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Zoya Irresistible Summer 2013 Collection Swatches and Review

As promised, today I have the Zoya Irresistible Summer 2013 Collection to show you. Last week I created a simple, floral design using these gorgeous colors and I loved it! I think this is one of my favorite Zoya collections ever. 

All of these polishes are shown with two coats and no topcoat.

One of my favorites in the collection, Tinsley, is a rosy pink metallic foil packed with gold shimmer. This applied so ridiculously smoothly. 

I would describe Kerry as a sunflower yellow-gold color. This has the same metallic foil finish as the other polishes in this collection, but no added shimmer.

Zoya Amy is a vivid orange metallic packed with gold and orange shimmer. If this could get any prettier I think I would die. 

Zoya Ricki is an apple green metallic with mostly silver and some gold shimmer packed in. I love the mix of gold and silver shimmer in this polish.

Zoya Hazel is a pretty slate blue metallic with gold shimmer. Not only is this one of my favorites but I'm also obsessed with the name! The formula on this one was a little thick but not hard to work with.

Zoya Bobbi is a red metallic foil with mainly silver and some gold and silver shimmer. As gorgeous as the color is in this picture is it's not quite this bright in person. Instead it is a true red, similar to the bottle you see above. It also does not have visible magenta shimmer as the picture suggests. 

Overall, I am 100% pleased with this collection. It is on point! I absolutely love the easy formulas and nice range of colors. Even when all the colors have the same finish, Zoya manages to give us diversity within the collection. I've seen many swatches of these polishes and it seems to be so flattering to all skin tones! Trust me, you guys are going to want these colors. My favorites are Amy, Hazel, and Tinsley.

Zoya's Irresistible Collection is available now on and retails at $8/bottle.

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Simple Floral | Zoya Irresistible Summer 2013 Collection Nail Art

A few years ago when I created this blog floral nail art was one of my favorite types of nail art. I always admired Love4Nails one-stroke nail designs or Robin Moses' always intimidating floral designs.     Years later, floral is still my favorite type of nail art and that becomes pretty obvious as I continue to post them. 

Today's design also features three of the six colors from Zoya's new Irresistable collection. These polishes are beyond beautiful, swatches will be up next week!

For this manicure I used a gradient of Zoya Rikki (green), Zoya Hazel (beautiful blue), and Zoya Bobbi (raspberry red) as the base. Using a dotting tool I created the flower shape by starting off with the petals and going back to fill in the inner circle. The black is acrylic paint by the way. (:

As mentioned above, I will have complete swatches and a review on the Irresistible Collection posted next week! These colors are so beautiful and work really well with dark skin tones (and every other skin tone of course).


Rustic Embroidery | Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest Entry

Finally a new post! Sorry for the delay guys.

Today I'm sharing my entry to Sally Hansen's I Heart Nail Art contest! This contest is pretty fun, there will be themes for the nail art design within the entry period and the finalists of each theme compete for $2,000!

For more info and to enter, click here. And say you want to just browse...well pretty please vote for my design!

For this manicure I used American Apparel Peacock as the base and did a subtle, non-precise sponging of Sally Hansen Innocent Nude. Then, using a fairly thin nail art brush  I created the floral and embroidery details with Zoya Ziv. 

The theme for the contest is runway. My inspiration for came from the lovely red carpet of Marchesa Spring 2013: 

Image source: Imax Tree
What do you think? Did the dress translate onto the nails nicely? And don't forget to vote for my design if you like it!



So my normally creative post titles comes to a temporary end today. When I tell you I struggled to name this post, I really struggled! I was even considering posting this on Facebook and asking for name suggestions--desperation you guys!

Anyway, today's design is sort of a random one. I don't even really know where the idea for it came but I did love the combination of colors and finishes here.

