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Designers [Re]designed: House of Holland Inspired

Day 2 of Designers [Re]designed week!

I went for something more simple today since yesterday's design was freakishly hard and took a lot of time to do.

I always surprise myself with the things I haven't done yet. Like this gradient leopard design. I feel like everyone has already done this type of design and I'm just now getting on board!

This design came from this House of Holland Spring/Summer 2012 dress below which was a very pretty, subtle gradient with large spaced out leopard spots. Of course nails are a much smaller canvas than the dress so it was a lot more difficult to give it that same effect but I tried.

For this manicure I used Essence No More Drama as the base. Then I took a sponge and sponged on Barielle Do Unto Others. I focused more on the center of the nail and then faded out the edges. Taking my nail art brush, I used black polish to create the leopard spots. These I created randomly using the dress as inspiration for placing and size. I finished off with a topcoat.

I didn't notice until I took these pictures but it looks like my black polish got a little too tacky and created those weird string things all over my index and middle. Don't you just hate when that happens?

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