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Diamond Cosmetics Decadence + Liebster Award

I have already received this award but its great to receive another one! Thank you so much Carla for nominating me for it!

"The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers. If you receive the award, link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 3 more blogs."

I'm breaking the rules and giving this award to any of my readers that own a blog with under 300 followers. Any blog owner knows that owning and running a blog is a lot harder than it looks so I think you all deserve it. (:
Now for today's manicure...
Brown is a color I have been wanting to try on my nails for a really long time. I wasn't too sure if I'd like it against my skin but Decadence proved me wrong. I haven't tried any other Diamond Cosmetics polishes before but I'm glad I have this beauty.

Diamond Cosmetics Decadence is a beautiful brown shimmer. Maybe it's just me but I see a bit of a red shimmer in it. Decadence applied like a dream! 2 thin, opaque coats and I was ready to go. It also dried quickly and was so shiny on it's own. The pictures above are with no top coat.

What is another pretty brown polish that you know of? I'm dying to add more to my collection!


  1. LOL I was /just/ thinking about how hard it is to run a functioning nail blog like yesterday.

    And I really like this on you!

  2. How sweet, I loved it.
    You have good taste.



  3. I'm loving this on you! And sorry, I'm not commenting as often. I'm waaaay behind on my blog reading so am not commenting on many posts right now (plus blogger had issues yesterday).

  4. @ABOP Thank you! And no need to be sorry, I've been behind too. I'm so confused about all the double posts on my reading list! I'm just happy Blogger got most of it figured out.


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