For this manicure I used Zoya Megan as the light purple/gray base. Then, using a nail art brush, I created the black section first, slowly curving the stripe. Then I followed the same "wave" shape with the Wet N Wild Bite the Bullet (darker purple). Since the base is already the light purple I moved on to the silver and created that stripe.
*Wet N Wild and Zoya polishes sent for review


Explosive Glitz

Good morning y'all!

I feel like I haven't done my nails in forever. I don't know why either, I've been feeling very inspired lately! But who am I kidding, Pinterest is my biggest source for inspo right now. 

That's where today's design came from actually. I fell in love with this pin of this design immediately after seeing it!

For this manicure I used Pixel Naughty Bit Nice (from Ulta stores) as the blue base. Then, using a thin nail art striper brush, I free handed the "explosions". For those I used Zoya Ziv but any gold glitter or metallic works! You could also use tape instead of free handing it. I finished off with one coat of top coat. 

One of my favorite color/polish combinations is easily gold and light blue. So gorgeous! What's your favorite combo?
*Zoya polish sent for review


3 Easy Beginner Nail Art Tutorials | No Nail Art Brushes Required!

A goal of mine this year is to make more designs and tutorials that would be helpful for a nail art beginner. We all have to start somewhere and a 2 hour, intricate design definitely isn't where I began!

I decided to start a little series here on the blog where I will showcase three simple designs within a specific theme. For today's post the theme is nail art without nail art brushes. Yes, it's possible!

I can assure you that these designs are easier than they appear, I completed each one within fifteen to twenty minutes.    

For The Center Stripe you will need...
-1 toothpick
-Teal nail polish
-Light blue nail polish

Step 1: Paint your nails using two coats of the light blue nail polish of your choosing.
Step 2: Use the brush that comes with your teal nail polish to create a stripe down your nail.
Step 3: Use your toothpick and dip it into a drop of the light blue nail polish. Then dot your toothpick down the stripe of your nail. 

For The Chevron Tip you will need...
- Light blue nail polish
- Gold metallic nail polish
- Taupe or white nail polish

Step 1: Paint your nails using two coats of the light blue nail polish of your choosing.
Step 2: Use the brush that comes with your gold metallic nail polish and create a "v" shaped tip on your nails. Start on one side of the "v" and then connect the other. 
Step 3: Repeat step 2 with your taupe (or white) nail polish.

For The Bold Stripe you will need...
- Silver metallic nail polish
-Teal nail polish

Step 1Paint your nails using two coats of the teal nail polish of your choosing.
Step 2: Use the brush of your silver metallic nail polish to create a vertical stripe down the side of each nail.
Step 3: Use the brush of your teal nail polish to draw a horizontal stripe that connects to the first stripe. This should create an "L" shape.

That's three easy designs, with three easy steps, and a very minimal amount of supplies for each! 
Which one is your favorite? Which would you try first?

*These images are very much pin-able. Pin now, try later!*


Zoya Ornate Collection Swatches, Review, and More!

Hey guys!

First off, I of course owe you guys an apology for being MIA for over a month. School has kept me reaaaally busy but I'm promising myself and you all that I'll try harder to get more posts up!

On to the post, today I have the gorgeous Zoya Ornate Collection to show you! This is gonna be a quick post, I hope ya'll don't mind. (:

All photos were taken in indirect and direct sunlight unless otherwise stated.

First up is Zoya Aurora, a stunning grape purple with scattered holo throughout. This is two coats for full coverage. When I saw the bottle I already knew this was my favorite and it did not disappoint!

Zoya Blaze. This is a red with scattered holo particles and with a hint of magenta undertones. Blaze dries a little darker than it looks in the bottle. These pictures show two coats but it does dry semi-flat so I would recommend a top coat with this one.

Storm. Can I just say that the name for this polish is perfect?! Also, this is my first black Zoya and I love it, it's very pigmented with a lot of dimension. Storm is a black glitter, and like most of the polishes from this collection, has a pretty scattered holo. 2 coats.

