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Gorgeous Bar Glitter: Zoya Kissy and Rina

I finally got my hands on the two of the three string glitters in Zoya's Gems & Jewels Holiday Collection!

These are the only two I wanted but the blue looked nice too.

I'm obviously late on posting these but I got them several weeks ago with Zoya's 2 free promo and I thought I'd swatch them for you guys anyway!

These pictures were all taken in natural sunlight with one coat of top coat.

Zoya Kissy.  2 coats. This is my favorite of the two. Not only is it an incredibly vibrant berry red but the glitter in it is so pretty. Kissy has regular small glitter but has multicolored bar glitter mixed in. The bar glitter is more like a holo than anything. The formula on this was really thick but other than that, this polish is perfection.

Zoya Rina. I love Rina but oh my gosh it was so difficult to work with. The formula is standard but it took me four coats to reach this opacity and I can still see my nails through the polish. I love that Rina has hidden, gorgeous blue bar glitter in the green mix! Some of the bar glitter is even holo.

I want to mention that these dry a bit matte so a top coat is a must if you want the same shine you see in these pictures. 

Before I end this post, I want to say...please don't be fooled by how pretty these are. They do not look good layered together. I had to learn the hard way...

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