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All the Stripes

I'm going to start this post off by saying that I am freakishly in love with this design! I say freakishly because I look at these pictures and almost want to print them and paste it on my nails. 

Why did I ever grab my acetone and remove this pattern off my nails? There's no doubt that I'll be doing these over again.

And by the way, the inspiration for this design came from the lovely Nearly Natural Nails

For this manicure I used OPI Planks A Lot as the purple base. Then I painted a large vertical stripe going down the middle of my nails with Orly Ancient Jade. To create this chevron-like pattern I took my nail art brush and a black acrylic paint and drew diagonal stripes throughout the center stripe. Afterwards, I connected the ends of the diagonal lines, on both sides, one going upwards and the other side downwards. Finally, I outlined the green center stripe with black. 

J'adore this manicure! Are you as excited about this design as I am? 


Sweet Leopard

Inspiration really does come from anywhere! I say it all the time but this manicure is such a good example of that statement. While watching one of itsJudysLife's vlogs I noticed their baby daughter, Julianna, wearing a really cute bib! I quickly took a screenshot because I thought it would make the perfect manicure!

I'd like to believe I was right.

And here's the screenshot of baby Julianna's bib.

For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. Then, using my nail art brush, I drew the leopard print with China Glaze Below Deck and OPI Sparrow Me the Drama. I normally create leopard print by first doing the outline of the spot (the brown) and then filling it in. After creating the spots I used the same nail art brush to border my nails with the pink. 

So the "border" nail art thing still holds a special place in my heart. I've done it a few other times, 3 to be exact. But really...who's counting?
*Zoya polish sent for review


Peace, Love, and Happiness

When I see things like this I think "oh wow, that's cute. I want that on my nails!"

But I had no idea how difficult it would be to draw Chinese symbols on nails. It was difficult to even get it remotely close to what my symbols looked like.

If you haven't figured it out by the title, the symbols on my nails translate to "peace" (index + middle), "love" (thumb), and "happiness" (ring+pinky).

Um...well, I tried.

For this manicure I used black as my base. I let that dry then took a nail art brush and OPI Who the Shrek Are You? and slowly drew each line of each symbol. Once I was satisfied with the symbols I finished off with a thick top coat.

I guess it's not all that bad. I do like the index and middle fingers, they turned out pretty good. I think it would have been better if I used a thinner brush.



Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksging to all my U.S. readers!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet since I know many of you are out shopping the sales or spending time with family.

I was inspired by the cute animated below and couldn't wait to get started on this!

As usual, there are a few minor mistakes, including the index finger. For some crazy reason I started chewing my finger without realizing that I hadn't taken a picture yet...I must have sniffed something last night...

You'll have to excuse that.

For this manicure I used OPI Skulls and Glossbones as the base of the nails. I created the turkeys using Zoya Avery and then used a black polish to outline the body and wings. I created the orange part of the hat using Essence What Do U Think? and a nail art brush. The eyes were made using dotting tools, starting with a large black dot then large white dot and then small black dot. I finished with topcoat. The ring finger has to be my favorite.

To finish off this (rather adorable) post, tell me in the comments: What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?


Sweet Simplicity

The sun finally came out this morning. It's about time too because I did this manicure two days ago and just now got a chance to take pics of it.

After I took swatches and posted the Zoya Touch Collection, I went back and applied Zoya Megan because it is so, so pretty!

I didn't want to cover up the color completely so I took some inspiration from Cosmetic Cupcake and did a very feminine, simple random look.

For this manicure I used Zoya Megan as the main base and OPI Spark De Triomphe (love this glitter!) on the ring finger. Then I took Wet N Wild French White Creme and a dotting tool/nail art brush for the polka dots/stripes. The rhinestones were placed in a triangle shape at the cuticles. I applied them while the polish was still dry. I finished off all my nails with Seche.

I'm loving the simplicity of this manicure, it's very refreshing!

Also, I want to apologize for cutting Retro Week short last week, but I'll be posting all this week because of Thanksgiving break so no worries!

