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Showing posts with label Favorite Manicures. Show all posts


Hawaiian Floral | Zoya Stunning Summer 2013 Collection Nail Art, Swatches, and Review

When the press release came out for the Zoya Stunning Collection, I already knew exactly what design I wanted to create with these beautiful creams! The Stunning Collection really is stunning...sorry, I just had to. 

For this manicure I used Zoya Rocky as the blue base. I outlined each nail (but not the tips) with a thin nail art brush and black acrylic paint. Using the same nail art brush (just cleaned off) and Zoya Micky I began drawing the floral details. I used a dotting tool and Zoya Thandie for the polka dots and other orange details. 

Keep reading for swatches/review of the entire collection!


Haute Lacquer's Top 10 Nail Art Designs of 2012

With the year wrapping up and 2013 around the corner it's time for Haute Lacquer's Top 10 Nail Art Designs of 2012! 


This is a collection of my favorite designs/manicures that I have done this year, 2012. These are in no particular order, I don't like to pick favorites (oh wait...).

(Click on the captions to go to the original post)

What are your favorites? Repin them on Pinterest, like them on Facebook, or tell me in the comments!

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Favorite Manicures of 2011

2011 is coming to an end so I figured it's time to post my favorite manicures that I have done this year!

Going back through all of my past posts is really eye-opening. I didn't even know I had all the time and dedication in me to make all these designs. I surprise myself sometimes.

It was really hard to narrow it down but here are my top manicures of 2011.

These are in no particular order.

You can click on the pictures to go to that post.

I can't wait for more fun designs in 2012! I'll have to start the new year with a bang! 

Which of these are your favorites? Did I leave your favorite out of this list?


Favorite Manicures of the Past

This post should really be called "Favorite Nail Art of the Past". Because those will most likely always be my favorite types of manis. Most of these were manicures I made myself, but a few I used inspiration from other bloggers.

Cupcakes and Icing...

Just for fun, here's some of my favorite manicures from other bloggers...

Note Worthy (from The Daily Nail)...

The Dotted Ribbon (from Dees Polish Endeavours)

Patchwork Camo Manicure (of course, from Chloe's Nails)

I hope to eventually try these manicures, I always say I will (since they are in my inspiration file), but then I forget!

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