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Lazy Scales

Good morning!

I titled this post "Lazy Scales" because this design was originally supposed to look something like this print but as I was doing it I became impatient and just rushed through it. I do not recommend to rush a design, never a good idea.

But I still loved the finished look so I thought I'd post it for you all! Anyway, I love the gradient.

For this manicure I used the following colors to create an orange-yellow-green gradient (in order): Wet N Wild Club Havana, Barielle Soul-er Powered, and Essie Mojito Madness. Instead of my usual black nail polish I used black acrylic paint for the scale-like details. I used a nail art brush for those. I finished off with two coats of top coat.

This was my first time using acrylic paint for nail art and I absolutely love and recommend it for details like these! I'll most likely only use black and white paint since I run out of those color polishes so quickly. Wish I had tried it sooner!
*Barielle and Wet N Wild polishes sent for review


Lines, Lines, and More Lines

I have a quick post for you all today! 

This is a manicure I wore out shopping the other day, I literally woke up from  a nap, did my nails, and got dressed. What can I say? I don't like going outside the house without my nails done!

And a little side note: I'm holding Zoya Creamy in the pictures but I didn't use it in this design. 

For this manicure I used Barielle Soul-er Powered on the ring finger and Zoya Rekha on the pinky and thumb (not shown). The index and middle fingers were done using the sponging method. All I did was take the following colors and sponge them on in the order of yellow, orange, red, light green, dark green: Barielle Soul-er Powered, Essence What Do U Think?, Zoya Rekha, Fingerpaints Groovy Green, and Zoya Ray. I created the lines in a semi-random pattern. I did a chevron type design at first then went crazy with curved lines, lol. I finished off with top coat.

This picture was taken a day after wearing this mani so please excuse the scratches. I'm not gonna lie, I'm loving the "double accent" manicure. I really do!


Patterned Stripes

I'm so happy to be able to post this today, you don't even know. I had a huge break on my pinky last week and didn't want to shorten all my fingers down to such a tiny length so instead I just let that one be.

I personally don't like such uneven nails on me but I really wanted to get back to blogging. I hope you guys don't mind! (:

Anyway, the idea for this manicure came from the other striped manicures I've done in the past, here's just one. It's one of my favorite types of designs to do. 

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild French White Creme for the white base, Barielle Soul-er Powered for the yellow base, and Essence What Do U Think? (horrible name, sorry had to mention that) as the orange base. For the leopard print I took my nail art brush and China Glaze First Mate to make the outlines of the spots. I filled in the spots with Pixel Naughty Bit Nice (another bad name). The stripes were done with Wet N Wild Black Cream and a nail art brush. After painting on the orange stripe I finished off with top coat.

I apologize for the smeared polish on some of the pictures, didn't even notice until I started editing them...oh well, what can you do?


Doin' Drag

Hello, hello!

I tried my hand at drag marbling again! People make it look so easy but it definitely takes time and patience! I had to redo several fingers and I'm still not 100% happy with it.

I do think it turned out way better than my last one, which you can see here. This time I actually made a nice little pattern out of it!

For this manicure I used a white cream as the base. Then I created stripes on each nail, applying thickly and not thin layers. I used Barielle Soul-er Powered (yellow) and Revlon Garden (green) for the stripes. Using a toothpick (you can also use a needle or striper brush) I went down horizontally, then up and back down to create this pattern. There are many great videos you can search for on Youtube if you'd like to learn how to do this method.

I will definitely be trying out more patterns in the future! This is a great alternative to water marbling. 


Designers [Re]designed: House of Holland Inspired

Day 2 of Designers [Re]designed week!

I went for something more simple today since yesterday's design was freakishly hard and took a lot of time to do.

I always surprise myself with the things I haven't done yet. Like this gradient leopard design. I feel like everyone has already done this type of design and I'm just now getting on board!

This design came from this House of Holland Spring/Summer 2012 dress below which was a very pretty, subtle gradient with large spaced out leopard spots. Of course nails are a much smaller canvas than the dress so it was a lot more difficult to give it that same effect but I tried.

For this manicure I used Essence No More Drama as the base. Then I took a sponge and sponged on Barielle Do Unto Others. I focused more on the center of the nail and then faded out the edges. Taking my nail art brush, I used black polish to create the leopard spots. These I created randomly using the dress as inspiration for placing and size. I finished off with a topcoat.

I didn't notice until I took these pictures but it looks like my black polish got a little too tacky and created those weird string things all over my index and middle. Don't you just hate when that happens?


Designers [Re]designed: Proenza Schouler Inspired

Hello loves!

I am finally back after an almost two month long hiatus. I hate to give excuses and I know you hate hearing them but I have been busy with personal life so nail polish life had to take a backseat. I promise I will make it up to you guys, especially since I never got to my one year blogiversary giveaway! Now that school is out and I have all summer to focus on blogging, I promise I have much more to come.

I really love when bloggers have a "theme week" so I decided to have another one of my own. "Designers [Re]designed." So what if it's cheesy? I thought it was a cute name...

I had so much fun with my Vera Bradley nails that I'm going all out and having a designer week! All week long I'll be posting designs inspired by some of my favorite designers and designers I've never even heard of. 

For this manicure I started off with a base of Diamond Cosmetics Decadence. Then, using a nail art brush I created the stripes, creating a T with the yellow (Barielle Soul-er Powered), black, and white. Then I started creating the other components of this mani, such as the colorblock squares on the sides and the angle on the top half. I finished off with a topcoat.

This was a very hard design to achieve. Actually, it's not that it was hard but getting the symmetry right was difficult. I'm still not 100% happy with it but I think it turned out great for the most part!


Vera Bradley Inspired

I am so insanely excited about this manicure words cannot even express!

