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Favorite Polishes of 2011

Hey everyone!

I have already posted my favorite manicures of 2011 but now I'm back to post my favorite polishes.

I'm keeping it short since I really want to narrow it down to the polishes I like the best, the top dogs, the V.I.P, the MVPs...okay I'll stop now.

Let's get to it! Not all of these polishes came out in 2011 but most of them did.

Essence Style Me Holo
This duo-chrome is gorgeous! I never made a post about this one but it is one of my favorite duo-chromes. I love the unique teal, blue and purple in it. 

China Glaze White Cap
No way I could leave this one out! This is stunning layered over anything. I have used so much of this baby I'm surprised the bottle isn't empty.

China Glaze First Mate
This is one of my favorite blues in my collection. It's not too dark or too light and is very easy to incorporate into nail art designs.

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black
I wasn't sure whether to add Bluebell or Black to this list but in the end Black won. It's so unique and gorgeous! I love the large hex glitters and multichrome glitter. I just wish I had a better picture to better show the beauty of it.

OPI Spark De Triomphe
I remember being so excited when my sweet friend Nicola got this for me! It was definitely worth the wait, this is possibly my favorite glitter from OPI. I don't know what it is, there is just something about it that makes me really, really love it.

Orly Royal Navy
Don't even get me started on this one...this IS my favorite blue in my collection. Hands down. I'm so thankful that my friend Destany was willing to swap for this beauty.

Orly Space Cadet
Love, love, love. Do I really need to say more. After, close to, eight months of searching for this I finally found it a Ulta. So happy I did because the shift on this polish is beautiful.

Sally Hansen Amber Ruby
Now you knew I had to put this one on here right? I didn't even know it was possible for polish to be this pretty! Thank God for SH Nail Prisms because a duo-chrome this good is hard to find.

Zoya Yara
This is my favorite Zoya polish...period. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Zoya really does make the best greens.

Zoya Zara
Another favorite from Zoya, This baby is beautiful beyond belief. Such a unique color with stunning shimmer. Zoya really outdid themselves with this polish!

And just for fun, here are my favorite layering combinations that I have done this year.

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint with China Glaze Crushed Candy layered over it.

China Glaze First Mate with Pure Ice Heartbreaker layered over it.

I can't wait to see what 2012 brings, and hopefully we'll get more unique duo-chromes too...just sayin'.


Franken: Midnight's Master

I mentioned this franken in yesterday's haul and I decided that I will just HAVE to post swatches of this!

I first saw this polish on Let Them Have Polish's blog when she posted it here. I immediately went to Facebook and asked Laurie to create this baby for me.

Laurie (the genius behind this franken) mixed OPI Servin' Up Sparkle with LA Girls Uninhibited to create this polish and named it after her favorite book, Midnight's Master (by Cynthia Eden).

I'll stop talking now and let you drool...

And here's the base on it's own.  Very pretty, but very streaky. I didn't mind since it'd be covered up anyway.

Wow right?! I almost died when I took it out of the package!

This is the mother of all glitters. I mean, come on, black and silver glitter? Yes, please.


Top 10 Award

I was given this award by Liquid Jelly and Sugar Stars! Make sure you check these ladies out, they both do amazing nail art and great swatches!

If you also gave me this award and I didn't mention your blog, let me know and I'll fix it. 

Top 10 Award:
1. Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog.
2. Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog.
3. List your top 10 cosmetics.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

My Top Ten: I'm not a big makeup girl so I'll just do top ten nail products/polishes. (Not in any particular order)

  1. Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat. This stuff dries so fast! At first I didn't believe it when someone said it'd be at least 90% dry in 5-8 minutes, but it's true. I've never seen anything like it.
  2. Ulta Pinata Yada Yada. I love all the different glitters!
  3. Zoya Zara. A new favorite, this is the prettiest Zoya polish I own, so gorgeous!
  4. Toothpicks. No seriously, cheapest dotting tool ever.
  5. Orly Space Cadet. I'll own this beauty someday.
  6. China Glaze White Cap. Layered, this polish can make any color 10x prettier!
  7. Zoya Breezi. The perfect blue, not too dark, not too light.
  8. OPI Silver Shatter. Shiny and crackle? How could I not love it?
  9. Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell. I recently posted swatches of this nail polish, it's such an incredible effect on your nails.
  10. Zoya. Their formula is amazing and they're just an all around great brand.

