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Neutral Nail Art

I know you all are really amazed at my genius post title, clearly I used all my creative juices for this one!

No but really, it was a struggle to get this post up. I have been trying to edit these pictures for what feels like weeks and then trying to come up with a creative post title? Too much for this girl to handle!

Is it just me or does this design remind you of a Zebra or some type of animal you'd see on a safari? Maybe it's just me but it really does remind me of that. 
I always like to show my matte manis glossy, so here you go! I think I prefer it glossy. 
For this manicure I used Zoya Jacqueline as the nude base. I then used one of my thin nail art brushes to create each individual line. For the black I used acrylic paint, the dark brown is China Glaze Below Deck and the caramel-like brown is L.A. Colors Serenity. To achieve the matte look I used two coats of Essie Matte About You (love this stuff!).

Which version of this manicure do you like best? Matte or glossy?


Little Monsters

Good morning everyone!
First, I'm sure you noticed the new layout and comment system. I know it's a big change. I also listed my Twitter and Facebook to the right. I think it looks a lot neater. How do you like the new layout? Do you like it better than the old black one?

Now to the manicure, I spent a little over three hours creating this manicure of cute little monsters. It's not as bad as it sounds! It was really fun to do so the time flew by. I started at around 2 pm and when I looked up at the time it was already past 5!However, I only my left hand since the other probably would have taken an additional 3 hours! The other hand is a lot more simple.

There are many mistakes. I also dented a few as the day went by. But I didn't want to take another hour to redo any. Besides, I still like it.

This manicure is kind of similar to my Ugly Dolls manicure I did last month, but unlike my Ugly Doll mani, this one was mostly inspired by this picture:

For this manicure I used LA Colors Black Velvet as the base. Then I created the bodies of the monsters using several different polishes. The details such as the dots, eyes, mouths and teeth were all created using nail art supplies and brushes. After it was almost dry I sealed it in with a top coat. Let me know if you're interested in knowing the name of a polish.

I really enjoy doing character type things but I wonder if I purchased acrylic paint if it would be easier and less messy to do detailed nail art like this? Especially since nail polish dries up so fast and I end up wasting a bunch of it, not to mention it drags and leaves weird strings of polish like on the index and ring finger.

Anyway, I hope you guys like it! My favorites are the middle and pinky, but I think they're all so cute!


Geometric Shapes

I love variety. When it comes to food, clothes, shoes, hairstyles and especially nails. I don't like to be bored with just one or a few things so I love trying out new nail art techniques and products. Lately tape manicures have been doing the trick!

I wish I could tell you that I was inspired by something, but really, I just experimented with tape and got this:

For this manicure I used L.A. Colors Black Velvet as the base color. Then I cut out random pieces of tape in different sizes and shapes. I applied them to my nail, making sure there were no gaps, and applied Nicole by OPI Positive Energy over the top.

It turned out alright but was too time consuming and too frustrating to ever do again. Bad experience, but this definitely will not be the end to my tape manicures.


Patchwork Attempt

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this since it's not my proudest moment, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I was inspired by this manicure by Chloe's Nails, who is the master of tape manicures.
Hers, of course, is better than mine but I'll cut myself some slack since this was my first time.

My biggest issue with this manicure is the placement. I got it all wrong so it ended up looking weird.

But for this manicure I used L.A. Colors Black Velvet (black), Revlon Strobe (pink), and Ulta Deck The Halls (glitter).
I'm starting to think that this glitter may be a holographic glitter. I never noticed until I used it the other day...

I really do love patchwork manicures so I'll be re-doing and re-posting this soon.
I hope you all enjoy your day!


NYC- Wing It Wine Creme

I'm currently on Spring Break so I have plenty of time for swatching and changing up my manicure.I have so many polishes that I've purchased but never even worn, and one of them is this beauty.

I'm a little confused as to why this polish is called "Wing It Wine Creme" when it clearly is not a cream nail polish.

NYC Wing It Wine Creme is a berry toned, purple color with a strong gold duo-chrome. It dries as a pretty shimmer-pearl finish. The brush makes application so easy and the formula is amazing.

I layered it over L.A. Colors French Nail Purple, just...'cause. Then I applied one coat of Wing It Wine Creme.

These two were made for each other!

Here I made it a little blurry so that you can see more of the duo-chrome effect...

I cannot help but look at my fingers every 5 seconds, it's that pretty!


Half and Half

I thought I'd do a quick post about the nail polish I'm wearing today.
I quickly did this last night so I didn't really have time to worry about my cuticles or clean up. Please ignore those two issues.

First, I used Nicole by OPI in Light a Candle as a base, then I added L.A. Colors Serenity to the top half of the nail. To conceal the line where the two meet I used L.A. Color's Art Deco in Gold Glitter for the horizontal stripe.
See the bottom of this post for a small review of each polish.

L.A. Colors Serenity- This is a nice taupe color with a hint of pink. It has tiny gold shimmers in it, but I failed to capture it in my pictures. This color is opaque with just one coat.

Nicole by OPI Light a Candle- A metallic lavender purple. It is incredibly opaque with just one coat and it dries super fast. It does leave a little bit of a streaky finish, but it's too pretty to pass up, so I don't mind.

Art Deco Gold Glitter- A glittery gold nail art polish that is a bit closer to yellow than a true gold. I went over the stripe twice to get it opaque.

I'm very happy with this manicure, and can I say that it looks much better in person? The pictures do not do it any justice. In person, the minor mistakes are not nearly as obvious.

Maybe I'll take my pictures in the daytime from now on. I'll probably end up re-taking these pictures in the morning.

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