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Claire's Evil Queen

Good morning! Today I'll be showing you Claire's Evil Queen from their mock MAC Venomous Villains collection.

I haven't really seen as many swatches for this as I have for Venomous so I didn't mind putting some more out there in the blogosphere.

I tried to show as much of the shimmer/flecks as I could but this polish is hard to photograph! All these pictures were taken in natural and direct sunlight.

This one is blurry but I think it shows the shimmer really well...

Claire's Evil Queen is an dark, eggplant purple based polish packed with blue shimmer and small blue flecks. I layered this over Claire's Venomous since I was too lazy to take it off from the day before. Since I layered it, I'm not sure how many proper coats it would take but it took me two coats to make it opaque over my last mani.

This one was easier to apply than Venomous since it would actually cover the tips. The only thing is that, even in good light, this polish looks black most of the time. The shimmer is easy to see in person, but the eggplant purple base? Not so much. I still love it though!

I'll show you Poison Apple tomorrow. (:


  1. I not usually a fan of dark color like this, but this one has awesome shimmer!

  2. It's an okay color. Does it shimmer more in person?

  3. @caneriva I'm the same! The shimmer is amazing!
    @PurrceptiveVixxen Just a little more. Nothing crazy.


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