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Vera Bradley Inspired

I am so insanely excited about this manicure words cannot even express!

Oh Lord, where do I even start?

As usual, I look for most of my inspiration online when I want to try a new design. This was no exception. I opened up Mozilla Firefox, stared at my Google home page for a while and then searched Vera Bradley's website. I clicked the word "collection" and that word eventually led me to this beauty.

The inspiration for this design came directly from Vera Bradley's cosmetic bag from her Resort Collection. 

For this manicure I used Barielle Do Unto Others as the turquoise base. Then I took my nail art brush and started working on the details like the leaves and flowers. I created each flower (white cream)/leaf (Sally Hansen Green with Envy) and then outlined with black. To create the stripes, I used white, SH Green with Envy and Barielle Do Unto Others. I tried to outline the stripes on a couple fingers for more of a contrast but it looks better without the stripes, so I started over.

Here's a picture of the bag. The front of it is actually clear with stripes and then the inside and back have the pattern. I just chose to go with the illusion of the stripes being on top of the floral.

I might just have to buy the bag, that's how in love I am with the pattern! Where VBrad comes up with these genius patterns? Only the Lord knows.

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