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Who you callin' ugly?

Goooood morning! Are you ready for the world to end today? No I'm kidding, it's so bright and sunny outside today, it would be a shame if it did. I created this manicure after being inspired by The Daily Nail's version of this mani. If for some crazy reason you do not know who she is, please check out her blog ASAP.

For those who do not know, Ugly Dolls are adorable plush dolls that are supposed to be monsters.

This first picture was my first attempt at this manicure and then the last three are my second attempt at it. These pictures were taken a few days before I broke two nails and had to file down every-single-one-of-them. Ugh, what a great start to the weekend, right?

So maybe I'm not as skilled as she is, but I gave it a shot and actually really liked it. I wore this for about four days even when it started to chip. I rarely ever go around with chipped nails!

For this manicure I started off by applying L.A. Colors Black Satin as the black base. Once it was dry I drew the bodies of the monsters. For the thumb the body is in Sally Hansen Green With Envy, for the index it's Essence Everybody's Talking About, for the middle finger the monster's body is in Zoya Breezi, for the ring it's Claire's Vegas and finally the monster's body is China Glaze Starboard for the pinky. I then went in and drew all the details (tongue, teeth, eyes) for each monster. When it was about 60% dry, I finished it off with Seche Vite top coat.

These nails were quite a distraction at school so maybe I'll wait until exams are over and school's out before I do something crazy like this again!


  1. So cute! I love ugly dolls, I totally would know exactly what they were without you saying hehe

  2. ahahah I love this! You have skills (:

  3. OK OK OK OK I know I said the animal print that you just did was my favorite, but this one is pretty awesome too! I love your manis!!! I shared this in the FB group too!! :-)

  4. I love these! You did such an amazing job!!

  5. omg i love it!! sooo awesomly cute :D hehehe

  6. @Forever92 Lol, I try. (:
    @TraceFace Thank you Traci! I appreciate it alot!

  7. So cute! You've got great designs...I love how when the word about giveaways spread, it alerts me to new blogs.

    Yours is awesome!

  8. @YaGottaHandItToMe Aw thank you girl! (:

  9. Youre welcome lol. I am so glad to finally have you a part of it. I hope you are enjoying it so far. And feel free to share your blog posts etc! Several of the girls dont "follow" blogs and they enjoy seeing the posts in the feed.


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