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Starfish on the Beach | My I Heart Nail Art Contest Entry

Good morning!

To start this week off I'm sharing my Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art contest entry! This month's theme was texture. I've had this design in my head for the longest and this was the perfect excuse to finally put it on my nails.

This design was inspired by Chalkboard Nail's Beauty & the Beach contest entry. A contest entry inspired by another contest entry? Lol.
I'm really happy with the way this turned. It's so much more interesting to look at with the added texture nail polish. Don't you agree?
For this manicure I used a variety of nude nail polishes for the "sand like" base (including nudes from Zoya, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, L.A. Colors, etc). Then I used a nail art brush and Zoya Destany to create the starfish shape. Using a small dotting tool I created polka dots inside each star with Zoya Solange.  I only applied topcoat after creating the "sand like" base.

Thanks in advance for anyone who votes. (:


Bohemian Ikat Nail Art | Feat. Indica Jewelry

Happy Hump Day! Which, by the way, I really thought today was Tuesday and I was literally surprised when I saw that it wasn't. I am very clearly losing my mind.

Today's post features a gorgeous hand chain from Indica Jewelry on Etsy. This is a new Etsy shop that sells everything from bracelets, to necklaces, to toe rings to earrings. And the owner, Robine, is so sweet!

My inspiration for this design came from the hand chain itself. As soon as I looked at it, it reminded me of something vintage/bohemian so I had to do my nails to match.
For this manicure I used Zoya Bevin as the base. This was my first time attempting Ikat print so I followed this tutorial by Phoenix Beauty Lounge. The colors I used were Zoya Jacqueline (nude) and Sally Hansen Chartreuse Chase (green that looks like yellow). The black is acrylic paint. 

Now you guys have to give me some credit for these creative pictures you're about to see...


Gradient Faux Bois Nail Art

Have you ever had this great idea in your head but when you go to do it things just don't translate as well? That's kind of what happened with this design. I mean I love the way it turned out, don't get me wrong, but I expected it to look a lot more like wood and not so abstract. You know? Yeah, you know. ;)

Regardless of it not looking much like wood, I do love these colors together!
And the base color...just pure love.
For this manicure I used Zoya Carey as the gray base. Using a thin nail art brush, I created each detail to somewhat resemble "faux bois" (fake wood). For these details I used Bondi Brick Road (yellow), Sally Hansen Green with Envy (lime green), and American Apparel Peacock (teal). I finished with topcoat. 

The overall look is so bright and summer-y! I can't help but love it. 


Hoot! Hoot!

Hello, hello!

I have a quick post for you guys today.

I love any cute, animated animal, monster, whatever! So of course an adorable owl would eventually land on my nails!

*I'm holding a random bottle in this picture, the polish wasn’t used for this manicure*

For this manicure I used Essie Sag Harbor for the base and Sally Hansen Model Behavior for the sponging. The brown is Sally Hansen Valentino. I used Orly Ancient Jade as the turquoise/mint, Wet N Wild Candylicious is the pink, and the purple is Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet (mixed with a bit of white).

And if you're wondering where you've seen this design it's  probably because you follow me on Twitter where I entered it in the CVS/All Lacquered Up contest!

P.S. I now have a Born Pretty discount code for my readers! The code is GFL91 and will take 10% off your order. If this code is used 10 times BP will sponsor a giveaway for you all!
* Code is in affiliation with Born Pretty


Vintage Sally Hansens

I'm really excited to be posting some of my favorite polishes from my collection, my Sally Hansen "vintage" nail polishes! I call them vintage but really they're just long discontinued, hard(er) to find nail polishes.

I've been wanting to share this post with you guys for a long time but it took forever for one of the polishes to arrive and I didn't want to post without it. When it finally did come I wasn't able to take pictures since the sun wouldn't come out, then I had a huge break in my nails and wanted to let it grow out.

Now, rain free, sunny, and longer nubbins--I finally could put this post together! 

*This post is kind of picture heavy*

Blue Aura is from Sally Hansen's Magical Nail Makeup Line. I'm not sure when these came out but I think these are older than the Nail Prisms. This is a gorgeous aqua blue linear holographic polish. It's also my first linear holo. I've never really been a fan until now...I'm in love, deeply in love, with linear holos! I purchased this on eBay from this seller.

Fire Opal is from Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms line. It's kind of hard to believe how different this looks over black! It's a sheer pink frost on it's own but layered over black it's a stunning purple, blue and turquoise duochrome. This is only one coat, two coats starts revealing the pink base. This really is a beauty. I purchased Fire Opal from cassiecosmetics on eBay, my favorite seller for nail prisms.

