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Bold Stripes

I meant to post this yesterday, but we had a huge storm and my power was out all day. I guess it wasn't "huge" but there was a lot of hail, strong winds and some crazy rain. My backyard was even flooded! I kept thinking to myself "What am I going to do with my nail polish if it floods?" Luckily, the flooding wasn't too high. It was about as high as a baby swimming pool.

Anyway, on a brighter note, here's a quick manicure I created a couple days ago. Not perfect, but still cute. (:

For this manicure I used Nicole by OPI Positive Energy as the base. Then I drew the charcoal gray, almost black, stripes with Barielle Coalest Day of the Year. Finally I drew the red stripes using China Glaze Hey Sailor. To smooth everything out, I finished with Seche Vite top coat.

I loved this manicure, although I only wore it for a day. It was super easy and really quick to do!


Glitter Gradient

Ever since I saw Kiss My Acetone's Glitter Bomb post, I wanted to play with glitter too! Obviously we have entirely different manicures, but the inspiration for this one came from hers.
I loved it so much that I wore it for four days--as you can tell by the chipping--this is the fourth day... 

For this manicure I used Zoya Robyn, a vibrant sky blue, as the base. Then I sponged on Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted starting from the cuticles and fading my way down. Afterwards I took out my Ulta Pinata Yada Yada and did the same as before, only the gradient ended closer to the cuticle.

Again, I apologize for the chipping. I was too busy to take pictures any other time and by the time I did it was too late and the chipping was obvious.


Crossing Tape Mani

Hi everyone! I just wanted to tell you that I have a guest post over at Colorful Bottle's Blog if you want to check it out!

I prepared it for her weekly guest posts! If you get a chance, I'd love if you can check it out, just click here to get to it.


Geometric Shapes

I love variety. When it comes to food, clothes, shoes, hairstyles and especially nails. I don't like to be bored with just one or a few things so I love trying out new nail art techniques and products. Lately tape manicures have been doing the trick!

I wish I could tell you that I was inspired by something, but really, I just experimented with tape and got this:

For this manicure I used L.A. Colors Black Velvet as the base color. Then I cut out random pieces of tape in different sizes and shapes. I applied them to my nail, making sure there were no gaps, and applied Nicole by OPI Positive Energy over the top.

It turned out alright but was too time consuming and too frustrating to ever do again. Bad experience, but this definitely will not be the end to my tape manicures.


Freshly Squeezed

I was in the mood for wearing one of my untrieds and this was the first polish that came to mind! 
This spring I have become obsessed with oranges and corals and this baby was no exception! This has to be one of the most unique oranges that I own, and I own quite a bit of oranges.

I just wish these pictures did it the justice it deserved.

Daylight, no flash

This picture really shows off the pretty, yellow shimmer...
If you click on this picture you can see some of the pink shimmer (especially the index finger)...
Nicole by OPI Fresh Squeezed is a gorgeous orange with strong pink, yellow and gold shimmer. I promise that the shimmer is more obvious in real life. This polish was a little sheer and took about 3-4 coats to be opaque. But it dried super quick between coats.

Like most of the Nicole by OPI polishes I have worn, Fresh Squeezed smelled awful! But it's such a pretty color that I can get past the stench.


Razor Sharp

I did another tape manicure today! I was really happy with the results from my tape mani on Wednesday so I decided I just had to make another one! This one was inspired by love polish.

It's a little messy since the nail polish kept going underneath the tape, but overall, I really like it!

For this manicure I used...
Nicole by OPI Light A Candle as the light purple base color. Then I added the tape and painted over it with Zoya Valerie, a beautiful, glittery purple. When it was all dry, I topped it off with a topcoat.

I'll probably end up re-doing this soon, I'm not entirely pleased with it, but I do like the idea.


Funky French and Patchwork Twist

I'm slowly becoming obsessed with tape manicures. They're so easy and simple, yet come out amazing! You'll probably see a lot of these on upcoming posts.

Here I was going for something fun with nice, simple colors. At first I started with a slanted, funky French. Then I got bored and added some dots. After that I still felt like something was missing so I went back and did a patchwork-like manicure to my ring finger. I called it a "patchwork twist" simply because it's a little different than a standard patchwork manicure.

For this manicure I used...
Nicole by OPI Positive Energy for the silver, foil base. Then I took some regular scotch tape and applied it in a diagonal direction on the tip of my nails. I used Sally Hansen Jumpin Jade for the green tip color and dots. When it was 100%-all-the-way-completely-no-wetness-left...dry, I applied a topcoat.

I really disliked how messy the ring finger looked, so I re-did that nail like the others. It looks better that way.
So much for accent nails...


