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Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday $2 Dupe!

Ulta was having a sale on all their regular, salon line so I immediately ran over there and the first polish I got was Ulta's Pinata Yada-Yada. As much as I dislike the name, I love the polish!

This is a clear dupe for Deborah Lippman 's Happy Birthday nail polish, which is wildly popular. I don't have it so I cannot properly compare the two.

(Pinata Yada-Yada layered over Rimmel London Green With Envy)
Pinata Yada-Yada is a multicolored glitter with small and large hexagonal glitter. It was a little runny and a bit hard to apply. It took me about three coats to finally get all the different shapes and colors of glitter onto my nails. It's absolutely stunning so I don't mind.

 You can either choose Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday for $18 or Ulta's Pinata Yada-Yada for $2.

But if you choose Ulta's--hurry! Their sale ends on the 2nd of April and then each bottle will be back to $5.

I'll definitely be using this nail polish again soon!

(Check out this link if you'd like to see a comparison of Pinata Yada-Yada and Happy Birthday.)


Gradient-Crackle Nails

I know many of you are sick of crackle or don't care for it, and then some of you love it--like me!

Here's a fun manicure I created in just a matter of minutes. I started off with gradient nails of turquoise into lime green into yellow. I wanted to make sure it was interesting so every color is a different finish.

I painted all the colors on like normal (no sponging) since I knew the crackle would conceal obvious transition to the next color.

For this manicure I used...
Rimmel London Green With Envy- A turquoise shimmer. I used this as the color closest to my cuticles.
Nicole by OPI Make Mine Lime- A glittery lime green foil. I used this as the color in the middle of the gradient.
Zoya Kelly Creamy- A bright yellow cream. I used this on the tips of my nails.
China Glaze Lightning Bolt- This was layered over the gradient to have this cool crackle effect. It was a little more watery than Crushed Candy, but it did crack much better.

These colors could not have worked better together. I think gradients might be my favorite way to wear crackle.


China Glaze Island Escape Summer 2011 Preview

China Glaze has released their new Island Escape summer collection! Here's how China Glaze describes it...


China Glaze Introduces Six Sizzling Shimmers and Cremes

Take an exotic island escape with China Glaze this summer with a tropical, shimmering rainbow of brilliant bright colors! Mix and match these hot hues to add a candy-like pop to that summer manicure and pedicure. Colors in the collection include:

Papaya Punch: Crème based vivid orange.
108 Degrees: Flirtatious berry pink with specks of micro glitter.
Senorita Bonita: Passionate purple shimmer with pink micro glitter.
Blue Iguana: Bold and daring sparkly blue.
Cha Cha Cha: Vivacious shimmer green.
Electric Pineapple: High intensity crème based lime green. 

I'm probably most excited about 108 Degrees and Electric Pineapple


Best Blue Ever

Blue is my absolute favorite color to wear on my nails. If I could own a hundred blue polishes, I'd be the happiest girl alive. I also love Revlon's nail polishes. I mean, really love their polishes. I love the formula, easy application, and fast drying time.

Revlon's Midnight Affair is my favorite polish of theirs. Period. 

(Accent Nail: Art Deco White and a Rhinestone)
Revlon Midnight Affair is a beautiful, shimmery, sapphire blue nail polish. It has a deep black undertone to it as well. In sunlight, you can see the beautiful blue, but in poor lighting, the black comes out. The wear on this polish is absolutely amazing. After about five days there are no chips and only a bit of tip wear. I also have this on my toes because I can't get enough of it!

What's your favorite blue polish?


Favorite Polish At The Moment- Nicole by OPI Positive Energy

I have been loving this color for nail art, tape manicures and just a plain manicure. It's just your basic, silver, metallic foil polish. If you don't have one, I'd suggest this one.

Nicole by OPI Positive Energy is a silver metallic foil nail polish. Application is super easy as it only requires one coat. Yes, you heard me right. ONE coat! But you have to be careful with the brush. This one doesn't have the new brush and it is easy to leave streaks behind.

You can expect to see this in a lot of future posts! But in the meantime, I'll have to buy a back-up because I'm about to use it all up.


Patchwork Attempt

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this since it's not my proudest moment, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I was inspired by this manicure by Chloe's Nails, who is the master of tape manicures.
Hers, of course, is better than mine but I'll cut myself some slack since this was my first time.

My biggest issue with this manicure is the placement. I got it all wrong so it ended up looking weird.

But for this manicure I used L.A. Colors Black Velvet (black), Revlon Strobe (pink), and Ulta Deck The Halls (glitter).
I'm starting to think that this glitter may be a holographic glitter. I never noticed until I used it the other day...

I really do love patchwork manicures so I'll be re-doing and re-posting this soon.
I hope you all enjoy your day!

Zoya Promo-Starting Soon!

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Zoya promotion will be starting very soon.
You MUST have a account to participate. So please make sure you make one as soon as possible, if you haven't already!

Zoya's promotions are always amazing, so don't miss out!


Special Revlon Top Speed Collection?

I was wondering if anyone knew if this Revlon nail polish is part of some special collection. At first I thought it was part of the new Top Speed collection, which it kind of is, but there is something more to it since the bottle is different than the others. The regular bottles have a silver cap but these have a gold one.

