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Starfish on the Beach | My I Heart Nail Art Contest Entry

Good morning!

To start this week off I'm sharing my Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art contest entry! This month's theme was texture. I've had this design in my head for the longest and this was the perfect excuse to finally put it on my nails.

This design was inspired by Chalkboard Nail's Beauty & the Beach contest entry. A contest entry inspired by another contest entry? Lol.
I'm really happy with the way this turned. It's so much more interesting to look at with the added texture nail polish. Don't you agree?
For this manicure I used a variety of nude nail polishes for the "sand like" base (including nudes from Zoya, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, L.A. Colors, etc). Then I used a nail art brush and Zoya Destany to create the starfish shape. Using a small dotting tool I created polka dots inside each star with Zoya Solange.  I only applied topcoat after creating the "sand like" base.

Thanks in advance for anyone who votes. (:


Neutral Nail Art

I know you all are really amazed at my genius post title, clearly I used all my creative juices for this one!

No but really, it was a struggle to get this post up. I have been trying to edit these pictures for what feels like weeks and then trying to come up with a creative post title? Too much for this girl to handle!

Is it just me or does this design remind you of a Zebra or some type of animal you'd see on a safari? Maybe it's just me but it really does remind me of that. 
I always like to show my matte manis glossy, so here you go! I think I prefer it glossy. 
For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. I then used one of my thin nail art brushes to create each individual line. For the black I used acrylic paint, the dark brown is China Glaze Below Deck and the caramel-like brown is L.A. Colors Serenity. To achieve the matte look I used two coats of Essie Matte About You (love this stuff!).

Which version of this manicure do you like best? Matte or glossy?


Spring Floral

Happy Friday!

The end of school is so close but the days are way too long. When I tell you that this week has been the slowest week of my life I am not exaggerating. Anyway, let's end this year-long week with some floral nail art!

I actually matched my nails to a dress I wore to a banquet and this was the outcome. Ill have to show you later! 
For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. I then created the flowers (following Getnailledd's tutorial on Doc Marten Floral) with Zoya Candylicious. The lighter pinks were created by adding small amounts of white to lighten it up. For the green leaves I used Essie Mojito Madness and added white to it for the lighter green shade. I finished this design with a shiny top coat. 

The roses were A LOT easier to draw than I expected. I love the finished look but I really love how easy this was to create. 


Streaked Out

Hello, hello!

I'm finally back with some new nail art. Weeks ago, I came home to a package waiting for me. Inside was the gorgeous Zoya PixieDust Collection-Summer Edition. These colors are bright, vivid, and pretty! I'll have to use these more in the future.

Also, just throwing it out there, make sure you're following me on Bloglovin as well. Google is so unpredictable these days.

PixieDust polishes dry to an amazing texture but for this manicure I had to add some gloss!
Got to give credit where credit is due, Simply Rins inspired this design. Her work is incredible.
For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. I then created random lines of black throughout each nail, followed by Zoya Liberty, then Zoya Destany, then Zoya Stevie. I finished with a shiny top coat but I think this would also look amazing matte!

I think it's official...I have a Zoya problem. From now on I am challenging myself to use a variety of brands in my designs.


Gradient Spheres

Happy Hump Day!

If you're a beginner in nail art, in a rush, or you're just looking for a basic design then today's post is for you. This design is quick, easy, and still eye catching!

I gotta say, this is one of my favorite designs I have ever done. 

Confession: My nails are a little uneven at the moment so guess what Shaina did to even out this design? Yup, I had to overlap some colors. 

For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. Then, in order from dark to light, I dotted on the following colors: Wet N Wild Red Tape, Zoya Reagan, Zoya Shelby, Zoya Arizona, Bondi Brick Road, and a custom mix of Jacqueline and Brick Road for the lighter yellow. That's it! I added a top coat and called it a day.

This manicure could also be done with blacks/grays, purples, reds, the possibilities are endless! What color(s) would you use for this manicure? 


