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Random Twitter, FB and Blog Winners Recap!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to create this post to announce and re-announce all six of the random winners in my giveaway extravaganza!

First I held a Twitter giveaway where you had to "RT  and win". I used and entered all the Twitter names into a spreadsheet.

The winner was....SoooAda!

A couple days later the Facebook Scavenger Hunt started. For this SH you had to follow the clues to unscramble a secret word. I used a fruit machine to select a winner.

The winner was....Nicola!



Shades of Blue

Good morning!

I've been wearing Zoya Neeka on my nails since Wednesday and it killed me to take it off. Neeka is gorgeous.

So I took it off this morning and created this design, inspired by IndigoNova1 on Youtube. I can't find the tutorial at the moment, but it's very simple.

This is a really fun and easy design that anyone can do! I enjoyed doing it, it took me less than 15 minutes.

Anything that quick and easy works for me!

For this manicure I used China Glaze Sea Spray as the gray-toned, blue base. Then I used my striper brush to create diagonal lines using Zoya Breezi on all my nails. It's okay if the lines are messy since they will be covered up anyway. Once all my lines were created I took my dotting tool and Rimmel London Black Satin and drew dots on the outer corner of all the lines.

I'm going to attempt a tape manicure tonight, so if it works out, you'll see it on Monday!

Thank you for reading.


Franken: Midnight's Master

I mentioned this franken in yesterday's haul and I decided that I will just HAVE to post swatches of this!

I first saw this polish on Let Them Have Polish's blog when she posted it here. I immediately went to Facebook and asked Laurie to create this baby for me.

Laurie (the genius behind this franken) mixed OPI Servin' Up Sparkle with LA Girls Uninhibited to create this polish and named it after her favorite book, Midnight's Master (by Cynthia Eden).

I'll stop talking now and let you drool...

And here's the base on it's own.  Very pretty, but very streaky. I didn't mind since it'd be covered up anyway.

Wow right?! I almost died when I took it out of the package!

This is the mother of all glitters. I mean, come on, black and silver glitter? Yes, please.


China Glaze Metal Crackle Glaze: Tarnished Gold and Oxidized Aqua

Good morning! Are you ready for more crackle?

I've posted many other crackles in the past, some from different brands, and others from China Glaze so you shouldn't be surprised to see this post if you've been reading my blog for a while.

I love crackles! End of story.

I'm incredibly impressed with this new batch of Crackle Glaze. The first collection was nice but I remember purchasing Lightning Bolt and Crushed Candy and was disappointed at how difficult it was for me to apply and how it was so hard for the white to crack.

The formula on these were much easier.

First up is my new favorite crackle, Tarnished Gold. This is layered over Zoya Dree. Bad color combination here, lol. Anyway, this had easy application and formula. I love that this finishes with a nice metallic finish! These pictures are without a topcoat, but once you add a topcoat, it glistens and is much more shiny and "glittery".

Next is the gorgeous China Glaze Oxidized Aqua. This is layered over Orly Royal Navy. When I saw the press release, I wasn't really excited for this one, but I think if you pair it with the right color, it can end up looking really good. Again, great formula and easy application. This one dried super fast, which means the cracking started quickly.

Like with most crackles, do not go back over a spot that has already started cracking. If you don't like the way a finger turned out, it's best to just start over completely.

What is your favorite crackle?

*Some products in this post were sent for review

Collective Haul (Pic Heavy!)

I rarely ever do hauls so I thought I'd do one today.

I've been collecting all the packages I get in the mail so that I could share them all in one post.

First is my prize from Jae Marie on Youtube. Her Youtube channel is JaeMarie2008 and she recently held a summer nail art contest and I won in her beginner level! This is actually the first nail art contest I have ever won so I'm really excited about her package.

Included in the prize pack were nail art stickers, glitters, jewelry and rhinestones as well as two Kleancolor sets: "What Girls Really Talk About" (glitters) and "Candy Cast" (neons).
From Left: Neon Yellow, Neon Aqua, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Lime, Neon Amethyst
From Left: Black Out, Grand Finale, 24 Carat, Kiss Goodbye, Peaceful Heart, V.I.P.
Now the next thing I want to show you is the beautiful Ozotic 528 ring I got from Jette! She has her own blog over at I won her giveaway a while back where I got the chance to customize my very own nail polish ring.

These are the pictures she sent me once the ring was completed, just look how pretty!:


Floral Never Gets Old

Hey guys!

I hope you're not getting tired of seeing floral designs around here because I have another one for you!