Amber Ruby is from the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms line and is also my favorite nail prism. The duochrome on this is so intense and so strong and Amber Ruby has a gorgeous glow to it! It's a beautiful orange, red and bronze duochrome with a tiny hint of green. I've swatched this before here. No pictures can do this polish justice. I also purchased this from cassiecosmetics on eBay.

The two nail prisms are fairly easy to find on Amazon and eBay, but the magical you'll have to do a little more work. Also, Blue Aura ( or any from the magical line) can often come with a hefty price tag. I had to go through days of bidding until I finally bought it for around $18 shipped but I have seen it go for more than $30. At the end of the day though, it was all worth it to me. 


Vera Bradley Inspired

I am so insanely excited about this manicure words cannot even express!

Oh Lord, where do I even start?

As usual, I look for most of my inspiration online when I want to try a new design. This was no exception. I opened up Mozilla Firefox, stared at my Google home page for a while and then searched Vera Bradley's website. I clicked the word "collection" and that word eventually led me to this beauty.

The inspiration for this design came directly from Vera Bradley's cosmetic bag from her Resort Collection. 

For this manicure I used Barielle Do Unto Others as the turquoise base. Then I took my nail art brush and started working on the details like the leaves and flowers. I created each flower (white cream)/leaf (Sally Hansen Green with Envy) and then outlined with black. To create the stripes, I used white, SH Green with Envy and Barielle Do Unto Others. I tried to outline the stripes on a couple fingers for more of a contrast but it looks better without the stripes, so I started over.

Here's a picture of the bag. The front of it is actually clear with stripes and then the inside and back have the pattern. I just chose to go with the illusion of the stripes being on top of the floral.

I might just have to buy the bag, that's how in love I am with the pattern! Where VBrad comes up with these genius patterns? Only the Lord knows.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day loves!

I hope you all had an amazing day celebrating, and if you're single (like moi) you can celebrate the way I did...with nail art!

I actually created this manicure this past Saturday but I knew it would be perfect for V-Day. Pink, hearts, polka dots? There's a little bit of everything in here.

I got a ton of compliments on this manicure too. I love the look on people's face when I tell them I did it myself. Never gets old...

For this manicure I didn't start with a base color. Instead I applied a clear base, let it dry then began drawing the stripes. For the stripes I used a nail art brush and the following polishes: Wet N Wild Candy-licious (bubble gum pink), Wet N Wild Tropicalia (bright medium pink), and Wet N Wild French White Creme. Afterwards I took my nail art brush and white polish and drew the hearts. I then outlined the hearts in black and used my dotting tool to create pink polka dots inside of them. Add a slap of topcoat and you're done!

In real life, the contrast between the two pinks is hardly visible. It just looks like one big stripe unless you look up close with good lighting. I would suggest using shades of more contrast for a better pattern.

And just for fun, here's a cute layering combo I did for V-Day. This is two coats of Sally Hansen Twisted Pink with two coats of Zoya Chloe on top:


Sally Hansen Amber Ruby

Good morning!

Today is a pretty exciting post, I finally got my hands on a Sally Hansen Nail Prism! It may not be Garnet Lapis or Turqouise Opal but it is unique on it's own and it's beautiful.

I purchased this on Amazon for $9.99 before shipping.

Already an all time favorite for me.

These pictures are in natural sunlight with 2 coats.

Sally Hansen Amber Ruby is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful orange/red/gold multi-chromatic frost with the slightest hint of green flash. The switch on this polish is insane! It literally goes from orange to gold in .02 seconds. Scrangie described it best..."fall in a bottle". It's the perfect polish for fall.

The only issue I had with this is the drying time, took longer than an hour and a half for two thick coats to dry.

Other than that, I love, love, love this!


Random Retro

Good morning!

Here's a random design I created a little while ago. It was supposed to be plaid but once I was done it looked like weird, confused lines. So then I added dots in an attempt to make it look a little neater.

For this manicure I used Essence Bloom-A-Loom (light purple) as my base. Then I started created lines in different sizes and directions using Sally Hansen Green With Envy (lime green) and Rimmel Peppermint (light mint). The dots were created with my dotting tool and Sally Hansen The Real Teal (teal).

I'm still not sure if I like it but I'm not gonna looks pretty cute in the first picture. (:


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pumpkin Spice

Today's post is pretty exciting for me since I was dying to get my hands on this polish after seeing swatches floating around on other blogs. Luckily, my friend Ashley had a few extra and was willing to give me one, thanks Ashley! 

As of right now, I don't have any nail art to show you this week so I figured I'll just show you this swatch instead. Also, my computer isnt working so I wont be able to post for a few weeks, most likely. I'm on someone elses computer right now. :(

Anyway, behold....Pumpkin Spice!

Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice is an orange glitter suspended in a dark brown, jelly base. I have heard that this is sheer on it's own so I layered two coats over Savvy Chocolate just to be safe. The application with this was great. I love the brush on the Xtreme Wear line so I've come to expect flawless application.

Pumpkin Spice is beyond gorgeous! Considering this is my first Halloween as a nail polish collector, I'm more more than happy to have this as my first Halloween nail polish.

Now to track down those Wet N Wild On the Prowl and Fantasy Makers polishes...


Green/Blue Drag Marble Nail Art

Good morning everyone!

Today's manicure is this simple design I created by using a toothpick and nail polish. I'll (try to) explain how I created this design below for those of you who are new to this technique.

This actually turned out a lot better than it looks in the picture. After I applied Seche Vite the bubbles thought they'd take a nice vacation on my nails.

For this manicure I used China Glaze Pelican Gray as the base. I drew two, vertical black lines to each nail and then went to work! I reapplied the base color inside the lines then I dropped small dots of Zoya Breezi and Sally Hansen Green With Envy. For my length of nails, two dots of each was enough. I took my toothpick and gently moved (or dragged) the nail polish around to my desired design. After I did all my nails like this I added a topcoat.

For a better idea of how to drag marble, you can watch this tutorial.

Like my last post, "Diva Nails", I removed this manicure soon after creating it. I actually wore this design for about 20 minutes before deciding to remove it and wear naked nails. I went bare for about 6 hours but got anxious and did an Independence Day manicure for the 4th of July, which you will see Monday.

Speaking of Monday, the weekly nail art challenge I'm participating in is taking place in the Facebook group Polish-Aholic Anonymous (PAA).  Make sure you send in a request to join if you're interested. The theme for this upcoming Monday is patriotic. For those who live outside of the US, no worries! You can do whatever represents your country.

Well that's all for today! I'll see you in my next post!


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review: 3rd Day Wear

I meant to make this post yesterday but I was so busy studying that I didn't have the chance to. Now I'm finally done with finals! I passed all seven of them and even made a 100/100 on one of my exams! I'm so proud of myself and also SO happy I'm done with school for the year.

Now for the review, the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in Girl Flower are holding up very well.

You may remember in the last part of this review that I mentioned I had trouble applying these and they were poorly done. Well, even so, they are wearing pretty nicely. No real chips, only a little tip wear--which you can't even notice in real life unless you look closely. I didn't apply top coat to these nor was there a base coat and it's wearing better than my normal manicures do. Also, they are just as shiny now as they were when I put them on three days ago.

To make the comparison easier, this is what they looked like after wearing them for one day...

And here's a closer look at what they look like now...

As you can see, they are holding up really well, especially when I didn't do the best job at applying them! They look pretty much the same as day 1. So far, I'm impressed. I still cannot wait until I can take these off! As pretty as they are, I really miss doing nail art.

P.S. I've said this a million times, but don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! It ends in two days. To enter and have your chance at winning one of two prizes, click the picture on the upper right sidebar of this blog. (:


Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review: Application + 1st Day Wear

I was super excited when I won these in Madison's (My Nail Art Blog) giveaway! They came in the mail yesterday and since I knew I'd be busy with final exams all this week, I was eager to put them on ASAP.

I'm going to keep this review as quick and short as possible since I know I like reviews best when they are straight forward. I'll also be breaking this up into separate parts as the days go by. Today I'll cover the application and first day wear since that's all I can tell you about at this point.

Application with this was horrible! It took me about an hour and a half to get all ten nails done. The strips kept on tearing as I tried to fit them and most of them did not fit well enough. I later learned that you can stretch them carefully on the sides to fit them. I wish someone told me earlier. But I think this is one of those things were some people will struggle more than others do.

Here's what my nails look like after wearing "Girl Flower" for one day:

As you can see, there are bald spots towards the tips and edges of my nails (see Exhibit C). That is ONLY because of my application. I did not apply them very well to some of my nails so they ended up looking bad. The ones with good application (middle, index) still look perfect with no tip wear or chips. My middle finger has a dent from it because I was checking to see if it was hardening yet. Clearly it wasn't.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
So far, I'm pleased with this product. Sure, the application was difficult, but only because this is so new to me. I've heard from other reviews that the second time they purchased these strips, application became easier. The fact that there's no dry time, no odor, and no need for topcoat makes up for it. I also love the design. I got tons of compliments today and everyone wanted to know my secret. They were so shocked to hear they were stickers!

I'll be back in a few days to continue this review, let me know how your experience with these are if you've ever tried them.

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