Beachy Waves | Featuring Zoya PixieDust

Bonne journée!

If you're following me on Instagram then you'll probably already know that I spent a few days at the beach. I absolutely love being at the beach! The ocean's waves are so relaxing and beautiful to me. 

While I was down there my favorite thing to do was to open the balcony doors and listen to the waves crashing. And if you can't tell already, my love for the ocean inspired today's design.

I love the nude-blue gradient going on in this manicure! It's an unexpected combination that's perfect for the beach.

Can I just say, Zoya Godiva makes for perfect sand? Nail art win!

For this manicure I used Zoya Avery (index and middle), Zoya Nyx (ring), and Zoya Godiva (pinky) as the bases. For the gradient I took a sponge and carefully sponged on Zoya Nyx. Since the PixieDust polishes are sheer, I sponged on many layers making sure to make it more opaque towards the tip of the nail. For the "waves" I used a thin nail art brush, steady hands, and OPI Skulls and Glossbones. I left the index and middle sans top coat for a cool effect.

This was my first time using the Zoya PixieDust polishes and I was more than impressed! I have heard many complain about the slow dry time but for me these dried extremely fast for three coats each. As I said earlier, these both were quite sheer and required 3 to 4 coats for full coverage. I just love the interesting textured matte finish that sparkles! Although these are textured they are not rough and won't catch the threads on your clothes, etc. Love, love, love these!

The Zoya PixieDust Collection are available now and can be purchased from for $9.00 each.


Hint of Tribal

I can never get enough of tribal print! The weird thing is I only really like tribal print on nails, not a fan of it anywhere else. 

Let's see this will be the sixth time I've done a tribal inspired nail design? I've done it here, here, here, here, and kinda here.

And this probably won't be the last time either, the possibilities are endless!

For this manicure I used the ever-so-wonderful Simple Nail Art Design's tutorial from Youtube. Following her steps, I used a very thin nail art brush to create each line/stripe. I used the colors Wet N Wild Club Havana (orange), GOSH Miss Minty (mint), and Zoya Cho (nude) . 

These pictures do not do this manicure justice at all! I had to fight with the lighting but in person this is such a pretty and striking design.


Sweet Leopard

Inspiration really does come from anywhere! I say it all the time but this manicure is such a good example of that statement. While watching one of itsJudysLife's vlogs I noticed their baby daughter, Julianna, wearing a really cute bib! I quickly took a screenshot because I thought it would make the perfect manicure!

I'd like to believe I was right.

And here's the screenshot of baby Julianna's bib.

For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. Then, using my nail art brush, I drew the leopard print with China Glaze Below Deck and OPI Sparrow Me the Drama. I normally create leopard print by first doing the outline of the spot (the brown) and then filling it in. After creating the spots I used the same nail art brush to border my nails with the pink. 

So the "border" nail art thing still holds a special place in my heart. I've done it a few other times, 3 to be exact. But really...who's counting?
*Zoya polish sent for review


Neutral Chevron

Happy New Years Eve!

Chevron is on everything right now. Phone cases, pillows, clothes, even mugs! With the trend still going pretty strong, I decided I'd finally put it on my nails.

I've attempted this design before (and never posted it) but this is the most successful I've ever been so I thought I'd share! 

For this manicure I used Essence Irreplaceable (which is stunning!) as the shimmery nude base. Then using my thin nail art brush from Born Pretty (use code GFL91 for 10% off) I slowly created each chevron stripe with the colors Zoya Kelly and black acrylic paint. Some lines are thinner than others and some are connected. These can be as random as you'd like. I finished off with top coat.

My favorite part about this manicure is the base, why don't I wear Essence Irreplaceable more often? My official (nail) resolution this year is to use my untried polishes more in nail art.

*Code is affiliated with Born Pretty


Zoya Lovely Spring 2013 Collection Review, Swatches, and Comparisons

Zoya is at it again! Bringing new colors for Spring 2013. Spring collections are some of my favorites, I'm a sucker for pastels, lights, and even nudes!

