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Zig Zag Tape Mani

I'm obsessing over this manicure! In fact I don't think I've ever loved a manicure as much as I love this one! I love it so much that I changed my blogger picture to this as well as my Facebook and Twitter profile picture. I knew I would have to attempt this design after I saw it on Forever the Ugly Duckling's blog. Also, check out her blog, her designs are always impressive.

I think this mani turned out great but it took forever! It was so difficult for me to cut the tape properly. I wish there was a tutorial on it or something because it kept ripping. And then it was hard to remove the tape since sometimes it would rip while on the nail and I'd have to restart. After a few tries, I finally came out with a good result.

For this manicure I used China Glaze Pelican Gray as the base. I applied a coat of Seche Vite to all the nails, waited for it to completely dry and then applied my tape. I made sure to apply the tape directly in the middle so that each color would come out even. With the tape still on I applied Zoya Charla closest to my cuticles and Zoya Robyn on my tips.  I then removed the tape and applied another coat of Seche Vite.

Here's how I cut my tape for anyone wondering. All I did was draw out the zig-zagged lines and then cut it out carefully. I also stuck it on my shirt before I applied it to my nail so that it wouldn't be crazy sticky and take the nail polish off.


  1. love it!
    some zig-zag scissors would really help with the time it took you.
    i might have to try it!

  2. I was going to suggest this too. You could use pinking shears or the fancy-edge scissors they sell for scrapbooking. Michael's or similar has many different shapes to choose from.

    Also-- I've found that I have better luck with shiny tape than the matte 'invisible' tape. Its a little tricky to cut but it seems to hold together better than the invisible tape, especially when you cut into the width. But I'm glad you were persistent because this mani looks awesome!

  3. this is an awesome mani! sucks that it took so long though! :( i've heard of bloggers using packing tape or blue tape for tape manis. I know those would be much easier to tape and wouldn't rip easily.

  4. Really neat idea with the double tape!

  5. They look like little blue easter eggs . I like them .

  6. love it! good idea with the double zig zag

  7. Very cute! You make me want to try more tape manis :)

    Rebecca- As I was doing this, I thought the same thing. I really do need some of those.

    Shieldmaiden96 Thank you for the tip! I've used the shiny tape before and it did work better, then I ran out and had to settle for this type.

    Moondancerjen- Yeah, I think if I try it another way it'd be much easier.

    The Nail Buff- You should! They are so much fun. (:

  9. That is really awesome how you were able to come out with such a creative design from drawing zig zags on tape! You did such a great job! If you don't mind, I'd like to steal your idea :) Also, I probably just missed it, but you said you applied the tape in the middle, and painted your nails near the cuticles and at the tips. How did you manage to neatly paint your nails in the middle?

  10. @Huda Kaake Thank you! And no I do not mind if you steal this idea. To answer your question, I painted my entire nails with the color you see in the middle. Then I covered the middle with tape so that I could paint the other two sides. Since the middle was covered, it is the color that stays gray. I hope that makes sense. (:

  11. This looks awesome! Sorry it took so long, but with this level of success, you should definitely get some patterned scissors! I have some but am too lazy to deal with tape most of the time, lol!


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