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Here's a design I did last weekend but wasn't very happy with it. I decided I'll just post it anyway.

Scream was one of the very first horror movies I had ever seen and it's also one of my all time favorites. At least the original, older versions.

This is actually my second attempt, the first one was all five fingers but I didn't really like it.

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Black Cream as the base and Zoya Jem as the base on the non-scream fingers (layered on top of Jem is Midnight's Master). The mask was made using a nail art brush and white nail polish. For the face I started with the upper-face (where the eyes are) and then I created the long oval jaw thing. After I perfected the shape of the face I drew the eyes, nose and mouth. Placing the eyes were the hardest part but having the picture in front of you makes it easier. Afterwards I finished with top coat.

I'll be back tomorrow with another Halloween design, it's my favorite that I've done!

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