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Leafy Abstract | Featuring Born Pretty 15 Pc Nail Art Brushes and Review

Good morning!

Today's post is a combination of nail art and a Born Pretty store review. They were kind enough to send me their 15pc Nail Art Brush Set. Can you believe these are my very first nail art brushes? I have been using striping polishes for the longest.

Also you can use the code GFL91 for 10% off your entire Born Pretty order, yay!

For this manicure I used Zoya Neely as the light green base. I used a small nail art brush (see below) and American Apparel Peacock to create the leaves and different patterns. My inspiration came from this and this picture. Then I took a small dotting tool (see below) and created the tiny dots you see. Top coat finished off this design. 

I used the small dotting tool and angled striper brush for this design. Look how small that dotting tool is!

So what do I think about the brushes you ask...

They are packaged pretty nicely and the bristles are sealed in this hard plastic covering. It was easy to remove but worked wonders in keeping the bristles nice and neat. No brushes were damaged.

The set comes in a nice plastic pouch that holds the brushes well, and it's reusable so that's a plus!

All of the brushes feel like pretty decent quality (especially for the price!) and the handles are sturdy and easy to hold. The bristles, depending on the type of brush, range from stiff to not stiff at all.

There are four different types of brushes in the set, all great for different uses. This set also comes with a small dotting tool, which you can see how to use here.

Best uses: "one stroke" nail art, border nail art, large stripes, big patterns

Best uses: applying loose pigments/glitter, "one stroke" nail art, french tips

Best uses: fan brush nail art, removing excess loose glitter

The two farthest on the right give you the most control since they have short bristles and a little more stiffness. Perfect for intricate designs!

Best uses: most nail art (lines, shapes, patterns, etc), french tips, small details

Overall, I would highly recommend this set to anyone who needs nail art brushes or wants better nail art brushes! I found that these brushes and the dotting tool were easy to use. If you're a beginner this will be perfect for you! The variety of brushes leaves you with endless possibilities. They are also easy to clean. All I did was dip it in nail polish remover and wipe off the excess on a napkin. They don't get ruined by doing this. They do stain but that will happen with basically any nail art brush.
You can purchase these brushes for $5.96 at

Don't forget you can use my Born Pretty code, GFL91, to get 10% off your entire order (free worldwide shipping)! If this code is used more than 10 times, they will sponsor a giveaway for you guys!

*Zoya polish and brushes sent for review, discount code is in affiliation with Born Pretty

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