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Haute Lacquer Nail Art Transformations | Before and Afters Part 2

After my first "transformations" post I got great feedback from you all. So of course I decided I'd do more! I thought I'd be running out of pictures to show you but I already have enough saved for another post. Who knew? You just have to really look.

The first before & after is of this unfortunate gradient I created back in 2011 when I first started blogging. Although I'm not on The Nailasaurus's gradient level, the after is clearly improved. Original posts: before and after

I'm proud to say that my chevron print has improved but ashamed to say that the before was fairly recent. These two manicures were only months apart but it seems that was enough time to get the chevron down! Original posts: before and after

This transformation is probably the most dramatic. When I discovered the art of drag marbling I got really excited and just slapped some colors down and came up with the first manicure. For the after shot I decided to take my time and watch a few tutorials and I'd like to think that paid off! Original posts: before and after

So as you can see from both the befores and afters, NO ONE is perfect and we all mistakes in our nail art and in our life. And because no one is perfect, no one's nail art is either (except maybe Chelsea here...gah)!

Do you have any crazy before and after moments in your nail art? Just looking back can kind of surprise you! 

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