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Pastel Veins | Abstract Nail Art

Good morning loves!

Today's going to be a quick post showing this very soft, very spring-y design inspired by Chalkboard Nails

Purple is a color I always (always, always) struggle to like! It may be the prettiest shade of purple but I'll still find something to hate about it. I will say though, that I like purple in this manicure! 

Maybe I'm just ready for spring?

For this manicure I used Essence Bloom A Loom as the light purple base. I then sponged on Sally's Girl Medium Purple and used a thin nail art brush to create the random, abstract lines. These lines were created using the same light purple I used for the base. I finished off with top coat. 

Are you already wearing pastels or are you still in the winter mood?


Neutral Chevron

Happy New Years Eve!

Chevron is on everything right now. Phone cases, pillows, clothes, even mugs! With the trend still going pretty strong, I decided I'd finally put it on my nails.

I've attempted this design before (and never posted it) but this is the most successful I've ever been so I thought I'd share! 

For this manicure I used Essence Irreplaceable (which is stunning!) as the shimmery nude base. Then using my thin nail art brush from Born Pretty (use code GFL91 for 10% off) I slowly created each chevron stripe with the colors Zoya Kelly and black acrylic paint. Some lines are thinner than others and some are connected. These can be as random as you'd like. I finished off with top coat.

My favorite part about this manicure is the base, why don't I wear Essence Irreplaceable more often? My official (nail) resolution this year is to use my untried polishes more in nail art.

*Code is affiliated with Born Pretty


Gradiance Week | Gradient Squares

Good morning!

For Day 4 of Gradiance Week I'm sharing this design that I quickly created. I was trying to get into the "fall mood" with more fall toned colors, I think I succeeded!

These colors remind me of the desert, the sand especially. I don't know, that's all I think of when I see this design!

For this manicure I used China Glaze Below Deck as the base. I created the gradient effect with a sponge, China Glaze Desert Sun, and China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. Then I took my nail art brush and Essence Grand-Plié in Black created the "square" shape. You could also use tape and only tape off the squares. I finished off with top coat to blend the gradient and leave a glossy shine.

So that's it! This is one of those manicures that anyone could do, even if you mess up it's easy to go back and fix those errors.


Pastel Palette

Hello everyone!

Today's manicure is one that I've been really excited to do and finally did yesterday! I first saw it on Pinterest but never repinned it for whatever reason, a week later I googled "leopard and stripes" and this is one of the pages that came up! Thankfully I found it because I adore this design from Top Coat It.

I changed the colors up a bit but it's basically the exact same manicure. It's your basic leopard but the pastels she used, and the stripes and gradient combo is to die for!

For this manicure I used the following three colors: Rimmel Peppermint (minty turquoise), Fingerpaints Chrysanthe-Mum's The Word (green), and Essence Bloom-A-Loom (purple). For the index, middle, and pinky fingers I started with a base of the Fingerpaints polish and sponged on Rimmel Peppermint. Then I took a thin nail art brush and Essence Bloom-A-Loom and created horizontal stripes across the entire nail. For the ring and thumb (not shown) fingers I started with the Essence as the base and created the leopard design with the Fingerpaints as the outer portion of the spots and Rimmel Peppermint as the inner portion. I finished off with two coats of topcoat.

Looking at these pictures, it almost looks like all the fingers have a purple base and that the stripes are gradient. Which did you see first, the gradient stripes or the purple ones?


Patterned Stripes

I'm so happy to be able to post this today, you don't even know. I had a huge break on my pinky last week and didn't want to shorten all my fingers down to such a tiny length so instead I just let that one be.

I personally don't like such uneven nails on me but I really wanted to get back to blogging. I hope you guys don't mind! (:

Anyway, the idea for this manicure came from the other striped manicures I've done in the past, here's just one. It's one of my favorite types of designs to do. 

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild French White Creme for the white base, Barielle Soul-er Powered for the yellow base, and Essence What Do U Think? (horrible name, sorry had to mention that) as the orange base. For the leopard print I took my nail art brush and China Glaze First Mate to make the outlines of the spots. I filled in the spots with Pixel Naughty Bit Nice (another bad name). The stripes were done with Wet N Wild Black Cream and a nail art brush. After painting on the orange stripe I finished off with top coat.

I apologize for the smeared polish on some of the pictures, didn't even notice until I started editing them...oh well, what can you do?


Love-ly Roses

Good morning!

I did this manicure a while ago but never got to posting it. The inspiration for this manicure actually came from my collection! These colors all kind of sit pretty next to each other and I really wanted to see them together on my nails.

