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Hawaiian Floral | Zoya Stunning Summer 2013 Collection Nail Art, Swatches, and Review

When the press release came out for the Zoya Stunning Collection, I already knew exactly what design I wanted to create with these beautiful creams! The Stunning Collection really is stunning...sorry, I just had to. 

For this manicure I used Zoya Rocky as the blue base. I outlined each nail (but not the tips) with a thin nail art brush and black acrylic paint. Using the same nail art brush (just cleaned off) and Zoya Micky I began drawing the floral details. I used a dotting tool and Zoya Thandie for the polka dots and other orange details. 

Keep reading for swatches/review of the entire collection!

I actually really struggled to photograph these colors, my camera picks these up as fluorescent neons and I had to darken up the image to get a true color. I'll update this post with better swatches when I get the chance. All images are without flash and two top coats unless otherwise stated. 

Zoya Darcy is a bright, sunshine-y yellow cream. As perfect as this color looks, application was a patchy mess. I would recommend 3 thin coats to get your smoothest finish. This is brighter than Pippa and darker than Creamy for those wondering.

Zoya Thandie is a bright citrus orange. It does have a slight coral tone to it as you can see in this image. Again, my camera acted up, it is not neon nor as bright as it appears here! The formula was a little thick on this one.

Next we have the lovely Zoya Micky, a slightly muted hot Barbie pink. That's how I'd describe it at least. Application was flawless with Micky! Once again, it's not neon as this picture suggests.

Zoya Yana is a pretty magenta cream. This is one of my favorite types of pinks, it's the perfect pedicure color and extremely wearable. I had no troubles with application too, always a plus.

Josie is the most beautiful green I have ever laid eyes on. Essie Mojito Madness held that title last year but this green is just too on point! Josie is a muted grass green cream and reached full opacity with an easy 2 coats. 

Last but not least is Rocky (love the name). Rocky is a sky blue cream. This is not the most unique color but is so flawless and pretty that I can't imagine not owning it. 

Overall, I absolutely adore this collection. This isn't your typical neon, bright summer collection. Zoya has a way of creating unique creams; go into the sunlight and it's like a whole new color! The formulas in this collection were great with only a couple exceptions. The definite stars of this collection are Thandie and Josie! 

Zoya's Stunning Collection is available now on and retails at $8/bottle.
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