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Showing posts with label Season Inspired. Show all posts


Spring Floral

Happy Friday!

The end of school is so close but the days are way too long. When I tell you that this week has been the slowest week of my life I am not exaggerating. Anyway, let's end this year-long week with some floral nail art!

I actually matched my nails to a dress I wore to a banquet and this was the outcome. Ill have to show you later! 
For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. I then created the flowers (following Getnailledd's tutorial on Doc Marten Floral) with Zoya Candylicious. The lighter pinks were created by adding small amounts of white to lighten it up. For the green leaves I used Essie Mojito Madness and added white to it for the lighter green shade. I finished this design with a shiny top coat. 

The roses were A LOT easier to draw than I expected. I love the finished look but I really love how easy this was to create. 


Dazzling Feast | Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving! Well...tomorrow. 

What are you thankful for this year? Every year my response is the same: family, friends, or my health, but this year I'm changing it up! I'm thankful for the internet, which has opened my eyes to this world of nail polish and nail art, a nice escape from my day to day life. I've gained some really great friends and amazing readers all thanks to the internet.

For this manicure I used Zoya Ziv (index and middle), Sation Free-Dom (ring), and China Glaze Desert Sun (pinky) as the bases. This manicure has a lot going on so I will break it down for you...Index & Middle fingers: Using a nail art brush I took China Glaze Desert Sun (caramel orange), Wet N Wild Club Havana (orange), Sation 3 Free-Dom (taupe), and Wet N Wild Heatwave (red) for the leaves. I drew the leaf details in China Glaze Below Deck. Ring finger: I first drew the feathers of the turkey with the same colors as I used for the index & middle fingers' leaves. Afterwards I added dots on the red feathers using Sation Free- Dom. The body of the bird was made using Diamond Cosmetics Decadence.

Check out my Thanksgiving manicure from last year, click the picture below!

So what unique thing(s) are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Tell me in the comments below!

P.S. Check out the brand new Haute Lacquer Pinterest Gallery!



Week two of the new Monday Nail Art Challenge I'm participating in!

This week was much more challenging than last week's polka dots. When I hear the words "floral" I get kind of scared. It's a lot more difficult than it sounds, at least for me. I've done floral before but they are always simple, dotted daisies.

I actually attempted two different designs but the first one was a huge fail. I wanted to do something a bit different than I normally do so I watched some Youtube videos for inspiration and came up with this!

This beautiful design is inspired by this video from Robin Moses.

The red is so bright, my camera freaked out. Apologies.

For this manicure I used Orly Ancient Jade as the base. I drew the stems with China Glaze Starboard and then the poppies were made with China Glaze Hey Sailor and a nail art brush. I added in the yellow dots with Essence Mellow Yellow. The clouds were made using Wet n Wild Shiver.

Very simple, but I really like it! Robin Moses's designs are incredible. No matter what she does, it always impresses me. If you've been living under a rock and don't know who she is, check out her Youtube channel here.


Spring Flowers and Sponging

Good morning everyone!

Spring is coming to an end this month but I thought I'd squeeze in one last Spring mani before the season ends! This is one of my new favorite looks, sponging and nail art combined. I've been getting into sponging lately and after a few Youtube videos I think I'm getting a lot better at the whole "fading" thing.

This manicure was so much fun to do! It's so carefree and easy to cover-up mistakes. These pictures are all with a topcoat--which makes the sponging blend in and have that fade.

For this manicure I used Zoya Marley as the base. Then, using a cosmetic sponge, I sponged on Wet N' Wild 429B. I drew some flowers on the sponged area and decorated parts of it with dots. The white is Wet N' Wild French White Creme or whatever it's called.

I haven't been excited about nail art for a while, and this is the perfect way to ignite that spark!


Field of Flowers + My 1st Tutorial!

Today I tried out one of Emily's Nail Files designs. I have at least three of her designs saved in my inspiration file, just waiting for me. I'll post another within the next couple weeks. Her designs are really amazing, so please check out her blog if it's new to you!

This design is not particularly difficult to create but I had so much fun doing it that I went back and made a tutorial for it!

This is only my first tutorial and I'm still figuring out the format I want to use and whether or not I should make a video or GIF. Let me know what you'd like and don't be afraid to request any tutorials for my past designs.

For anyone interested, here are the polishes I used on each finger...

Index- China Glaze Sunset Sail as the base, CCUK Apricot Sun on the tip, and Essence What Do U Think? as the lines.
Middle- Zoya Marley as the base, Essence No More Drama on the tip, and Sally Girl Your Majesty as the lines.
Ring- China Glaze Sea Spray as the base, Zoya Breezi on the tip, and China Glaze First Mate as the lines.
Pinky- China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint as the base, Sally Hansen Green with Envy as the tips, and China Glaze Starboard as the lines.
For all the flowers the white petals were made using Wet n' Wild White French Creme and the yellow dot is Butterfly Jungle 244.


Spring Inspired Manicure

It rained all last week which made it almost impossible to take pictures. But finally the sun came out. Spring is about a week away so I decided to make a spring-ish inspired mani!

And in case anyone is wondering, that is writing on my hands (second picture).


Revlon Buff alone--so pretty:

For this manicure I used...
Revlon Buff as the coral/orange base color and then let it dry. After it was completely dry I drew the lines in Art Deco White and Gold Glitter. I then took Velocity Orange Pop and drew the orange lines on the sides. Just to make it more girly I added some hot pink polka dots along the orange line.I don't know the name of the pink though.

I love this manicure! It was so easy to do, yet it's so fun. I'll have to do this again sometime.

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