Review: Nicole by OPI Light A Candle

I'm a sucker for metallics. I tell myself to stop buying them, but next thing I know I have two more on my wishlist.

This is one of my favorite polishes. Like my Nicole by OPI Positive Energy polish, I love Light A Candle for layering, nail art, and tape manicures.  

with flash

Nicole by OPI Light A Candle is a beautiful silver with a hint of lavender. This polish dries as a metallic, foil-y finish with no brush strokes.
Application is amazing easy--this is a definite one-coater. Two coats if you're an over-achiever. But it's really opaque so one should be enough. It also dries super fast. Within five minutes it's already dry.

One thing I really love about Light A Candle is that it is perfect for stamping. Almost too perfect to be real.

Cons? It smells. I find that Nicole by OPI, and OPI, smell strong. It could just be me though.


Favorite Polish At The Moment- Nicole by OPI Positive Energy

I have been loving this color for nail art, tape manicures and just a plain manicure. It's just your basic, silver, metallic foil polish. If you don't have one, I'd suggest this one.

Nicole by OPI Positive Energy is a silver metallic foil nail polish. Application is super easy as it only requires one coat. Yes, you heard me right. ONE coat! But you have to be careful with the brush. This one doesn't have the new brush and it is easy to leave streaks behind.

You can expect to see this in a lot of future posts! But in the meantime, I'll have to buy a back-up because I'm about to use it all up.


Funky French Nails

I wore Zoya Kelly for a good six days but decided to finally take it off. I spent all of last night trying to do a manicure that I liked. After several attempts of sponging, crackle, and layering, I settled on this simple "funky" french manicure.

I was very impressed that I could even stop shaking for two seconds to get a decent line. But luckily I did and it came out okay, with just a few minor errors.

First I taped off my nails with regular tape so that I could get an even tip. I then used Nicole by OPI Positive Energy (a metallic silver) for the main tip color and then I traced it with Art Deco Black Sparkles. To make it shiny, I added two coats of Sally Hansen Natural Tint. Once everything was completely dry, I sealed it in with a top coat.

Simple. Quick. Easy. Cute. 


Layering Orly It's Up To Blue and Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted

I was feeling something fun and summer-y. I'm so tired of dark winter colors! I was in a rush, so excuse my cuticles please.

For this manicure I applied three coats of Orly It's Up to Blue.

Then I applied one thick coat of Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted (from their Gossip Girl Collection).

I really like the look of this manicure. Nicole...Spotted has these pretty green shimmers but still has those big blue glitters.
And It's Up To Blue is so bright and pretty I can hardly stand it!
They were both easy to apply and were practically made for layering.


Half and Half

I thought I'd do a quick post about the nail polish I'm wearing today.
I quickly did this last night so I didn't really have time to worry about my cuticles or clean up. Please ignore those two issues.

First, I used Nicole by OPI in Light a Candle as a base, then I added L.A. Colors Serenity to the top half of the nail. To conceal the line where the two meet I used L.A. Color's Art Deco in Gold Glitter for the horizontal stripe.
See the bottom of this post for a small review of each polish.

L.A. Colors Serenity- This is a nice taupe color with a hint of pink. It has tiny gold shimmers in it, but I failed to capture it in my pictures. This color is opaque with just one coat.

Nicole by OPI Light a Candle- A metallic lavender purple. It is incredibly opaque with just one coat and it dries super fast. It does leave a little bit of a streaky finish, but it's too pretty to pass up, so I don't mind.

Art Deco Gold Glitter- A glittery gold nail art polish that is a bit closer to yellow than a true gold. I went over the stripe twice to get it opaque.

I'm very happy with this manicure, and can I say that it looks much better in person? The pictures do not do it any justice. In person, the minor mistakes are not nearly as obvious.

Maybe I'll take my pictures in the daytime from now on. I'll probably end up re-taking these pictures in the morning.


Favorite Polish At The Moment- Nicole by OPI's Make Mine Lime

Nicole by OPI's Make Mine Lime is a gorgeous lime green nail polish with a foil-y, sparkle finish.

This polish was extremely sheer. I had to apply five coats to get it opaque. Four coats would have been fine but there were a few bald spots.

The best thing about Make Mine Lime is the amazing wear that I had with it. With a top and base coat, this lasted me a good 7 days. I have school and sports so a small amount of chipping (hardly noticeable) is great.

4.5 out of 5. If it weren't for the sheerness, it'd be a full five out of five.

Where to purchase:
I purchased my bottle from Ulta, you can also purchase this at Walmart and Sally Beauty Supply stores or website.

I didn't have a swatch for you guys so thank you for this accurate picture.

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