I've had this tutorial from IndigoNova1 saved on Youtube for while and I finally decided to attempt it yesterday. I decided to use yellow instead of white, just...'cause.

She makes it look so easy in the video but it took me forever to get it right! I made some bigger, some too small, but in the end, I ended up really liking it.

For this manicure I used China Glaze Starboard as the base. I created the flowers and dots using Essence Mellow Yellow and Rimmel London Black Satin. I followed IndigoNova1's tutorial exactly as she did it so if you're curious to know how to get this  look, you can watch her video.

I LOVE this! I never think to use green for floral nail art, but it actually looks a lot better than I thought it would.

Thanks for reading!



It's Monday! Which means that it's a new theme in PAA. This Monday's theme is fruit.

Now back to the manicure!

I had to watch a few tutorials on Youtube before I could get the shape of the pineapples to come out right, but I think I finally got it! It's the smaller details I had trouble with.

Anyway, here's what the final outcome looks like....

For this manicure I used OPI Sparrow Me the Drama as the base. Then, using a cosmetic sponge, I sponged on Wet N Wild Candy-licious to my thumb, middle and pinky. Afterwards I sponged on Kleancolor V.I.P. (my new favorite glitter!) over Candy-licious. The pineapples were made using Butterfly Jungle and then China Glaze Starboard for the leaves. I mixed in some black to darken it up.

You may have noticed that I shortened my nails. I was getting really tired of the length. At this length, I'm more carefree and don't have to worry about breaking a nail every minute of the day! I do miss doing nail art on longer nails though, it's like a bigger canvas.

Well thats it, see you in my next post!

*Some products in this post were sent for review


NOTD: Zoya Robyn

Good morning everyone!

I don't always post NOTDs but I thought I would today since I have zero nail art on and I love this color! I've actually used Robyn before in a lot of my nail art, but I've never worn it alone like today.

Today is also the first comment giveaway, but we'll get to that later.

Zoya Robyn is a stunning, bright sky blue cream. Application could not be easier. I used two thin coats. Robyn is hands down my favorite blue cream!

I don't think it gets better than this.



Hellooo everyone!

I just came back from a doctor's appointment, well, really a dentist appointment and they had to numb my mouth which feels really weird. I'ts even worse when I start laughing! My smile is all crooked and it looks like I've been doing's not a pretty sight.

But that's not what this post is about. I got my first international swap yesterday from my friend Kellie! She sent me Barry M Instant Nail Effects Black Crackle (or whatever it's called) and Barry M Dusky Mauve, which is what I'm wearing today. She also sent me some nail stickers that you'll probably see sometime next week.

This design is inspired by Emily's Nail Files.

Ignore my middle finger today. I don't know where that random pink speck came from.

For this manicure I used Barry M Dusky Mauve as the base. Then I took my dotting tools and dotted the center of each flower using Butterfly Jungle. The white petals were also dotted, this time using Wet N Wild French White Creme. And because I can't get enough of these dotting tools, I created random black dots throughout each nail!

Well thats it! Don't forget to enter my giveaway. You can enter in the top right hand corner of my blog.


Murder Scene

Hey everyone!

A little while after that balloon fail I posted I sat down to try another manicure.

I'm stepping away from all the pretty purples and pinks and showing you something a little more risqué. Not sure if I'm using that word right but it sounds cool so it's happening.

A few days ago I was browsing Google for unique patterns I could work with and I found a tie with the most amazing murder scene pattern on it! I don't know what company makes it or where the picture is originally from but I knew I had to create this manicure ASAP.

Plus I received a hot black glitter from Wet N Wild and this was the perfect way to use it!

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Blackmail as the base. Then I drew the white outlines using Wet N Wild Hush Hush. After the outlines of the people were dry I drew yellow stripes with Zoya Creamy, my all time favorite yellow! The words "CAUTION" were carefully written with a nail art brush and Rimmel London Black Satin.

I was going to add blood to some of the nails but then thought it'd be too much, so I didn't.

Now, you know I couldn't finish this post without showing you the amazing Wet N Wild Blackmail, a gorgeous black with gold/silver micro glitter! I had trouble capturing the beauty of Blackmail. This is 3 effortless coats, two coats would've been fine but the camera picks up on bald spots.

*Click to enlarge*
And the tie that started it all...

So what do you  think? I'm curious to see if you guys like this design. I know I fell in love with the pattern as soon as I saw it.

*Wet N Wild polishes sent for review

Balloon Nail Art Fail

So the other day I was really excited to get started on this manicure. I had asked everyone on my Twitter to send me pictures that I could get inspired from and yet somehow my manicure still ended up looking awful!

