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Balloon Nail Art Fail

So the other day I was really excited to get started on this manicure. I had asked everyone on my Twitter to send me pictures that I could get inspired from and yet somehow my manicure still ended up looking awful!

I mean,  I liked the idea. It started out really cute and I was all "OMG, this looks great!" and then I just kept going and going and then we have this...

It's okay to laugh along with me, this is pretty bad!

Not just the weirdly shaped balloons, but the strings aren't done right and the "designs" on the balloons are also really bad. I don't understand what happened when I sat down to do this.

The base color by the way is Zoya Robyn, this is the best thing about the manicure, the gorgeous background color.

Here's the picture that inspired me, as you can see, I did not do this picture proud. Thanks to  jamieleelu on Twitter, who tweeted me this picture. I will be re-doing this.

I am not happy with the way it turned out at all.

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