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My Prom Hair, Makeup, and Nails + Dress!

Finally, after three weeks I have finally put together this post of my complete prom look. Prom was so much fun, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did!

Let's start with the nails! The "bursts" look was created to somewhat match the same bursts on my dress.

This is version two of my prom nails, the version that I actually wore to prom used different colors that I can't even remember.
For this manicure I used Zoya Kendal as the base. Using a thin nail art brush and Zoya Monica I created the bursts details. I made sure to give them a somewhat sharp tip. I added Shimmer Polish Karen over each burst to mimic the jewels on my dress. I finished off with a shiny top coat.

Keep reading to see my prom hair, makeup, and of course my dress!

My hair was pretty simple. Although I don't have a picture from the back it's easy enough to just tell you. I had two big french braids going across and meeting at the bun. The front was swept into a bang and twisted into the bun. 

I did my own nails and hair for prom so why not do my own makeup while I'm at it? My actual prom makeup was a little different to what you see here. The selfies and other pictures of me is my actual makeup that day. It's been so long that I forgot exactly what I did, oops. 
Image via
I used the colors circled above from my BH Cosmetics 120 1st Edition Palette. I love this thing! I use it just about everyday. 

And finally, my prom dress! Unless we are friends on Facebook or you follow me on Instagram, you have not seen my prom dress until today...

My best friend Emily was sweet enough to let me borrow her prom dress from the year before. Don't worry, it was a different prom at a different school! I got compliments all night and absolutely loved being in the dress. It was big but so so pretty. 

So that's it! Prom was so amazing, I loved every second of it! Now, I leave you with a selfie in my tornado stricken, messy room.

 What did you/will you wear to your prom? How was your hair/makeup? Or your nails?

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