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Right Hand of my "Little Monsters" Mani

As I mentioned in my last post, "Little Monsters", I created a completely different and much more simple design on my right hand. I'm not nearly as steady using my left hand so I decided to cheat and do something easy.

I like them both, but they aren't really all that comparable considering one is 3 hours worth of effort and the other is about 8 minutes worth.

Sorry about the cuticles, I haven't been taking care of them.

For this manicure I used Zoya Breezi, one of my favorite blues, as the base. I used Claire's Vegas as the base for the accent finger. Then I created two stripes to the sides of my nails with the opposite color. I still felt like it needed more so I added white dots to the accent nail.

Also, Claire's Vegas dries as a matte. Not as matte as Zoya's mattes, but it does dry to be a jelly-matte type finish. You can't really tell in these pictures since it's with a topcoat.

I hope you all are having a great day.
Thanks for reading!


Random Swatch Spam (Zoya, OPI, Catrice...)

I was really in the mood for swatching this past weekend and trying out different combinations and layering techniques as well as some of the colors I have bought but have not worn.

Let's start off with Ulta Deck the Halls, a silver, scattered, holographic glitter, layered over Essence What Do U Think?.

Here's what Deck the Halls looks like in the bottle:
(Blurred to show holo effect)
Next we have OPI Silver Shatter layered over CCUK Midnight Blue. I prefer Silver Shatter when it looks more metallic rather than glitzy and glittery so here it is with no topcoat:

Then it's the beautiful Zoya Gemma, a subtle olive green with blue/violet shimmer. I really love this color and suggest that everyone has something this unique in their collection! I've been wearing this alone since Saturday:

Next is the beautiful Catrice Big Spender Wanted! This is my second Catrice nail polish and I am very impressed with their formula. I especially love this one because of the pretty gold shimmer, not to mention that I've never had a frost-like polish with this good of a formula:

Last, we have Claire's Poison Apple. This is supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Bad Fairy but considering it's poor excuse for a duo-chrome, I'm guessing it isn't. Not only was it sheer, but the pretty copper and orange you see in the bottle is trapped there. It barely transfers to the nails.

But wait, is that a little duo-chrome I see?

I think my favorites from the bunch are Zoya Gemma and Catrice Big Spender Wanted. Which are your favorites?


Claire's Evil Queen

Good morning! Today I'll be showing you Claire's Evil Queen from their mock MAC Venomous Villains collection.

I haven't really seen as many swatches for this as I have for Venomous so I didn't mind putting some more out there in the blogosphere.

I tried to show as much of the shimmer/flecks as I could but this polish is hard to photograph! All these pictures were taken in natural and direct sunlight.

This one is blurry but I think it shows the shimmer really well...

Claire's Evil Queen is an dark, eggplant purple based polish packed with blue shimmer and small blue flecks. I layered this over Claire's Venomous since I was too lazy to take it off from the day before. Since I layered it, I'm not sure how many proper coats it would take but it took me two coats to make it opaque over my last mani.

This one was easier to apply than Venomous since it would actually cover the tips. The only thing is that, even in good light, this polish looks black most of the time. The shimmer is easy to see in person, but the eggplant purple base? Not so much. I still love it though!

I'll show you Poison Apple tomorrow. (:


Claire's Venomous

Today I'm showing you Claire's Venomous. I was lucky enough to win this from Kellie's giveaway a while back.

As you all know, this is a dupe for  Mac's Mean and Green as well as Orly Space Cadet and a bunch of other polishes.

I see why so many nail polish companies have been duping this polish--it's amazing! I cannot tell you how much I loved watching it change colors as I angled my hand differently.

I really love this one, but obviously not enough to stop there. I plan on getting the lovely Orly Space Cadet eventually! 

Prepare for some Venomous spam!

(Above) Indoors with Natural Light
(Above) Indoors with Natural Light
(Above) Direct Sunlight
(Above) Direct Sunlight
(Above) Direct Sunlight

Claire's Venomous is a multichrome that flashes mainly green, olive, and purple. But occasionally I see copper/reddish tones (see second picture). This polish was very sheer and took at least 3 coats to become opaque. I did four just to be sure. I also had trouble with the polish around my tips. It just wouldn't apply right. I think it's safe to say that you'll need to layer this for a good application.

So pretty and unique! This is the only nail polish I have in my collection that looks like this.

I have the other two colors from this Claire's collection--Poison Apple and Evil Queen--so let me know if you want to see swatches! I'd be more than happy to swatch them.


Half and Half

This manicure was inspired by Deez Nailz. For the life of me I cannot remember which post I read where she did something similar to this! If I knew I'd link you to it. Her manicures are always so creative and amazing. I'm always watching for what she does next!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I have been trying out some of the nail art ideas in my "inspiration file". So most likely I'll be posting more inspired looks throughout this week.


For this manicure I used Ulta Set The Nude as the base. Then I applied a piece of Scotch tape to half my nails and painted over it with Claire's Evil Queen. I then used a tooth pick as a dotting tool and made dots of the opposite color on both sides of the nail.

Later I removed this manicure and tried it with pink...

For the pink version I used Ulta Noel as the base and China Glaze Ahoy on the other half of the nail. I did not use the tape for this one and instead free handed the halves. I got too lazy to wait for it to dry.

I immediately fell in love with the pink version, slapped on a topcoat (SV) and wore it for a few days! So pretty, I love it!

Which one do you like better?

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