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Starfish on the Beach | My I Heart Nail Art Contest Entry

Good morning!

To start this week off I'm sharing my Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art contest entry! This month's theme was texture. I've had this design in my head for the longest and this was the perfect excuse to finally put it on my nails.

This design was inspired by Chalkboard Nail's Beauty & the Beach contest entry. A contest entry inspired by another contest entry? Lol.
I'm really happy with the way this turned. It's so much more interesting to look at with the added texture nail polish. Don't you agree?
For this manicure I used a variety of nude nail polishes for the "sand like" base (including nudes from Zoya, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, L.A. Colors, etc). Then I used a nail art brush and Zoya Destany to create the starfish shape. Using a small dotting tool I created polka dots inside each star with Zoya Solange.  I only applied topcoat after creating the "sand like" base.

Thanks in advance for anyone who votes. (:


Designers [Re]designed: ChloƩ Inspired

Hello ladies (and gents)!

Today's the last day of Designers [Re]designed week! It's not really a week since it's only been four days but it's close enough.

For today's design I chose my inspiration from ChloƩ. This dress is so pretty, I love everything about it! The print didn't translate as well as I thought it would. If I could draw pleats on my nails I'd be a happy girl but it's definitely not an easy task!

And...did you guys notice that Haute Lacquer is now instead of ""?! I did it literally as I was writing this post and I can't believe how easy it was! I love it, such a small change but it makes a big difference. (:

For this manicure I used Zoya Avery as the nude base. Then I took my nail art brush and drew the horizontal stripes first. Following the print of the dress I drew each line using the colors white, Essence What Do U Think? (orange) and Wet N Wild Private Viewing (cocoa brown). After the stripes were drawn on I created the vertical ones using those three same colors. The nude vertical stripe, however, was created with a mix of white and Zoya Avery. To finish off I added a couple coats of Seche.

Even if the print didn't translate the way I wanted it to, I still love the end result! Nude and color work really well together, it's one of my favorite combinations.


Zoya Sunshine Collection: Rica and Reva

The Sunshine collection is probably my favorite summer collection from Zoya this year! The colors are just so unique and beautiful. But I only ordered two from this collection since these were the ones that caught my attention quick. You'll see in the pictures just how pretty they are.

Zoya Rica is a shimmer packed coral with a nice, sheer orange toned base. Rica has gold glass flecks and so many dimensions to it. It took three coats to make it opaque but even then I still had some visible nail line. The gold, pink, and orange undertones completely make up for it. This is a really unique color!

Zoya Reva is a raspberry red packed with gold, copper, and silver shimmer. It was very opaque in just one coat. Like Rica, Reva has a lot of dimensions and every single dimension is as pretty as the color itself.

Application for these two were easy, Rica's formula was a little runny, but other than that, application was flawless.


Spring Inspired Manicure

It rained all last week which made it almost impossible to take pictures. But finally the sun came out. Spring is about a week away so I decided to make a spring-ish inspired mani!

And in case anyone is wondering, that is writing on my hands (second picture).


Revlon Buff alone--so pretty:

For this manicure I used...
Revlon Buff as the coral/orange base color and then let it dry. After it was completely dry I drew the lines in Art Deco White and Gold Glitter. I then took Velocity Orange Pop and drew the orange lines on the sides. Just to make it more girly I added some hot pink polka dots along the orange line.I don't know the name of the pink though.

I love this manicure! It was so easy to do, yet it's so fun. I'll have to do this again sometime.

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