I tag these 10 blogs: (Also in no particular order)
  1. Forever'92
  2. Gettin' Girlie
  3. Dizzy Nails
  4. Forever The Ugly Duckling
  5. Imperfectly Painted
  6. Loodie Loodie Loodie
  7. The Nail Polish Enthusiast
  8. Power Femme
  9. Tough As Nails and Twice As Pretty
  10. Marshee
Also, I tag all of my readers! Just say that you received this award from me.
As always, if you already received this award or awards aren't your thing, you don't have to do this tag. I won't get offended if I don't see you post it. (:


Freehand Funky French

Here's an old manicure I never posted. I don't think it's my best work but I'll post it anyway. It's proof that we all make mistakes.

I didn't feel like waiting for this to dry and then using guides or tape to do the tips so I just freehanded it. It doesn't look horrible, it's just not as good as it could have been.

I really love China Glaze Pelican Gray so you will continue to see it in even more of my posts!

For this manicure I alternated the base of China Glaze Pelican Gray and Ulta Bam-Blue-Zled. I drew on the tips, also alternating between the two same colors.

Ulta Bam-Blue-Zled is a favorite of mine and I highly recommend you owning a color like this! It's also a nice, subtle, jelly finish.


Review: Nicole by OPI Light A Candle

I'm a sucker for metallics. I tell myself to stop buying them, but next thing I know I have two more on my wishlist.

This is one of my favorite polishes. Like my Nicole by OPI Positive Energy polish, I love Light A Candle for layering, nail art, and tape manicures.  

with flash

Nicole by OPI Light A Candle is a beautiful silver with a hint of lavender. This polish dries as a metallic, foil-y finish with no brush strokes.
Application is amazing easy--this is a definite one-coater. Two coats if you're an over-achiever. But it's really opaque so one should be enough. It also dries super fast. Within five minutes it's already dry.

One thing I really love about Light A Candle is that it is perfect for stamping. Almost too perfect to be real.

Cons? It smells. I find that Nicole by OPI, and OPI, smell strong. It could just be me though.


Best Blue Ever

Blue is my absolute favorite color to wear on my nails. If I could own a hundred blue polishes, I'd be the happiest girl alive. I also love Revlon's nail polishes. I mean, really love their polishes. I love the formula, easy application, and fast drying time.

Revlon's Midnight Affair is my favorite polish of theirs. Period. 

(Accent Nail: Art Deco White and a Rhinestone)
Revlon Midnight Affair is a beautiful, shimmery, sapphire blue nail polish. It has a deep black undertone to it as well. In sunlight, you can see the beautiful blue, but in poor lighting, the black comes out. The wear on this polish is absolutely amazing. After about five days there are no chips and only a bit of tip wear. I also have this on my toes because I can't get enough of it!

What's your favorite blue polish?


Favorite Polish At The Moment- Nicole by OPI Positive Energy

I have been loving this color for nail art, tape manicures and just a plain manicure. It's just your basic, silver, metallic foil polish. If you don't have one, I'd suggest this one.

Nicole by OPI Positive Energy is a silver metallic foil nail polish. Application is super easy as it only requires one coat. Yes, you heard me right. ONE coat! But you have to be careful with the brush. This one doesn't have the new brush and it is easy to leave streaks behind.

You can expect to see this in a lot of future posts! But in the meantime, I'll have to buy a back-up because I'm about to use it all up.


Favorite Polish At The Moment- Nicole by OPI's Make Mine Lime

Nicole by OPI's Make Mine Lime is a gorgeous lime green nail polish with a foil-y, sparkle finish.

This polish was extremely sheer. I had to apply five coats to get it opaque. Four coats would have been fine but there were a few bald spots.

The best thing about Make Mine Lime is the amazing wear that I had with it. With a top and base coat, this lasted me a good 7 days. I have school and sports so a small amount of chipping (hardly noticeable) is great.

4.5 out of 5. If it weren't for the sheerness, it'd be a full five out of five.

Where to purchase:
I purchased my bottle from Ulta, you can also purchase this at Walmart and Sally Beauty Supply stores or website.

I didn't have a swatch for you guys so thank you for this accurate picture.

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