I mean,  I liked the idea. It started out really cute and I was all "OMG, this looks great!" and then I just kept going and going and then we have this...

It's okay to laugh along with me, this is pretty bad!

Not just the weirdly shaped balloons, but the strings aren't done right and the "designs" on the balloons are also really bad. I don't understand what happened when I sat down to do this.

The base color by the way is Zoya Robyn, this is the best thing about the manicure, the gorgeous background color.

Here's the picture that inspired me, as you can see, I did not do this picture proud. Thanks to  jamieleelu on Twitter, who tweeted me this picture. I will be re-doing this.

I am not happy with the way it turned out at all.


Glitter Bomb!

YES!! The time has finally come for me to do a glitter bomb. This is my first, actual "glitter bomb" so if you can't tell already, I'm overly excited!

It's glitter, glitter, and even more glitter!

Now, for this manicure I wasted no time! I went straight to my stash as soon as I was done with breakfast and chose two glitters I hadn't tried yet. Kleancolor makes glitters like nobody's business! It's like they throw some random materials in and the most amazing glitter is created.

*Drools* Here's my glitter bomb for Monday's Nail Art Challenge in PAA. I made the picture bigger than I normally do so you could see the delicious glitters but still these pictures do it no justice.

For this manicure amazing glitter bomb I started with a two coats of Wet N Wild Disturbia, which, by the way, has the prettiest pink shimmer.

Then I applied a thin layer of Kleancolor Grand Finale (a silver, holographic string glitter).

And for the best part, I topped it off with Kleancolor 24 Carat, and it's magical. As you can clearly see in that first picture. (;

OHMYGOSH, I don't think it gets better than this! Until I get out my black glitters that is...
*Wet N Wild polish sent for review


Pretty In Pink

Hi my lovelies!

First I want to welcome all the new followers to my blog! I love reading yours, and everyone's comments so thank you all for leaving them.

I've wanted to do a manicure like this for a while and I finally got around to doing it yesterday. Unfortunately there was no sun all day so the pictures came out kind of crappy but that's okay! You guys still get the idea...right?

For this manicure I used all Wet N Wild Megalast polishes. The base color is Candy-licious. I used Disturbia for the dark purple lines (which look black in these pictures).  Using my dotting tool, I created dots with Hush Hush and Sugar Coat.

And of course, here's Candy-licious on it's own:

Wet N Wild Candy-licious is a bright, Barbie pink cream. The formula on this one was kind of tricky to work with. It took three coats to reach full opacity. My camera picks this up as a hot, neon pink in some pictures but this is the most accurate color. It's not florescent at all.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you an amazing glitter bomb I created! This Monday's challenge in PAA (Polish-holic Anonymous on Facebook) is to go crazy with glitter and I'm so excited to show you what I came up with!

*Wet N Wild polishes sent for review


Zoya Smoke and Mirrors Collection Swatches and Review

Hi everyone! Today I have both the Smoke and Mirrors collection to review. These are Zoya's new collections for Fall 2011 and I'm so excited because I love Fall collections and Zoya collections!

Descriptions and reviews of each color are below each picture. I apologize in advance for the messy clean up on some of these.

Let's start with the Smoke Collection:

First up is Jana. Jana is a light, dusty, taupe-y brown mixed with the slightest hint of purple. Jana applied like a dream. One thick coat and you're good to go. I had trouble capturing the beauty of this color, each picture was a different shade of the color. This is like a lighter version of China Glaze Below Deck.

Next we have the beautiful Petra. Petra is a dark taupe/gray/brown with purple undertones. This applies nicely in 1-2 coats. I love this one, reminds me of Zoya Kelly, except Kelly is a little darker and has more blue undertones in it than Petra.

Codie is a unique dark brown with subtle olive tones running throughout it. This one needed two coats. Application went smoothly. I actually like Codie more than I thought I would.

Anja is your standard dark, burgundy wine red with a hint of purple. I'm not a fan of these types of colors, but it's still nice. This applied great in two coats but really stained my nails. I strongly suggest using a base coat with this one, which is where I made my mistake. 

Cynthia is a dark, teal-ish navy blue with the most subtle shimmer you will ever see. Capturing the shimmer is almost impossible, but this is such a beautiful color! I used two coats for full opacity.

Dree is, in my opinion, the star of the Smoke Collection. I can't tell you how much I love colors like these. Dree is a beautiful mossy, camouflage green cream. Wow! One of Zoya's best right here. Like Jana, Dree applied perfectly. One thick coat is all I needed.

Now let's get onto the Mirrors Collection:

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