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PersunMall Clothing International Giveaway | Win Clothing of Choice and $100 Giftcard (CLOSED)

Good morning! Today I am bringing you a giveaway from Persun Mall! Now I'm no fashion blogger but when they offered a giveaway for my readers I couldn't pass up! It's easy to enter and the more people who enter, the more winners there will be (so share this giveaway with errbody).

How does it work?
For every 60 participants, there will be a prize. So 120 participants means two winners. The winner will be able to choose one piece of clothing from the picture above and will be contacted by Persun Mall to claim their prize. An overall winner of all PersunMall giveaways will win a $100 giftcard! Giveaway open internationally/worldwide.

How do I enter?
1. Complete ALL 3 mandatory entries on the rafflecopter form below.
2. SHARE this giveaway for extra entries! (Non-mandatory but will result in more prizes for YOU)

If you are not the winner (of if you just cant wait for the giveaway to end) use code PERSUN20%OFF for 20% off orders over $60 (code expires July 30, 2013).

Giveaway ends July 15, 2013 at 11:59 USA Central Time. Comment entry is mandatory or other entries will not count.

Thank you for entering and good luck!



Graphic Floral Stripes Nail Art

Today will be my first time participating in one of these but I'm excited! I have decided to take part in The Busy Girl's Summer Nail Art Challenge which was created by @beautybykrystal, @drinkcitra, @mirandasmakeup and @beautybyarielle on instagram. 

Basically this is a weekly challenge that can be posted any time during that week (you can also skip weeks). Ill be posting my nails on my instagram using the hashtag #busygirlnails so if you prefer to see them there make sure you're following me. This week's theme was stripes! 

These nails refused to photograph (or even edit) well but I had a lot of fun doing them! They're fun without being too over-the-top.
I wasn't inspired by anything in particular when doing this design but I have a feeling this has been done before so if it has it's purely coincidental!
For this manicure I used black and white acrylic paint along with a nail art brush for the striped base. Then, using a small nail art brush, I created the rose pattern along the top of each nail using a variety of colors (just ask if you'd like specific names!). I drew leaves on only two fingers for a more unique look, I used Essie Mojito Madness for those and lightened it for the lighter green. Essie Matte About You was applied to create the matte finish. 

I loooove today's manicure! What do you think? Too much or just right?

*click image to read*


Starfish on the Beach | My I Heart Nail Art Contest Entry

Good morning!

To start this week off I'm sharing my Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art contest entry! This month's theme was texture. I've had this design in my head for the longest and this was the perfect excuse to finally put it on my nails.

This design was inspired by Chalkboard Nail's Beauty & the Beach contest entry. A contest entry inspired by another contest entry? Lol.
I'm really happy with the way this turned. It's so much more interesting to look at with the added texture nail polish. Don't you agree?
For this manicure I used a variety of nude nail polishes for the "sand like" base (including nudes from Zoya, China Glaze, Sally Hansen, L.A. Colors, etc). Then I used a nail art brush and Zoya Destany to create the starfish shape. Using a small dotting tool I created polka dots inside each star with Zoya Solange.  I only applied topcoat after creating the "sand like" base.

Thanks in advance for anyone who votes. (:


Google Reader is Gone but Bloglovin is Here

Credit shuttershock

I've been debating whether or not I should make a post about this or not but then I decided why not? 

As we all know (assuming no one lives under a rock) Google Reader is being discontinued and by July no one will be able to use Google Reader to read blogs. Why do you ask? I have no idea, I don't even think the people at Google know why. This is probably a secret way to torture us I'm sure.

On a more serious note, you can always follow Haute Lacquer and all your other favorite blogs using Bloglovin'. I've been using Bloglovin' for a while now and I absolutely love it and would recommend it if you liked Google Reader.

-You can also follow Haute Lacquer on these networks:

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Thanks for reading! 

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Haute Lacquer Nail Art Transformations | Before and Afters Part 2

After my first "transformations" post I got great feedback from you all. So of course I decided I'd do more! I thought I'd be running out of pictures to show you but I already have enough saved for another post. Who knew? You just have to really look.

The first before & after is of this unfortunate gradient I created back in 2011 when I first started blogging. Although I'm not on The Nailasaurus's gradient level, the after is clearly improved. Original posts: before and after

I'm proud to say that my chevron print has improved but ashamed to say that the before was fairly recent. These two manicures were only months apart but it seems that was enough time to get the chevron down! Original posts: before and after

This transformation is probably the most dramatic. When I discovered the art of drag marbling I got really excited and just slapped some colors down and came up with the first manicure. For the after shot I decided to take my time and watch a few tutorials and I'd like to think that paid off! Original posts: before and after

So as you can see from both the befores and afters, NO ONE is perfect and we all mistakes in our nail art and in our life. And because no one is perfect, no one's nail art is either (except maybe Chelsea here...gah)!

