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Glitter Bomb!

YES!! The time has finally come for me to do a glitter bomb. This is my first, actual "glitter bomb" so if you can't tell already, I'm overly excited!

It's glitter, glitter, and even more glitter!

Now, for this manicure I wasted no time! I went straight to my stash as soon as I was done with breakfast and chose two glitters I hadn't tried yet. Kleancolor makes glitters like nobody's business! It's like they throw some random materials in and the most amazing glitter is created.

*Drools* Here's my glitter bomb for Monday's Nail Art Challenge in PAA. I made the picture bigger than I normally do so you could see the delicious glitters but still these pictures do it no justice.

For this manicure amazing glitter bomb I started with a two coats of Wet N Wild Disturbia, which, by the way, has the prettiest pink shimmer.

Then I applied a thin layer of Kleancolor Grand Finale (a silver, holographic string glitter).

And for the best part, I topped it off with Kleancolor 24 Carat, and it's magical. As you can clearly see in that first picture. (;

OHMYGOSH, I don't think it gets better than this! Until I get out my black glitters that is...
*Wet N Wild polish sent for review

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