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FAQ / Polish Terms

If a question you have is not listed here, please email me.

*You can find common nail polish terms at the bottom of this page!*

What camera do you use?
I use my Nikon Coolpix s3000 camera. It's a simple and basic camera that works great in good lighting.

Are your nails real?
Yes they are real. 100% grown by me.

What is a franken?
A franken is a nail polish that you create yourself by mixing 2 or more polishes and/or pigments and glitter. Frankening is the process of creating the "franken."

What do you mean when you refer to something as a "dupe"? 
Dupe is short for duplicate. A dupe of a nail polish means that another nail polish is exactly or almost exactly the same as that one.

What is the difference between (insert polish finish) and (insert polish finish)?
You can refer to this if you are interested in different nail polish finishes.

Can I blog/pin/use your photos?
Absolutely! As long as you leave some sort of credit back to my blog and as long as the images have not been altered in any way (ie. removing watermark, changing colors, adding borders, etc). If you would like to use my photos for profit or commercial use please contact me for my approval first.

What do you use to keep your nails strong?
I actually don't use anything at all. I just use a base coat and I'm good to go. I do however momoisturize my cuticles with regular lotion.

What is your favorite base coat/top coat?
CND Stickey Base Coat and Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.

How do you grow your nails long?
I don't do anything special to make them grow and I don't take any supplements. But I will say, don't use your fingers as tools, use a spoon to open a can of soda  to avoid splitting, breaking, and weakness. That's helped me a lot.

What do you mean when you refer to something as a "lemming"?
A lemming is a nail polish that I really, really want and will usually go through a lot of trouble to get.

How did you get so good at nail art?
I would say practice, practice, practice. Start out simple with dots and progress to stripes, detailed patterns, characters, etc. It takes time and patience. You need to learn what methods work for you and what products (brushes, polishes, tools) work best for you. Check out my nail art guide for many more tips.

Can you give me some tips on my blog/nail art?
Sure! I'm happy to help. Email me at hautelacquer (at) gmail (dot) com.

Where do you get your ideas from?
I am always getting this question, from friends, family, readers. All I can say is that inspiration comes from anything! Sometimes a shirt, a curtain, a holiday or a design I saw online.

What online stores do you recommend for nail polish? - really great prices on NYX, Kleancolor, Seche, Jordana, and recently, ChG. - this is great if you are looking for a good deal or a discontinued polish. - they always have great deals on their polish and gorgeous polishes. great selection and deals, and you can use a free $10 credit when you click this referral link.
What online stores do you recommend for nail art supplies, glitter, tools, etc? - free shipping worldwide, affordable prices on everything nail art (see sidebar for updated 10% off code). - HUGE selection of nail art supplies. - amazing deals on nail art. easy to navigate and find exactly what you need.

Common Terms:
  • SV or Seche- Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
  • ChG- China Glaze 
  • $OPI or SOPI or S by OPI- Sephora by OPI (the dollar sign represents how pricey this brand is compared to how it was when it first came out)
  • NOPI or N by OPI or Nicole- Nicole by OPI
  • Dusty or Dusty Hunting- Going to salons or beauty supply stores to find rare, hard to find and discontinued nail polishes.
  • HTF or VHTF- hard to find or very hard to find nail polishes, sometimes there will be several Vs to represent how hard it is to find.
  • SH- Sally Hansen
  • DL or Lippmann- Deborah Lippmann
  • BL- Butter London
  • WNW- Wet N Wild
  • OMG Collection- the infamous China Glaze OMG Collection that shined a pretty, bright light at linear holographic nail polish. It was later discontinued. 
  • MPJ or MPJ Holo- OPI My Private Jet, adding "holo" to the end just refers to the holographic version of this polish.
  • MAAH- OPI Mad As A Hater, a very hard to find nail polish, always beware of fakes!
  • OPI DS ________- DS means that that polish came from the limited edition Designer Series from OPI.
  • Evilbay-, although great for finding discounted nail polish, is called "evil" for their incredibly high prices on certain products.
  • Stash- a nail polish collection, or really any collection at all.
  • Purge or purging- To get rid of nail polishes that you no longer want by selling, throwing them out, emptying them, etc.

Did I miss your question? Email me and I'll get it answered.

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