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Midnight Velvet m.vie Mineral Makeup Review and $50 GIVEAWAY!

I'm finally back! I apologize for the delay in posts. It seems like every year, the weeks leading up to school mess up my mojo. And then I got sidetracked by a new job (my first job by the way!) but I'm finally catching up!

Today I'm reviewing a new to me brand, m.vie from Midnight Velvet. After my first makeup review I got a great response so I'm excited to post more for you guys.

For this look I used the m.vie Tangerine Dream Mineral Gem Trio loose pigments. I fully expected to have to pack these on but a little goes a very long way. I also used NYX Eyeshadow Base to help the pigments stick.
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Go-Go Gold (the gold) is my favorite. It applies so vibrant and beautiful. It's a gorgeous antique gold. Savvy Saffron (the bronze-y color) is more orange in real life but still wearable. And finally Green Light, my second favorite, is a light mossy green. It's very flattering and wearable as well.

Along with the pigments, I used my first gold eyeliner--the m.vie Waterproof Eye Liner in Gold Shimmer. This gold is even prettier than Go-Go Gold (if that is possible). This is great on the water liner and didn't rub off one bit. I also like the convenience of the attached smudger.

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The lipstick, blush, and foundation all came in the m.vie Cosmetic Starter Kit (in Dark). Also included were a mineral mist finishing spray and mini kabuki brush (I used this to apply the foundation/blush).
*image credit*

I was disappointed in the Pressed Mineral Foundation. It's more cool toned (and I'm warm toned) so it didn't match my skin tone and appeared lighter in person. There also are not very many color options (6 total, 3 for light skintones and 3 for dark skintones). The wear is fantastic though, I wore it all day and it held up well. I have crazy oily skin so this is unheard of. I skipped on the mineral mist as it smells like lavender and was a bit too strong for me. I'm also sensitive to smells so it might work for you.

*image credit*
As for the lipstick, the color in real life is a little more "vampy" and less of a bright red. It applied like butter! It does transfer significantly so I'd recommend wearing this for a short time period/event. The blush is great! A little goes a long way...I learned that the hard way.

*Final Thoughts*

Overall, I was impressed with this makeup brand and these products. The quality surpassed my expectations. This is my first time using mineral makeup and was surprised that these worked the same if not better than non-mineral makeup in stores. I would highly recommend the eye liner and pigments. You wont be disappointed. The kit is also great but be aware of the color options. 


If you're looking at these pictures and thinking "I need that (fill in the blank)!"  then you're in luck. Midnight Velvet is giving away a $50 Gift Certificate to their entire website/catalog! They not only sell makeup but clothing, accessories, shoes, even home decor! Enter below. Giveaway ends September 7, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST. Open internationally.

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