Also I loved doing letters on my nails, like my 'Faded Gradient' post so I gave it another try!

If you're wondering what the thumb looks like...
*Apologies for the awkward hand pose*
For this manicure I used Essence I Like as the base. Then, using my nail art brush, I took Wet N Wild French White Creme and painted each letter (and the heart on the thumb). I did it as large and as bold as I could. Afterwards I started to create the roses by painting random blobs of Zoya Shelby, Zoya Reagan, and Essence Bloom-a-Loom and outlining them with black. Once all the roses were created I outlined all the letters (and the heart) with black. I even added a scalloped border to the heart. I finished off with topcoat.

This is one of my favorite manicures that I've done, it took me a while but it turned out nice!


Abstract Paisley

Gooood morning!

When I started this manicure I expected it to come out looking like distinguished paisley print but of course, that didn't happen. I think I like this better though, it was much more fun to just do random abstract than to "follow the rules" of paisley print!

For reference I used this picture, I didn't follow the colors but it was very helpful for the shapes.

I originally carried the print to the ring finger but the completed look was overwhelming so I took it away and just left a coat of polish instead. 

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild French White Creme as the base. Then, taking my nail art brush, I started created the different shapes of the paisley/abstract print. I used smaller lines or some nails and thicker lines for others. The dots were all created with the a dotting tool. I used the following four colors for this entire manicure: Wet N Wild Black Creme (black), Wet N Wild French White Creme (white), Zoya Wednesday (turquoise-ish), and Essence Bloom-A-Loom (purple).

The middle finger is my favorite. Which one is yours?


Glitter Bomb

So maybe this isn't a "glitter bomb" since it's really only one glitter but it's close enough anyway.

Today's manicure is this layering experiment I did with some of the nail polishes I have never worn. I  have so many untrieds and this seemed like a quick way to get to some of them!

For some reason my camera decided not to pick up on all the colors in these pictures but for the most part, you can get the idea.

(enlarged to show details)

I started off with two coats of Essence Style Me Holo. Which really looks more like this in person.

Then I added one coat of the lovely Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Again, the colors weren't really picked up, but the green is more prominent in real life. You can see it a little in the pinky.

I added Revlon Blue Mosaic to the mix. I have never worn this before today and I don't really care for it. It's pretty but it will be going in my blog sale.

Lastly, I added two coats of this snowman nail polish I bought at Walgreens. This is just the icing on the cake!

I enlarged the picture so you can see just how pretty this glitter bomb turned out! I love all the different colors and shapes of glitter in there.



Designers [Re]designed: Chloé Inspired

Hello ladies (and gents)!

Today's the last day of Designers [Re]designed week! It's not really a week since it's only been four days but it's close enough.

For today's design I chose my inspiration from Chloé. This dress is so pretty, I love everything about it! The print didn't translate as well as I thought it would. If I could draw pleats on my nails I'd be a happy girl but it's definitely not an easy task!

And...did you guys notice that Haute Lacquer is now instead of ""?! I did it literally as I was writing this post and I can't believe how easy it was! I love it, such a small change but it makes a big difference. (:

For this manicure I used Zoya Avery as the nude base. Then I took my nail art brush and drew the horizontal stripes first. Following the print of the dress I drew each line using the colors white, Essence What Do U Think? (orange) and Wet N Wild Private Viewing (cocoa brown). After the stripes were drawn on I created the vertical ones using those three same colors. The nude vertical stripe, however, was created with a mix of white and Zoya Avery. To finish off I added a couple coats of Seche.

Even if the print didn't translate the way I wanted it to, I still love the end result! Nude and color work really well together, it's one of my favorite combinations.


Designers [Re]designed: House of Holland Inspired

Day 2 of Designers [Re]designed week!

I went for something more simple today since yesterday's design was freakishly hard and took a lot of time to do.

I always surprise myself with the things I haven't done yet. Like this gradient leopard design. I feel like everyone has already done this type of design and I'm just now getting on board!

This design came from this House of Holland Spring/Summer 2012 dress below which was a very pretty, subtle gradient with large spaced out leopard spots. Of course nails are a much smaller canvas than the dress so it was a lot more difficult to give it that same effect but I tried.

For this manicure I used Essence No More Drama as the base. Then I took a sponge and sponged on Barielle Do Unto Others. I focused more on the center of the nail and then faded out the edges. Taking my nail art brush, I used black polish to create the leopard spots. These I created randomly using the dress as inspiration for placing and size. I finished off with a topcoat.

I didn't notice until I took these pictures but it looks like my black polish got a little too tacky and created those weird string things all over my index and middle. Don't you just hate when that happens?