Do you have any crazy before and after moments in your nail art? Just looking back can kind of surprise you! 


Bohemian Ikat Nail Art | Feat. Indica Jewelry

Happy Hump Day! Which, by the way, I really thought today was Tuesday and I was literally surprised when I saw that it wasn't. I am very clearly losing my mind.

Today's post features a gorgeous hand chain from Indica Jewelry on Etsy. This is a new Etsy shop that sells everything from bracelets, to necklaces, to toe rings to earrings. And the owner, Robine, is so sweet!

My inspiration for this design came from the hand chain itself. As soon as I looked at it, it reminded me of something vintage/bohemian so I had to do my nails to match.
For this manicure I used Zoya Bevin as the base. This was my first time attempting Ikat print so I followed this tutorial by Phoenix Beauty Lounge. The colors I used were Zoya Jacqueline (nude) and Sally Hansen Chartreuse Chase (green that looks like yellow). The black is acrylic paint. 

Now you guys have to give me some credit for these creative pictures you're about to see...


Gradient Faux Bois Nail Art

Have you ever had this great idea in your head but when you go to do it things just don't translate as well? That's kind of what happened with this design. I mean I love the way it turned out, don't get me wrong, but I expected it to look a lot more like wood and not so abstract. You know? Yeah, you know. ;)

Regardless of it not looking much like wood, I do love these colors together!
And the base color...just pure love.
For this manicure I used Zoya Carey as the gray base. Using a thin nail art brush, I created each detail to somewhat resemble "faux bois" (fake wood). For these details I used Bondi Brick Road (yellow), Sally Hansen Green with Envy (lime green), and American Apparel Peacock (teal). I finished with topcoat. 

The overall look is so bright and summer-y! I can't help but love it. 


Art Deco

Happy hump day! I'm out of school now so I surprised myself by even knowing that today was Wednesday. When you don't have to wake up at 6:00 a.m. anymore, the day of the week just doesn't seem to matter!

Today's design was impossible to photograph. And believe me, I tried! I tried every angle, lighting, pose and nothing was working for me. I was lucky enough to get a few decent shots *le sigh*.

There are actually two versions of this manicure, the one above has gray stripes on the ring finger and in the pictures below the stripes on the ring finger are green and yellow. 
For this manicure I used China Glaze Exotic Encounters as the teal base. I then went over the lower half of each nail with Catrice London's Weather Forecast (gray). For all the stripes and lines I used my Born Pretty's nail art brushes and Bondi Brick Road (my new favorite yellow). I finished off with top coat.

I'm not really sure what inspired this design but I do love the finished look! What do you think?


2 Easy Glitter Makeup Looks | BA Star Review

Today I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and mixing things up on the blog! For a while I have wanted to work some makeup into my posts and I thought that this would be a fun way to do that.

I've created two makeup looks using BA Star adhesive and glitter. Both these looks were easy to achieve and fun to 

For the first look--the purple look--I started with the crease (I used the purples first then black to darken it) and then applied a silver shimmer eyeshadow to the lid. I used the BA Star Holo Silver Glitter along with the Glue Liquid Base to help adhere it.

Surprisingly, the glitter application went smoothly. This was my first time using glitter on my eyes and it was a success! I used the glue applicator to apply the glue but I used a flat shader brush to apply the glitter.

My only issue with the glue is that the applicator must be dabbed. That makes it very difficult to get a smooth, even application. I had to use my fingers to smooth it down and make sure it wasn't too thick. If the applicator had a small brush instead that would be so much easier to use.

All applicator issues aside, I actually really liked this look! The glitter is holographic so it gives it an interesting look. The holo shows a lot stronger in real life.

My second look was this neutral eye with a glitter/black winged liner. My mom loved this one lol! This look is a lot more wearable and something I would actually wear during the day. 

For the eyeshadow I started with a light beige base then used a medium and dark brown matte in the crease. I used the same glue/glitter combo for the liner except this time I used an angled brush to apply both.

Overall, I really liked this glitter. I keep it pretty basic with my makeup so this isn't something I'm likely to wear everyday. I love the idea of using little pops of glitter (like my second look) though. I would recommend this glitter for sure, but I'd also advise you to use your own adhesive as this one can be a pain to apply.

If you've been wanting to try some glitter, check out BA Star's website for a large color selection of glitter (and other makeup like shadows and liners). Use code BBGLITZ for 50% OFF (glitter and glue orders)! Not sure if you're aware but that is a great deal. (:

You can also find BA Star on Twitter.

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