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Nail Polish and Nail Art Collection/Storage

Hellooo everyone!

Today I'm showing you my nail polish collection and organization as well as my nail art collection.

It's not fancy or anything but I enjoy taking pictures and showing my stash to you guys. This is my third collection post, my first one was here, and my second one was here.

I asked on Twitter if you guys wanted to see pictures now that I'm over 200 bottles and I had a pretty good response so here it is!

Remember, you can click any picture in this post to enlarge it.

This is the same storage that I used the last time I posted my collection, now it's more full and I moved the purples down to that last bottom row--which was empty to begin with. I got this at Walmart by the way.

Top shelf: Pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows. This shelf has more than any other, I'm almost running out of space.

Second Shelf: Blacks in the back, then there's silvers, whites, nudes and browns.

That Wet N Wild white you see in the front has tooth marks because the cap was super tight and I tried to unscrew it with my teeth! Bad idea.

Third Shelf: Greens and blues.

All four of the Orlys that I own are on this shelf. Also, a lot of my Zoyas are here too. I have 28 Zoyas and 11 of them are green/blue. Zoya makes some of my favorite blues and greens.

Last Shelf: Purples

Purple had to have it's own shelf. It was taking up too much space in the first shelf so I moved it down here. The two Zoyas that look identical are Zoya Jem and Valerie. I'm telling you, they are exactly the same!

Under each shelf I have a piece of cardboard, they would all fall through if I didn't.

As of today I have exactly 205 bottles of nail polish. Zoya's taking the lead with 28, Wet N Wild is close with 21, and then I have 17 China Glaze polishes. 14 Kleancolors, 13 OPI and 10 Revlons. Check out my spreadsheet for specific polishes.

My goal is to have 369 total polishes by next summer. 369 is my favorite number.

I also have a "nail art collection".  I try to keep it organized since I like to see everything, but it gets out of hand sometimes.

I keep all my nail art supplies as well as some nail care products in this three tier shelf I bought at Dollar Tree. I keep this on my bathroom counter actually.

Top Shelf: Palette for mixing nail polish/paint, nail polish remover, q-tips, Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips, and my base/top coats.

The circle bottle is Seche but I keep it in that bottle since I have the big re-fill thing of Seche Vite. The other one is my cheap, nameless base coat since I ran out of my CND Stickey.

Middle Shelf: Purse of stamping plates/supplies, dotting tools, rhinestone wheels, and fimo sticks.

Here's what inside the purse looks like.

Last Shelf: Nail stickers/decals, French tip guides, Born Pretty nail foils, false nails, loose glitters.

Underneath that pile of nail stickers I have my bigRuby nail tattoos and that white baggy has my Ozotic 528 ring.

Here's the false nails, I keep them taped so they don't fall off, lol.

I ran out of room pretty early on so I keep my nail care tools and stuff in this drawer.

So that's all of it!

I really want some Melmers or any other storage that can hold all of my nail polish and more. But we'll see.

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