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Retro Week: Connect the Squares

Good morning!

For day four of retro week I bring you the simplest design yet!

I was originally inspired by a picture but it was really hard to draw the hexagons in that picture so instead I went for a more simple "squared" pattern.

By the way, the base I used here is GOSH Miss Minty, which is beyond gorgeous and has incredible formula. My amazing friend Jen over at The Exotic Lacquer surprised me with it! Thank you Jen!

For this manicure I used GOSH Miss Minty as the base. Then I took a nail art brush and black nail polish to create the small squares that intersect with each other randomly. I finished off with topcoat.

Excuse the kind-of-blurry pictures, these were taken with artificial light.

Tomorrow is the last day of Retro Week and then I'll have other things to post next week. (:

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