Oh Lord, where do I even start?

As usual, I look for most of my inspiration online when I want to try a new design. This was no exception. I opened up Mozilla Firefox, stared at my Google home page for a while and then searched Vera Bradley's website. I clicked the word "collection" and that word eventually led me to this beauty.

The inspiration for this design came directly from Vera Bradley's cosmetic bag from her Resort Collection. 

For this manicure I used Barielle Do Unto Others as the turquoise base. Then I took my nail art brush and started working on the details like the leaves and flowers. I created each flower (white cream)/leaf (Sally Hansen Green with Envy) and then outlined with black. To create the stripes, I used white, SH Green with Envy and Barielle Do Unto Others. I tried to outline the stripes on a couple fingers for more of a contrast but it looks better without the stripes, so I started over.

Here's a picture of the bag. The front of it is actually clear with stripes and then the inside and back have the pattern. I just chose to go with the illusion of the stripes being on top of the floral.

I might just have to buy the bag, that's how in love I am with the pattern! Where VBrad comes up with these genius patterns? Only the Lord knows.


Barielle Soul-er Powered + Nail Art

Hello everyone!

Today I'm showing you the last of my three Barielle Karma Kollection polishes. I had a lot of trouble getting good pictures of this color and manicure but the colors below are pretty close to accurate.

I've been creating nail art for each shade and this one is probably my favorite design. You can still see just how pretty this color is but also the nail art is a nice touch.

I call this, "The Leopard Moon"! I love half moon manicures and I love leopard print, so why not combine both?

Here's Soul-er Powered on it's own!

Barielle Soul-er Powered is a warm toned yellow with bright yellow and gold shimmer. The shimmer on this one never gets lost, it is packed with gorgeous shimmer. I used two coats for this. It was thick, but applied nicely.

For this manicure I used Soul-er Powered as the base. I then created a half moon with Color Club Enchanted Holiday. I took my nail art brush and Rimmel London Black Satin and created black leopard spots on the half moon I previously made. To bring this design together I outlined the moon.

What are your favorite yellows?

*Some products in this post were sent for review


Barielle Positive ZEN-ergy + Nail Art

I'm so excited to be showing you this polish today! I only have three nail polishes from the Barielle Karma Kollection but I will say that out of the three, this is my favorite.

The finish on this one is so unique and beautiful.

I also went back and created this random design. It kind of makes me think of a maze, or maybe those things that would hypnotize you?

Of course I smudged my index as soon as I started taking pictures. There was no turning back, so I continued like it wasn't even there.

Here is the beautiful Positive ZEN-ergy on it's own...

Barielle Positive ZEN-ergy is a medium mossy green packed with silver shimmer. At times, I even see gold shimmer, but maybe that's just what my skin is pulling out. The formula on this one was great! I used 2-3 coats and had no problems with thickness. This color is so stunning! Everyone must own it.

For this manicure I used Positive ZEN-ergy as the base. Then, using my nail art brush, I started creating random lines with Rimmel London Black Satin. I tried to keep all the lines following one path but some of them don't.

Lately I've been really into green polish, I'm sure some of you have noticed. You'll probably be seeing more green as the weeks go by!

*Some products in this post were sent for review


Barielle Do Unto Others + Nail Art

Hello lovely readers!

I'll be swatching my three Barielle Karma Kollection polishes this week and today we are starting with the gorgeous Do Unto Others!

This is the second time that I have done peacocks on my nails. I first did them a couple months ago but looking back, I don't really like how they turned out. So of course, being me, I had to re-do them!

I think they look better the second time around.

And here's Barielle Do Unto Others on it's own.

So pretty!

Barielle Do Unto Others is a bright turquoise cream with a bit of a minty tone to it. It applied perfectly in two coats. I probably could have done one though. This is only my second Barielle polish and I am more than impressed with the quality of their formula. The only complaint I have about this one is that it did stain my nails.

For this manicure I used Do Unto Others as the base and I created the Peacock feathers using China Glaze First Mate for the root of the feathers and then Butterfly Jungle as the yellow center. Inside of the yellow center I put a dot of Zoya Robyn and then another of China Glaze First Mate. I added blue rhinestones for accents.

I can't decide on whether I like the feathers or the polish more...

*Some products in this post were sent for review


Bold Stripes

I meant to post this yesterday, but we had a huge storm and my power was out all day. I guess it wasn't "huge" but there was a lot of hail, strong winds and some crazy rain. My backyard was even flooded! I kept thinking to myself "What am I going to do with my nail polish if it floods?" Luckily, the flooding wasn't too high. It was about as high as a baby swimming pool.

Anyway, on a brighter note, here's a quick manicure I created a couple days ago. Not perfect, but still cute. (:

For this manicure I used Nicole by OPI Positive Energy as the base. Then I drew the charcoal gray, almost black, stripes with Barielle Coalest Day of the Year. Finally I drew the red stripes using China Glaze Hey Sailor. To smooth everything out, I finished with Seche Vite top coat.

I loved this manicure, although I only wore it for a day. It was super easy and really quick to do!


It's the Coalest Day of the Year

Okay, I'm in love with this color! Yes, it's Spring and pretty close to Summer, but these dark metallic type colors are becoming my favorites. Like a lot of my recent posts, this polish is the first I've tried from this brand.

Barielle Coalest Day of the Year (love the name!) is a dark gunmetal gray metallic with lighter gray shimmer. It takes about 2-3 coats to be opaque, but application was fine so no complaints.

One thing I loved right off the bat from Barielle's nail polishes is the bottle shape. The handle is long and the bottle is a nice, small square. I definitely plan on purchasing more in the future and I recommend others purchasing Barielle as well.

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