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Bursts of Color

Remember my BCA post where I said that I wanted to try the dots but with other colors? Well a few of you guys agreed that it would pretty much look amazing so...I did it!

I was originally only going to use black as a base and maybe a pink but I figured I'd just add on more colors. Why not, right?

And obviously, none of my manicures are complete without one of my nails looking a mess, so excuse the index finger. Seche's bubbles got the best of it.

For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Black Creme as the base. The dots were all created with a small dotting tool and the following polishes: Zoya Creamy (yellow), Kleancolor Neon Orange, Kleancolor Neon Pink, and Fingerpaints Give Pink A Chance (which is not even pink, it's red). I added a top coat once it was about 40% dry.

I really love these! I've been really into simple designs lately.

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