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Orly Ancient Jade + Silver Shatter and White Cap

I felt like being experimental so I played with China Glaze White Cap and OPI Silver Shatter!

Let's start off with the OPI Silver Shatter. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't like this combination at all. The colors just don't work well together. I love them on their own, just not together. But nonetheless, here's what Orly Ancient Jade looks like with Silver Shatter on top:

A little while later I removed this and layered China Glaze White Cap over Orly Ancient Jade. Now this is more like it! It's like these two were made for each other. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

And what would this post be if I didn't include a picture of Ancient Jade on it's own?
Orly Ancient Jade is a beautiful medium, jade green with a bit of a mint tone to it. Orly's formula impressed me as this is a definite one-coater. It also dried super fast and shiny. The picture above is with no topcoat.


China Glaze Knotty

Yesterday I painted my nails with Revlon Perplex and then added a topcoat to get longer wear. BIG mistake! Whatever topcoat I used did something weird to Perplex and the pink shimmer barely showed--even in good lighting! So I took if off today and instead gave myself a mani with this beauty.
Excuse my middle finger in the pictures below. My nail broke off when I least expected it.

And of course, here's Knotty on it's own:

China Glaze Knotty is a tan/beige  with silver and white shimmer. This is such a gorgeous glass fleck! It takes at least three coats to be opaque. When taking these pictures I noticed my skin brings out a hint of gold in Knotty.

I later went back and added dots to the sides of my nails with China Glaze Below Deck, a dark purple gray cream with a hint of purple in it.

Now that I think about it, Knotty kind of looks like sand. I think that's what China Glaze was trying to do with this polish, it fits in with the collection theme perfectly. 


White Cap Layering!

Happy Easter!

I was lucky enough to win the entire China Glaze Anchors Away collection from Nikki ( in her blog's 1 year anniversary giveaway. It recently came in the mail and of course the first polish I even looked at was White Cap. I have been dying for this polish and I'm so, SO happy that I can finally cross it off my wish list!

So, let's have a little fun, shall we? Here's some combinations, or "makeovers", I made using the gorgeous White Cap. You might want to click the pictures to get a better look.

China Glaze Sunset Sail- a pretty peachy nude with subtle silver shimmer


Ulta Noel- A super light, pink cream


Revlon Maroon- a maroon, berry toned color with red microglitter


My favorite makeover. Catrice London's Weather Forecast- a beautiful blue toned gray with silver shimmer


White Cap really makes everything look so beautiful! Even a boring color like Revlon's Maroon, looks gorgeous when layered with White Cap. I just don't know how China Glaze came up with this one. It's beautiful beyond belief. I can't wait to try more layering with White Cap!

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