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Zoya Summertime Collection: Breezi

To be honest with you, Zoya's Summertime Collection seemed very boring. In my opinion, the colors were not unique at all. I'm sure there are dozens of dupes out there, just waiting to be compared. I much prefer the other two collections they have for summer over this one.

But I did like Breezi. I don't own a dusty blue color like this and thought this would be a great addition to my Zoya collection.

Zoya Breezi is a dusty medium blue with a nice cream finish. Like most Zoyas, application was flawless. Depending on how thick you apply, this polish could be a definite one-coater.

I struggled to take this color off since it looked so pretty! One thing I can expect from this polish is that it will not crack. I don't know if any of you have problems with this, but my creams normally crack on my nails. There aren't any bald spots or anything, but it cracks as if it's about to chip. It's hard to explain.

Did you like the Summertime Collection or did you pass on those colors?


  1. pretty! i agree though, the creme colors did look boring to me which is why i wasn't too upset about having to pass on them during the promo. the mattes you showed recently look nice though.

  2. I felt the same way! like breezi looks similar to CG Aqua Baby which means I really dont need it but it is cute

  3. I also didn't see anything to great about this collection, but this is a really cute colour!


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