Invisible Girl Palette

Hello loves!

About two weeks ago I started reading the book Invisible Girl by Mary Hanlon Stone and ever since I got it I have been in love with the cover.

I really love the colors orange and blue together.

I know they say "don't judge a book by it's cover" but...the cover is so pretty.

Is it wrong that the cover is one of the main reasons why I got the book?

Since I'm pretty much obsessed with the book,  I finally decided that I'll use the colors as inspiration for my next design.

For this manicure I used a white cream polish as a base. Then I took my nail art brush and Essence What Do U Think? to create the orange slanted French tip. Again, taking my nail art brush, I used Zoya Kristen to create the angled blue stripe that goes across the entire nail and meets up with the orange tip. The last step is optional. I added a beige stripe (Zoya Kennedy) within the white area of my nail to represent the shorts the girl is wearing on the cover.

I did all this without tape but you could obviously use tape for sharper, cleaner lines. I personally prefer to freehand since it's quicker and more convenient for me. 

I'll be back later this week for a very exciting (at least for me) design! I spent almost three hours perfecting it, so I can't wait to share it with you guys!


Candy Corn and Spiders

Good morning!

This is going to sound really weird but the idea for this manicure came to me as I was sitting in bed Saturday morning. I woke up around 8 or 9 AM to do my nails and take pictures while the sun was still up and I was just brainstorming ideas.

It's kind of random really. I just remember when I was in elementary school my favorite things, during Halloween time, were candy corn and those plastic spider rings my teachers used to give out. Of course I always lost them hours later...

Anyway, I thought it would be perfect to combine the two and I think it came out pretty cute!

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild French White Creme as the base. Then, using a nail art brush, I free handed the stripes using Essence What Do U Think (orange) and Kleancolor Neon Yellow. The spiders were created using a thin nail art brush and a black cream polish. I used dotting tools for the black and white eyes. I let it dry for a few minutes and then finished off with a coat of Seche Vite.

This is a design I created for blogging purposes only, kind of like I was testing it out first, but I think I really will re-create these during the week. I am seriously in LOVE with this design!

What do you think?


Random Retro

Good morning!

Here's a random design I created a little while ago. It was supposed to be plaid but once I was done it looked like weird, confused lines. So then I added dots in an attempt to make it look a little neater.

For this manicure I used Essence Bloom-A-Loom (light purple) as my base. Then I started created lines in different sizes and directions using Sally Hansen Green With Envy (lime green) and Rimmel Peppermint (light mint). The dots were created with my dotting tool and Sally Hansen The Real Teal (teal).

I'm still not sure if I like it but I'm not gonna looks pretty cute in the first picture. (:


Abstract Swirls

Some of you were curious to know what my nails looked like on the first day of school (Monday the 15th) so here it is!

A few nights before school started I saw this tutorial by Robin Moses and I knew that I had to try it! I'm always inspired by what she creates.

Robin makes great videos that explains everything she is doing and why she is doing it. It really helps for when you want to try something out and don't know where to begin.

Hers turned out a little more clean but...well, I'm just Shaina, she's Robin Moses.

For this manicure I used Essence Forget Me Not as the base. I began by drawing swirls and lines all over my nails with Zoya Breezi and a nail art brush. Then I drew small lines coming out of the swirls. Robin highlighted this design with glitter on the little lines, so I did too! The glitter I used is Sinful Colors Hottie. I still didn't fell like it was enough so I added white dots to random places on each nail.

Topcoat was really beneficial to this design. I wasn't sure if I liked it on me and then I added topcoat and fell in love!

Also, I discovered a new-to-me blog a couple days ago that I want to share with you. It's called Nail Nerd. Her nail art really amazes me. Her creativity is insane and she is so original!

That's all, I hope you all have a great day!


Tribal Print with a Retro Twist

Good morning!

This is a design I created about two weeks ago. It was pretty random, I wanted a design that I could do without having to be super specific or perfect. This worked great for that!

I literally just started drawing random lines and dots and came up with this.

For this manicure I used Essence Forget Me Not as the light blue, shimmery base. Then I started to create lines and dots using China Glaze First Mate, Catrice Big Spender Wanted, China Glaze Starboard, Rimmel London Black Satin and Claire's Vegas. The black and silver rhinestones are from Born Pretty.

Okay, so it's not perfect, but it was a lot of fun creating this! It's like tribal print, but not really. When I created this, I wasn't going for anything specific.

It took me a long though, probably a good two hours, so I ended up with just normal polish on the other hand. 

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