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Designers [Re]designed: Prabal Gurung Inspired

Good morning! Well, it's morning as I write this its probably the afternoon or even night in some parts of the world/country.

Today's design was actually meant to be posted for day one of Designers [Re]designed week but the first attempt was a complete failure! Instead of using the obvious splatter technique for the base I tried using a dotting tool and it just didn't look good at all. I'm not lying, it was unrecognizable!

But this time I went for the splatter technique and I think it works! Now, the color blocking aspect was randomly placed since it looks like the designer wasn't too concerned about symmetry for this dress (which I love by the way). 

For this manicure I started with a white cream base. Then using the splatter technique I created the abstract-splatter print Prabal Gurung has on the background of the dress.  For the splatter I used Zoya Lara, white, black, and Wet N Wild Disturbia. To match the purple and black panels on the dress I took my nail art brush and this random Sally's Girl medium purple and drew the panels. I went back in with black for the random black panels. I finished off with thick coats of topcoat. 

This is my first time doing splatter nail art and I have fallen in love with it! I know it's been done in every possible way and in every possible color combination but it may pop up on this blog again in the future. I kind of love it!

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