*Zoya polish sent for review


Sexy Stripes

Good morning!

This is a manicure I did Saturday night. I always do the more time consuming and less simple designs on the weekends, that way I can leave the weekdays open for studying and I won't be distracted.

Anyway, I saw this picture on tumblr about a month ago (I don't know who to properly credit since I saved it on my computer, sorry!) and I really wanted to try it. It was relatively easy to do but pulling off straight lines were difficult. I wish I had a white polish that I could have used for this, oh well.

I love the end result though, LOVE!

For this manicure I used OPI Skulls and Glossbones as the base. Then I created a thick gold stripe with Color Club Enchanted Holiday. Using my nail art brush and a black polish, I drew a horizontal line through the middle of my nails. The leopard tips were made with a base of Wet N Wild Heatwave. For the spots I used the same Color Club Enchanted Holiday polish as the gold stripe and the leopard outlines are made with a black polish.

These are so "in-your-face", I just love it.


Skulls and Glossbones

Hey everyone!

I've been complaining on Twitter about how there has been no sun lately. No sun means blurry and bad quality pictures. Luckily there was some sun this morning so I quickly took pictures. I literally ran out of bed and downstairs before the sun went away! It wasn't until after the pictures were taken that I brushed my teeth and ate breakfast.

I created this design yesterday using my new dotting tools that I won from Midnight Manicure's giveaway. I had dotting tools before but they were all the exact same size.

This is also my first time wearing OPI Skulls and Glossbones from their recent Pirates of the Caribbean collection for Spring. I am madly in love with this color! Words can't even describe. It's like a dusty taupe-gray that is just amazing.

Of course, taking the name literal, I drew skulls and bones on all my nails.

For this manicure I used OPI Skulls and Glossbones as the base. I created the bones using Rimmel London Black Satin. The hearts in the middle were made with China Glaze Hey Sailor. Taking my dotting tool and the same black I created large dots to represent the skulls. Then I used my nail art brush to draw the three lines attached to the skull. What are they called anyway? Going back in with my dotting tools, I dotted some eye holes with Skulls and Glossbones.

This design came out kind of messy but I think it's really cute so I'll just ignore that. (:


Franken: Midnight's Master

I mentioned this franken in yesterday's haul and I decided that I will just HAVE to post swatches of this!

I first saw this polish on Let Them Have Polish's blog when she posted it here. I immediately went to Facebook and asked Laurie to create this baby for me.

Laurie (the genius behind this franken) mixed OPI Servin' Up Sparkle with LA Girls Uninhibited to create this polish and named it after her favorite book, Midnight's Master (by Cynthia Eden).

I'll stop talking now and let you drool...

And here's the base on it's own.  Very pretty, but very streaky. I didn't mind since it'd be covered up anyway.

Wow right?! I almost died when I took it out of the package!

This is the mother of all glitters. I mean, come on, black and silver glitter? Yes, please.



It's Monday! Which means that it's a new theme in PAA. This Monday's theme is fruit.

Now back to the manicure!

I had to watch a few tutorials on Youtube before I could get the shape of the pineapples to come out right, but I think I finally got it! It's the smaller details I had trouble with.

Anyway, here's what the final outcome looks like....

For this manicure I used OPI Sparrow Me the Drama as the base. Then, using a cosmetic sponge, I sponged on Wet N Wild Candy-licious to my thumb, middle and pinky. Afterwards I sponged on Kleancolor V.I.P. (my new favorite glitter!) over Candy-licious. The pineapples were made using Butterfly Jungle and then China Glaze Starboard for the leaves. I mixed in some black to darken it up.

You may have noticed that I shortened my nails. I was getting really tired of the length. At this length, I'm more carefree and don't have to worry about breaking a nail every minute of the day! I do miss doing nail art on longer nails though, it's like a bigger canvas.

Well thats it, see you in my next post!

*Some products in this post were sent for review


Random Swatch Spam (Zoya, OPI, Catrice...)

I was really in the mood for swatching this past weekend and trying out different combinations and layering techniques as well as some of the colors I have bought but have not worn.