Zoya Logan is a green metallic foil with gold flecks throughout. I really love the finish, it's almost identical to the finish that the ever so popular Zoya Charla has. This is another one of my favorites, it is so beautiful. I used two coats in the pictures above.

Ziv is a true gold metallic! I love it. I found the application to be a little difficult, making it even was an issue. I had to use three coats.

Electra is the standout in the collection, being the only bar glitter. Electra is a silver bar glitter with very subtle silver shimmer in it's clear base. This is a very dense glitter, and as with most bar glitters, application was tricky. I literally had to place the glitter in specific spots. Here I have 2 coats, and a plus about this polish? No curling glitter.

Electra is great for layering, so of course I had to show you a couple combinations with this collection:

Electra over Aurora

Electra over Ziv--love!

Overall, I would say this is a great collection. Whether you have a huge, hoarder resembling collection or you're just starting out, there's a polish in here for you! I felt that the collection offered a nice variety of finishes and colors, and lucky for us, great formulas (with the exception of Electra). No matter what skin tone--dark, pale, tan, warm, cool--you'll find a match in this collection! My favorites were Aurora, Storm, and Logan. I'd say the absolute must have though is Aurora, it's unique with the most amazing formula.
*Polishes sent for review


Zoya Designer, Diva, & Gloss Fall 2012 Collections Review & Swatches

Good morning!

Today I have swatches of Zoya's Fall collections Designer, Diva, and Gloss. Zoya's Fall Collections this year have left big shoes to fill for next year's collection. I love that these collections have such a large variety.There is a different finish for everyone, whether you're a jelly girl or a metallic girl.

Let's start with the Diva Collection, six gorgeous metallics and shimmers.

Zoya Song. I love the name of this one and it just happens to be one of my favorites. Song is a super vibrant metallic blue with blue shimmer particles. When I say vibrant I mean a really vibrant, really bright blue! This reminds me a lot of Orly Royal Navy, only this shimmer isn't the same tone of blue.

Zoya Suri is a royal purple shimmer. This has a bit of a frost characteristic to it but it's not a complete frost either. The application was incredibly smooth with Suri, it was like melted butter. This is 2 coats.

Next we have Zoya Ray, a sexy dark pine green shimmer! This is the same type of finish as Suri, not quite a frosty finish but close. You have to be careful with application to avoid brushstrokes. They aren't as visible in real life as they are in this picture. 2 easy coats.

Zoya Elisa. This has the same finish as Ray and Suri but I found this to be the least frosty. Elisa is a bright red shimmery metallic. When I was removing it, I noticed it had a bit of a pink undertone to it.

FeiFei is a stunning grayish blue metallic with gold, blue and silver shimmer particles. This is an extremely unique and gorgeous color, I have nothing else like this in my collection! Easily one of my favorites. It is a lot more blue in person than my camera picked up, you have to see this in person to appreciate it's beauty. 2 coats.

Zoya Daul is a beautiful blue toned purple packed with gold glitter/shimmer particles. This is more like chunky shimmer if there was ever such a thing. This polish is similar to Zoya Faye and all it's dupes but they have different colored bases. 3 coats here.

Moving onto the Designer Collection, six delicious creams. Two of which were originally designed for fashion designers Bibhu Mohapatra (Rekha) and Peter Som (Evvie).


Feeling Citrus-y

Happy Father's Day!

I really didn't have any type of inspiration for this manicure except for the colors. I wanted to use colors that I don't normally use or don't normally use together. I always feel like I stick to blacks, whites, and blues too much!

I went to my stash and picked out these three colors and immediately had this idea! I like to incorporate different textures in my designs and different lines too. I absolutely love the scalloped edges mixed in with the straight edges!

I could only get one good picture of this manicure before the sun was gone. :(

For this manicure I used Zoya Creamy as the bright yellow base. Then, using the brush that came with the polish, I created the section of Zoya Rica. Afterwards I took my nail art brush and Zoya Arizona (my favorite polish at the moment) and I created the same type of "section" but I made it larger and coming from the opposite direction. The scalloped edge was created using a dotting tool. All I did was dot half of the polka dots on the edge. 