I also have not seen these in stores like Ulta or Walmart. I bought mine at Ross for $5.

Anyone know anything about these?

The colors include...
Ash- Taupe-y gold shimmer
Strobe- Light pink frost with subtle silver/gold shimmer
Lavender- Light lavender with a frost-y finish
Buff- Coral cream
Maroon- Rose-y maroon shimmer


Happy St. Patty's Day!

Last night I sat down, ready to do a St. Patrick's Day manicure but had no ideas. I knew what colors I wanted to use, I had my brushes set and ready, but I just didn't know what designs to do.

Eventually I started drawing lines here and dots there and came up with this...

Daylight (No Sun)
I am absolutely in love with the design and it's simplicity, but apart from the colors, it isn't very St. Patrick's Day-ish. It actually kind of reminds me of some type of tribal design.

I'd love to see what you all came up with for St. Patrick's day. Leave a link in the comments of your own manicure!

Anyway, for this manicure I started off with the base L.A. Colors Serenity. Then for the designs I used Zoya Richelle (bronze gold), Art Deco Gold Glitter (obviously the gold glitter), Art Deco Black (black outlines), and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Jumpin Jade (vibrant green).

Hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick's day!

P.S. Check out the poll in the sidebar, I'm thinking about having a giveaway for 100 followers! But I need your help on what to give away.


NYC- Wing It Wine Creme

I'm currently on Spring Break so I have plenty of time for swatching and changing up my manicure.I have so many polishes that I've purchased but never even worn, and one of them is this beauty.

I'm a little confused as to why this polish is called "Wing It Wine Creme" when it clearly is not a cream nail polish.

NYC Wing It Wine Creme is a berry toned, purple color with a strong gold duo-chrome. It dries as a pretty shimmer-pearl finish. The brush makes application so easy and the formula is amazing.

I layered it over L.A. Colors French Nail Purple, just...'cause. Then I applied one coat of Wing It Wine Creme.

These two were made for each other!

Here I made it a little blurry so that you can see more of the duo-chrome effect...

I cannot help but look at my fingers every 5 seconds, it's that pretty!


Spring Inspired Manicure

It rained all last week which made it almost impossible to take pictures. But finally the sun came out. Spring is about a week away so I decided to make a spring-ish inspired mani!

And in case anyone is wondering, that is writing on my hands (second picture).


Revlon Buff alone--so pretty:

For this manicure I used...
Revlon Buff as the coral/orange base color and then let it dry. After it was completely dry I drew the lines in Art Deco White and Gold Glitter. I then took Velocity Orange Pop and drew the orange lines on the sides. Just to make it more girly I added some hot pink polka dots along the orange line.I don't know the name of the pink though.

I love this manicure! It was so easy to do, yet it's so fun. I'll have to do this again sometime.


Nail Addicts Anonymous's HUGE Giveaway!

And I mean huge. Nail Addicts Anonymous is kind enough to be giving away 80 bottles of nail polish and nail art supplies. From Zoya to China Glaze to Orly to OPI to Sally Hansen, it's all there!

Make sure you try your luck at winning this amazing prize.

Enter HERE.

Ends April 8th, 2011.


China Glaze Crushed Candy: Swatches and Review

Edit: This post has been changed since it's original post date. I have updated the pictures and added a few extra tips and thoughts. My opinion still remains the same.

I've been in a bad mood lately and was in desperate need of something to cheer me up. So what better way to do that than to play with crackle?

China Glaze Crushed Candy is part of their new Crackle Glaze Collection, which is currently quite limited in supply. Here I applied it over China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint once it was completely dry.

Crushed Candy is a unique matte aqua teal polish that cracks as it dries.

Application is the tricky part. If you apply too much, it will not crack. One thin coat gave me a nice crackle effect. The formula was thick, but still worked perfectly fine. 

I was afraid that the cracks would look funny on my nails since my nails are not long, but after applying it, I realized I was wrong.

My favorite thing about applying Crushed Candy is that it quickly started to crack, after about 5 seconds, I could literally watch it as it cracked.

Tips and Tricks:

When applying this polish, I found that waiting for your base color to dry completely gave me the best crackle effect. It also helps to wait for the crackle to completely dry, then add your top coat.

Apply a topcoat with this polish, do not skip this step!

Work quick! This polish starts to dry quicker than you can blink.

To show how important it is it wear a topcoat, here's Crushed Candy with no topcoat--bumpy, chalky, and rough looking:


Funky French Nails

I wore Zoya Kelly for a good six days but decided to finally take it off. I spent all of last night trying to do a manicure that I liked. After several attempts of sponging, crackle, and layering, I settled on this simple "funky" french manicure.

I was very impressed that I could even stop shaking for two seconds to get a decent line. But luckily I did and it came out okay, with just a few minor errors.

First I taped off my nails with regular tape so that I could get an even tip. I then used Nicole by OPI Positive Energy (a metallic silver) for the main tip color and then I traced it with Art Deco Black Sparkles. To make it shiny, I added two coats of Sally Hansen Natural Tint. Once everything was completely dry, I sealed it in with a top coat.

Simple. Quick. Easy. Cute. 

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