Let's start off with Ulta Deck the Halls, a silver, scattered, holographic glitter, layered over Essence What Do U Think?.

Here's what Deck the Halls looks like in the bottle:
(Blurred to show holo effect)
Next we have OPI Silver Shatter layered over CCUK Midnight Blue. I prefer Silver Shatter when it looks more metallic rather than glitzy and glittery so here it is with no topcoat:

Then it's the beautiful Zoya Gemma, a subtle olive green with blue/violet shimmer. I really love this color and suggest that everyone has something this unique in their collection! I've been wearing this alone since Saturday:

Next is the beautiful Catrice Big Spender Wanted! This is my second Catrice nail polish and I am very impressed with their formula. I especially love this one because of the pretty gold shimmer, not to mention that I've never had a frost-like polish with this good of a formula:

Last, we have Claire's Poison Apple. This is supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Bad Fairy but considering it's poor excuse for a duo-chrome, I'm guessing it isn't. Not only was it sheer, but the pretty copper and orange you see in the bottle is trapped there. It barely transfers to the nails.

But wait, is that a little duo-chrome I see?

I think my favorites from the bunch are Zoya Gemma and Catrice Big Spender Wanted. Which are your favorites?


Orly Ancient Jade + Silver Shatter and White Cap

I felt like being experimental so I played with China Glaze White Cap and OPI Silver Shatter!

Let's start off with the OPI Silver Shatter. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't like this combination at all. The colors just don't work well together. I love them on their own, just not together. But nonetheless, here's what Orly Ancient Jade looks like with Silver Shatter on top:

A little while later I removed this and layered China Glaze White Cap over Orly Ancient Jade. Now this is more like it! It's like these two were made for each other. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

And what would this post be if I didn't include a picture of Ancient Jade on it's own?
Orly Ancient Jade is a beautiful medium, jade green with a bit of a mint tone to it. Orly's formula impressed me as this is a definite one-coater. It also dried super fast and shiny. The picture above is with no topcoat.


OPI Silver Shatter Review/Swatches

I've been talking about this a lot on Facebook and Twitter because I am IN LOVE with Silver Shatter! I've been seeing many swatches and pictures online but wasn't really convinced until I got to the store and saw how amazing it looked in the bottle. As soon as I came home I gave myself a pedicure with Silver Shatter and it looked so amazing!

AH! I'm so happy I snatched this baby up before it was gone. By the way, these pictures are better viewed when they are large. So click on them to see!

Base color: Essence What Do U Think?
OPI Silver Shatter is a metallic, shimmery silver polish that cracks, or "shatters", as it dries. All you have to do is apply it to completely dry nail polish and it's instant nail art! The formula on this is so amazing. One coat and it starts cracking instantly. You have a decent 2-3 seconds to finish applying it (to one nail) before it cracks--but there's little room for mistakes. As soon as it is done cracking, it is dry. Which is great if you're in a rush but still want to add a little extra to an old manicure.

I found it was easier to work with this when I added a topcoat over my base color and then apply shatter. For me, it cracked better and easier and the overall effect was nicer. Another thing I found was that adding a topcoat after Silver Shatter has been applied makes the shatter turn more glitzy, shiny, and glittery. I honestly prefer it without a topcoat where it looks more metallic and smooth. I wore it like this and had no chipping or flaking at all.

Overall, I am really, really, REALLY loving Silver Shatter! Way easier to work with than my other crackles (China Glaze Crackle Glaze). I definitely recommend you buying shatter if you can find it. It's sooo worth it!


OPI Not Like The Movies

OPI's Not Like the Movies is from the new Katy Perry Collection. It's a very pretty gray with green and purple duo-chrome.

I saw the entire collection when I went to buy this but I really didn't care for the rest.
Daylight, no sun.

This picture shows a little bit of that green duo-chrome which is so hard to capture...
Daylight, no sun.
I love that it changes color in every lighting. But if you are under bad lighting, you can see the gray come out.

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