This manicure reminds me how much I love Zoya Creamy, my bottle is more than half way done...I'm thinking it's time for a new one?


Zoya Beach & Surf Collections Swatches and Review!

As you can see by the title, today I'm showing you the Beach and Surf Summer Collections from Zoya! I'm usually never excited about Summer collections but these two collections really got me excited. I honestly couldn't wait to swatch them!

These pictures were all taken in natural lighting with two coats of each polish unless stated otherwise.

First up, the Beach Collection:

Reagan. This is a deep pink cream with strong purple undertones. Great formula, I had no issues with application. I know it looks very purple here, but trust me, it is pink. This is not a unique color by any means but it's great for pink lovers.

Lara. This one is unique in the way that it looks hot pink in some lighting, but more of a medium pink in others. Here it's leaning more towards medium pink. It does have a slight berry undertone.

Shelby is the perfect bubblegum pink. This polish is so Nicki Minaj to me; she's always rocking bubblegum lips. And look how shiny! I had some trouble with application, as this took 3 coats. With two coats it left it looking "patchy."

Arizona is a light tangerine orange with yellow undertones. This color is so yummy I could eat it! It's already on my toes. I don't have anything like it in my collection. It's not a regular orange (like the fruit), it's more towards the color of orange juice. And y'all can't tell me you don't love the name of this beauty.

Zoya Tracie is a light mossy green with a silver frost finish. The frost is pretty subtle in real life so if you don't like frosty finishes, but you like this color, it's still worth buying. It's definitely the best formula I've ever had with a frost.

Wednesday. A muted turquoise blue. This one is gorgeous! Wednesday, to me, could also be a spring color. It's not a pastel but could certainly be worn as a spring or summer color. Two in one, oh yeah.

Next we have the Surf Collection:

Rory. This is a light pink metallic packed with silver, shimmer particles. At some angles, I even see a little bit of copper shimmer. This dries semi-matte so I recommend a topcoat. Not my favorite color of the collection but it is pretty unique.
Carly is a beautiful, deep purple with a fuchsia flash and packed with silver shimmer. For some reason, the silver is not visible in this picture but you can see it in the bottle. Carly seems really out of place in this collection, reminds me a lot of a winter or fall polish.

Kimber. This looks super red but it's more of a bright raspberry pink with copper and silver shimmer particles. Kimber is another name I adore. This had flawless application, just like the majority of the two collections.

Myrta is a bright coral, orange metallic foil. This is so citrus-y. This type of color works really well for dark skin tones. But of course, anyone can pull it off. I used three thin coats here.

Meg. This is a stunning apple green metallic. Green is my favorite color so naturally, I like this polish. I smiled when I saw this was named Meg. I automatically thought of Family Guy.

Lastly, we have Zuza. This is a light aqua blue packed with silver shimmer and hints of green shimmer though out. Oh mama! This is so, so pretty. Anyone else feel like they're really at the beach? I'd recommend a topcoat with Zuza though since it dries a bit matte. This is so amazing in person, its currently on my fingers!

These summer collections have a little something for everyone. I much prefer Beach to the Surf Collection though. All polishes, with the exception of Shelby, had easy application. The majority of polishes are quite unique, to the point that you have to wonder where Zoya comes up with their shade ideas. But Carly feels really misplaced in the mix. My favorites were Shelby, Arizona, Wednesday from the Beach Collection and Myrta, Meg, Zuza from the Surf Collection. I love that Zoya picks unique names for a lot of their polishes. Lord knows there are enough things labeled with more popular names like Hannah or Emily, glad Zoya made room for a Kimber and Arizona.

The Zoya Beach and Surf Collections are now available on and retails at $8.00 each per bottle.

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