of Emily's Nail Files designs. I have at least three of her designs saved in my inspiration file, just waiting for me. I'll post another within the next couple weeks. Her designs are really amazing, so please check out her blog if it's new to you!

This design is not particularly difficult to create but I had so much fun doing it that I went back and made a tutorial for it!

This is only my first tutorial and I'm still figuring out the format I want to use and whether or not I should make a video or GIF. Let me know what you'd like and don't be afraid to request any tutorials for my past designs.

For anyone interested, here are the polishes I used on each finger...

Index- China Glaze Sunset Sail as the base, CCUK Apricot Sun on the tip, and Essence What Do U Think? as the lines.
Middle- Zoya Marley as the base, Essence No More Drama on the tip, and Sally Girl Your Majesty as the lines.
Ring- China Glaze Sea Spray as the base, Zoya Breezi on the tip, and China Glaze First Mate as the lines.
Pinky- China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint as the base, Sally Hansen Green with Envy as the tips, and China Glaze Starboard as the lines.
For all the flowers the white petals were made using Wet n' Wild White French Creme and the yellow dot is Butterfly Jungle 244.

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