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Constance Carroll Apricot Sun with Zoya Richelle Sponging

I have some more sponging for you! This time I took this orange by Constance Carrol called Apricot Sun and sponged it with Zoya Richelle as well as ChG Lighthouse.

Actually, I'm not sure, is the brand name CCUK or Constance Carroll? I've searched both and they both come up. Someone correct me if I'm wrong because I've been calling it CCUK.

Anyway, I decided that as pretty as this color was, I wanted to add some sponging. I've been really into sponging lately. Especially since I learned how to do it! I've even been giving myself sponged pedicures (I'll spare you the pictures)!

For this manicure I used Constance Carroll Apricot Sun as the base. When that was dry I used a cosmetic sponge and sponged on Zoya Richelle. It looked a hot mess so I went back and sponged China Glaze Lighthouse over it.

And here's Apricot Sun on it's own.

Constance Carroll Apricot Sun is a bright, citrus orange with strong gold shimmer. This took a lot to be opaque. It was so sheer that I used 3-4 coats. Other than that, application was great. It went on nice and smooth and dried quickly.

That's all there is to it! It was really simple and easy. I have not been feeling creative lately so this is enough to satisfy me!

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