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You're a Heartbreaker!

Today's post is a polish that I've worn over and over again but can never seem to get right. I finally found a way to make this wearable! Which is good because I was about to throw it out.

The first time I tried Pure Ice Heartbreaker, I wore it on it's own.That was about three years ago when I didn't know too much about polish. It was way too sheer to be worn alone so after about a year and a half I picked it up again and tried layering it with a green. That didn't work out very well since it blended right in. So I gave it one more try with blue, and once again it blended in. So finally I have come to the conclusion that it should be layered with darker colors.

Check out the results...

+ Heartbreaker =

I used L.A. Colors Black Satin as the base and then layered two coats of Pure Ice Heartbreaker over it. I'm really, really pleased. Thank goodness I saw this being layered at Chloe's Nails or else I would have lost hope and thrown this polish away.


  1. Pure Ice has many good layering polishes ^_^

  2. That's a great combo.

    Love your blog! ♥

  3. Lovely! I saw this color at Walmart this weekend and thought the name sounded familiar...but the polish itself under Walmart lights was so unattractive that I put it right back. Doh! I'm going to have to get this one because I love greens/blues!

  4. @Alyssa I agree. In the bottle, it doesn't look very pretty, but it's so pretty when layered over something!

  5. Gorgeous! I'm loving Black Satin on its own on you too! Noooooo, definitely keep the Pure Ice layering polishes (there are quite a few), they're great!


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