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Nautical Stormy Seas

I'm back with a nail art design I have had planned in my head for the longest, looooongest time. 

This is my first time using Born Pretty Store's water decals but I was very pleased with them. They actually surprised me because I wasn't sure I would like them. 

These decals work great for nail art! I don't know about you but I couldn't do this design without the decals.
When I'm shopping for nail stickers/decals the most important thing to me is that they don't just look like a photo printed on your nails. And in real life these blend perfectly!
You can purchase these water decals for $2.86 at Born Pretty Store using my coupon code  GFL91 for 10% off your purchase plus free shipping.
For this manicure I used China Glaze Sea Spray, China Glaze First Mate, and CCUK Midnight Blue for the gradient background. I used the Compass Chain Anchor Pattern water decals for the nautical print. I found that the directions were helpful but not specific so below I've written out exactly how I applied them. 

EDIT: I wore these decals in this manicure for almost four days and had no problem with the decals coming off, lifting,fading, etc.  

How to Apply Born Pretty Store's Water Decals
1. Paint your base color and let it dry completely.
2. Fill a cup/bowl/tub with room temp. water.
3. After choosing which design you want to use, cut it out and dip it into the water for about 15 seconds. 
4. After it's been soaked in the water the design itself should literally slide off the white paper (if this doesn't happen, dip it back in the water). Once it slides off apply the design to your nail.
5. Wipe off any water excess and use a blow dryer on low setting to set the decal. Do this for about 8-15 seconds.
6. Apply top coat to your nail and blow dry again for about 8-15 seconds and you're done!
*TIP: Do this one nail at a time.

What do you think about water decals? Have you ever tried any? Let me know below!


Leafy Abstract | Featuring Born Pretty 15 Pc Nail Art Brushes and Review

Good morning!

Today's post is a combination of nail art and a Born Pretty store review. They were kind enough to send me their 15pc Nail Art Brush Set. Can you believe these are my very first nail art brushes? I have been using striping polishes for the longest.

Also you can use the code GFL91 for 10% off your entire Born Pretty order, yay!

For this manicure I used Zoya Neely as the light green base. I used a small nail art brush (see below) and American Apparel Peacock to create the leaves and different patterns. My inspiration came from this and this picture. Then I took a small dotting tool (see below) and created the tiny dots you see. Top coat finished off this design. 

I used the small dotting tool and angled striper brush for this design. Look how small that dotting tool is!

So what do I think about the brushes you ask...

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