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Geometric Tips

My Internet at home is back to normal. And normal means it works but goes on and off every once in a while. Our AT&T service sucks. I don't know why we put up with it.

Haute Lacquer now has over 350 followers! I know that number might be small to some of you with over 500 or 1000 followers but it means a lot to me. That's over 350 different people who are interested in my blog. I can't wait for these packages to finally get here (waiting for two more) so that I can FINALLY post the giveaway as a big thank you.

Now onto the good stuff. Here's a design I created while my Internet was down.

For this manicure I used S-he 471 as the blue, foil base and Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby as the blue, scattered holo base for my ring finger. Once it was dry I taped diagonally on one side of the tips of my nails and then painted over it with Rimmel London Black Satin. I waiting for that to dry and then taped it off again, this time painting over it with Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby. I finished by adding a line between the two colors.

By the way I got a few Funky Fingers in the mail on Monday (Golden Coast and Sand and Stilettos are the other two). Traci from The TraceFace Philes sent them to me and just look at this cute pink bubble wrap!

I love it!


My First REAL Holo!

I was very lucky to win this beauty in a giveaway a while ago but I never posted about it. Taya, if you're reading this, thank you!  I love that I get to try new brands that aren't easily available to me where I live.
I'm not going to do much writing, instead I'll let the polish do all the talking.

Look how pretty!
Enlarged to show holo

I hope you clicked these pictures to get a better look. If not, you're missing out! (:

S-he 427 is a medium pink scattered holographic. It applied nicely in two coats and I had no problems with the formula.

I think I need more holos in my collection.

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway (post below)! I love hearing your worst manicure experiences. I've had a lot of good laughs already! 

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