The Lovely Collection features 6 spring lacquers with 3 of them being that unique Zoya shimmer and the remaining being cremes.

All pictures are in direct and indirect sunlight, no top coat, and 2 coats unless otherwise stated.

Neely (Originally designed for Peter Som/SS13) is a gorgeous light green creme. A mix between cool and warm toned, but not at all pasty. This one had two easy coats. One of my favorites, so beautiful! See comparisons of this color at the end of this post.

Next we have Zoya Blu. Blu is a crisp blue creme. I really love the brightness yet lightness of this polish. It's pretty refreshing! Almost a one coater but this is two coats here. See comparisons of this color at the end of this post.

Zoya Jacqueline (Originally designed for Peter Som/SS13) is just your basic nude cream, nothing unique. But if you don't own the perfect nude yet you'll want this polish! Not too gray or too peach-y, just right. Application was a bit patchy and uneven. See comparisons of this color at the end of this post.

Julie (Originally designed for Zang Toi/SS13) is a lovely lavender with white and silver shimmer particles. This is more of a blue toned purple rather than red toned. Easily one of my favorites from the collection!

Piaf (Originally designed for Fashion Designer Zang Toi) is a light Djon mustard yellow with the same finish as Julie (above)--white and silver shimmer. I gotta say, I'm not loving this color. Seems great for nail art though. See comparisons of this color at the end of this post.

Zoya Gie Gie (Originally designed for Zang Toi/SS13) is a light pink with silver and white shimmer particles. It's pretty but I didn't like it on me at all. The shimmer is the same as the last two polishes but it seems so delicate and iridescent in this particular polish.

Now for some comparisons...


First Striping Tape Design: Divided Gradient Stripes

Happy 12/12/12 Day!

Obviously not as exciting as 11/11/11 was for most people but whatever, it's the last "repeating number date" in a while so I plan on enjoying it.

Actually, let's do something random to..."celebrate" I guess. For each 12, I'll tell a random fact that relates:
12- The age I was when I went into middle school, oh the memories.
12- The number of pages I have on my blog (errm, some are hidden).
12- The number of black shirts I have in my closet...that's right, I counted.

Alright, now that that's done, moving on to the manicure!

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Candylicious, Finger Paints Chrysanthe-Mum's the Word, and Zoya Breezi as the gradient. I sponged on each color onto my naked nail. I let that completely, 100% dry then took striping tape and laid down the pieces to create horizontal stripes across the entire nail. I painted diagonal sections of black (acrylic paint) and nude (Zoya Avery) over the tape. After letting it dry a bit I removed the tape and slapped on some topcoat.

Let me know if you guys would like a tutorial on this design, words are sometimes hard to follow.

P.S. Make sure to enter for Day 1's prize in the 7 Days of Christmas Giveaway!
*Zoya Avery provided for review


Designers [Re]designed: Chloé Inspired

Hello ladies (and gents)!

Today's the last day of Designers [Re]designed week! It's not really a week since it's only been four days but it's close enough.

For today's design I chose my inspiration from Chloé. This dress is so pretty, I love everything about it! The print didn't translate as well as I thought it would. If I could draw pleats on my nails I'd be a happy girl but it's definitely not an easy task!

And...did you guys notice that Haute Lacquer is now instead of ""?! I did it literally as I was writing this post and I can't believe how easy it was! I love it, such a small change but it makes a big difference. (:

For this manicure I used Zoya Avery as the nude base. Then I took my nail art brush and drew the horizontal stripes first. Following the print of the dress I drew each line using the colors white, Essence What Do U Think? (orange) and Wet N Wild Private Viewing (cocoa brown). After the stripes were drawn on I created the vertical ones using those three same colors. The nude vertical stripe, however, was created with a mix of white and Zoya Avery. To finish off I added a couple coats of Seche.

Even if the print didn't translate the way I wanted it to, I still love the end result! Nude and color work really well together, it's one of my favorite combinations.

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