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Glitter Bomb

So maybe this isn't a "glitter bomb" since it's really only one glitter but it's close enough anyway.

Today's manicure is this layering experiment I did with some of the nail polishes I have never worn. I  have so many untrieds and this seemed like a quick way to get to some of them!

For some reason my camera decided not to pick up on all the colors in these pictures but for the most part, you can get the idea.

(enlarged to show details)

I started off with two coats of Essence Style Me Holo. Which really looks more like this in person.

Then I added one coat of the lovely Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Again, the colors weren't really picked up, but the green is more prominent in real life. You can see it a little in the pinky.

I added Revlon Blue Mosaic to the mix. I have never worn this before today and I don't really care for it. It's pretty but it will be going in my blog sale.

Lastly, I added two coats of this snowman nail polish I bought at Walgreens. This is just the icing on the cake!

I enlarged the picture so you can see just how pretty this glitter bomb turned out! I love all the different colors and shapes of glitter in there.



You're a Heartbreaker!

Today's post is a polish that I've worn over and over again but can never seem to get right. I finally found a way to make this wearable! Which is good because I was about to throw it out.

The first time I tried Pure Ice Heartbreaker, I wore it on it's own.That was about three years ago when I didn't know too much about polish. It was way too sheer to be worn alone so after about a year and a half I picked it up again and tried layering it with a green. That didn't work out very well since it blended right in. So I gave it one more try with blue, and once again it blended in. So finally I have come to the conclusion that it should be layered with darker colors.

Check out the results...

+ Heartbreaker =

I used L.A. Colors Black Satin as the base and then layered two coats of Pure Ice Heartbreaker over it. I'm really, really pleased. Thank goodness I saw this being layered at Chloe's Nails or else I would have lost hope and thrown this polish away.


Valentines Nail Art Fail

I don't even know what I was going for with this look. I guess I wanted something interesting, pretty, but still simple. Instead I got messy and ugly.
I tried to clean it up after these pictures but I still didn't like it.

To do this look, I used...

Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy- I used this bright pink for the stripes on the base of my nails. That was the messiest part of this look.
Nicole by OPI Light A Candle- Gorgeous color! I applied this metallic lavender color as the base color. I used this for another manicure recently, but I used it again since it's gorgeous with just one coat.
Art Deco in White, Black, Gold Glitter- I used the white for the stripes at the tips of my nails (see second picture). Then I took the black nail art pen and dotted three dots next to the white. The gold glitter nail art was striped down the center of all my nails.
Professional Nail Care Top Coat- I made sure all of the polish was completely dry before I added this top coat.

The idea for this manicure was nice, but it did not translate well.
At least I can now learn from this mistake.

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