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Designers [Re]designed: Chloé Inspired

Hello ladies (and gents)!

Today's the last day of Designers [Re]designed week! It's not really a week since it's only been four days but it's close enough.

For today's design I chose my inspiration from Chloé. This dress is so pretty, I love everything about it! The print didn't translate as well as I thought it would. If I could draw pleats on my nails I'd be a happy girl but it's definitely not an easy task!

And...did you guys notice that Haute Lacquer is now instead of ""?! I did it literally as I was writing this post and I can't believe how easy it was! I love it, such a small change but it makes a big difference. (:

For this manicure I used Zoya Avery as the nude base. Then I took my nail art brush and drew the horizontal stripes first. Following the print of the dress I drew each line using the colors white, Essence What Do U Think? (orange) and Wet N Wild Private Viewing (cocoa brown). After the stripes were drawn on I created the vertical ones using those three same colors. The nude vertical stripe, however, was created with a mix of white and Zoya Avery. To finish off I added a couple coats of Seche.

Even if the print didn't translate the way I wanted it to, I still love the end result! Nude and color work really well together, it's one of my favorite combinations.

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