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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review: 3rd Day Wear

I meant to make this post yesterday but I was so busy studying that I didn't have the chance to. Now I'm finally done with finals! I passed all seven of them and even made a 100/100 on one of my exams! I'm so proud of myself and also SO happy I'm done with school for the year.

Now for the review, the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in Girl Flower are holding up very well.

You may remember in the last part of this review that I mentioned I had trouble applying these and they were poorly done. Well, even so, they are wearing pretty nicely. No real chips, only a little tip wear--which you can't even notice in real life unless you look closely. I didn't apply top coat to these nor was there a base coat and it's wearing better than my normal manicures do. Also, they are just as shiny now as they were when I put them on three days ago.

To make the comparison easier, this is what they looked like after wearing them for one day...

And here's a closer look at what they look like now...

As you can see, they are holding up really well, especially when I didn't do the best job at applying them! They look pretty much the same as day 1. So far, I'm impressed. I still cannot wait until I can take these off! As pretty as they are, I really miss doing nail art.

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  1. They still look pretty impressive to me (:

  2. Wow, they look awesome! I love this design, too! So pretty! :) Maybe I will have to give in, buy, and try these sometime! They look awesome!

  3. they doing really good, i like the design :-D

  4. @ABOP Thank you so much!! (:


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