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Showing posts with label French Tips. Show all posts


Invisible Girl Palette

Hello loves!

About two weeks ago I started reading the book Invisible Girl by Mary Hanlon Stone and ever since I got it I have been in love with the cover.

I really love the colors orange and blue together.

I know they say "don't judge a book by it's cover" but...the cover is so pretty.

Is it wrong that the cover is one of the main reasons why I got the book?

Since I'm pretty much obsessed with the book,  I finally decided that I'll use the colors as inspiration for my next design.

For this manicure I used a white cream polish as a base. Then I took my nail art brush and Essence What Do U Think? to create the orange slanted French tip. Again, taking my nail art brush, I used Zoya Kristen to create the angled blue stripe that goes across the entire nail and meets up with the orange tip. The last step is optional. I added a beige stripe (Zoya Kennedy) within the white area of my nail to represent the shorts the girl is wearing on the cover.

I did all this without tape but you could obviously use tape for sharper, cleaner lines. I personally prefer to freehand since it's quicker and more convenient for me. 

I'll be back later this week for a very exciting (at least for me) design! I spent almost three hours perfecting it, so I can't wait to share it with you guys!


Diagonal Funky French

I was going to post this early this morning but I just got around to making it now. I've been gone all day at my sister's college orientation. Not only did it take hours to get there (and back), but we stayed for an additional 4 hours listening to people talk, talk, and talk some more. It was brutal. The only fun part was going out of town, and doing out of town things.

Anyway, this is another design I created while my internet was down.

I'm currently in the process of using all 32 of my untrieds. I figured, "it's only 32, I'll just use them in my nail art." So far I've worn about 8 of them, including China Glaze Below Deck, which I used in today's post.

For this manicure I used China Glaze Below Deck as the brown-ish, purple base. Then I took Ulta Set The Nude and applied it diagonally from the tips of my nails. I also went back with my nail art brush and drew a thin line, diagonally, following the tips. The dots on the accent nail were made with Rimmel London Black Satin.

I have no idea why I didn't use Below Deck sooner! It's so beautiful, one of my favorites from all my China Glaze polishes.

That's all from me today, I'll be back tomorrow with my "Monday's Nail Art Challenge" design! This week it's floral. (:


Geometric Tips

My Internet at home is back to normal. And normal means it works but goes on and off every once in a while. Our AT&T service sucks. I don't know why we put up with it.

Haute Lacquer now has over 350 followers! I know that number might be small to some of you with over 500 or 1000 followers but it means a lot to me. That's over 350 different people who are interested in my blog. I can't wait for these packages to finally get here (waiting for two more) so that I can FINALLY post the giveaway as a big thank you.

Now onto the good stuff. Here's a design I created while my Internet was down.

For this manicure I used S-he 471 as the blue, foil base and Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby as the blue, scattered holo base for my ring finger. Once it was dry I taped diagonally on one side of the tips of my nails and then painted over it with Rimmel London Black Satin. I waiting for that to dry and then taped it off again, this time painting over it with Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby. I finished by adding a line between the two colors.

By the way I got a few Funky Fingers in the mail on Monday (Golden Coast and Sand and Stilettos are the other two). Traci from The TraceFace Philes sent them to me and just look at this cute pink bubble wrap!

I love it!


Freehand Funky French

Here's an old manicure I never posted. I don't think it's my best work but I'll post it anyway. It's proof that we all make mistakes.

I didn't feel like waiting for this to dry and then using guides or tape to do the tips so I just freehanded it. It doesn't look horrible, it's just not as good as it could have been.

I really love China Glaze Pelican Gray so you will continue to see it in even more of my posts!

For this manicure I alternated the base of China Glaze Pelican Gray and Ulta Bam-Blue-Zled. I drew on the tips, also alternating between the two same colors.

Ulta Bam-Blue-Zled is a favorite of mine and I highly recommend you owning a color like this! It's also a nice, subtle, jelly finish.


Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone in the U.S.! Memorial Day is such a fun holiday! Its a great day to remember all of the brave people who died fighting for our country. So of course I had to create a manicure just for this day.

For this manicure I used Wet n Wild White French Creme as the base. Then I went in with a nail art brush and painted red stripes with China Glaze Hey Sailor. The blue I used was China Glaze First Mate. After everything was dry I went back and added dots and rhinestones to some of the fingers. The middle finger is a tattoo from bigRuby as well as an added blue rhinestone. (I get all my rhinestones from Born Pretty Store)

Did you create a manicure for Memorial Day? If so, leave a link below! I'd love to see it. (: 

*bigRuby nail tattoos sent for review.


Funky French and Patchwork Twist

I'm slowly becoming obsessed with tape manicures. They're so easy and simple, yet come out amazing! You'll probably see a lot of these on upcoming posts.

Here I was going for something fun with nice, simple colors. At first I started with a slanted, funky French. Then I got bored and added some dots. After that I still felt like something was missing so I went back and did a patchwork-like manicure to my ring finger. I called it a "patchwork twist" simply because it's a little different than a standard patchwork manicure.

For this manicure I used...
Nicole by OPI Positive Energy for the silver, foil base. Then I took some regular scotch tape and applied it in a diagonal direction on the tip of my nails. I used Sally Hansen Jumpin Jade for the green tip color and dots. When it was 100%-all-the-way-completely-no-wetness-left...dry, I applied a topcoat.

I really disliked how messy the ring finger looked, so I re-did that nail like the others. It looks better that way.
So much for accent nails...


Funky French Nails

I wore Zoya Kelly for a good six days but decided to finally take it off. I spent all of last night trying to do a manicure that I liked. After several attempts of sponging, crackle, and layering, I settled on this simple "funky" french manicure.

I was very impressed that I could even stop shaking for two seconds to get a decent line. But luckily I did and it came out okay, with just a few minor errors.

First I taped off my nails with regular tape so that I could get an even tip. I then used Nicole by OPI Positive Energy (a metallic silver) for the main tip color and then I traced it with Art Deco Black Sparkles. To make it shiny, I added two coats of Sally Hansen Natural Tint. Once everything was completely dry, I sealed it in with a top coat.

Simple. Quick. Easy. Cute. 

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