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My Stash

One of the first posts I made on this blog was a post dedicated to my nail polish collection. I had 65 polishes when I started and was so excited for you all to see it. Here's what my collection looked like in that post:

Fast forward three months and now I'm at 109 polishes. I was so excited to hit the 100 mark! I was going crazy with excitement.

I also have better organization now. I bought this shelf thing at Wal-mart a week ago and found that it is perfect for holding my polishes. 
In the top shelf I have all my oranges, pinks, reds, purples and yellows.
 The second shelf has nudes, blacks, silvers, golds, grays and whites.
And the last shelf has blues and greens. I think I may move the purples from the top shelf to this third one. I think purples, blues, and greens should be categorized together. What do you think?

I still have a whole shelve left over and I'm debating on whether I should leave room for Frankens, Glitters, and other special polishes. 
Here's a breakdown of the brands: I have 14 China Glaze polishes, 11 Revlons, 10 Zoyas, 9 Ultas, 7 Nicole by OPIs, 6 Sally Hansens, and then a small amount of other brands like CCUK, Catrice, L.A. Colors, Pure Ice and Wet N' Wild.
I've also entered all my polishes in a spreadsheet. This makes it so easy to keep up with every polish I own. Click here to get to it.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions or tips on organizing polishes? I don't plan on buying racks or anything until I run out of room and I like organizing by color, not brand or type. But I'd like to know--should I move the purples with the blues and greens, should there be a separate shelf for frankens and glitters, or is it fine the way it is? Let me know! (:


  1. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes-
    Aw, lol, thank you! (:

  2. Cute collection! :D I like your shelf too!

  3. Haha I did the same thing as you, didn't have a huge collection and then just recently I've been buying shloads of polish! Nice organization!

  4. Great collection, I love your way of organizing your nail polishes. The shelf is so convenient I just put all my nail polishes in a shoe box! lol -Not good!

    I think purples should be with reds because purples and reds are in the warm color spectrum ^_^

    Great spreadsheet!

  5. very nice collection!! I love your storage idea! I actually have one of those in my bathroom holding towels lol. I made a post a while ago for a DIY nail polish rack if you want to check it out.. but recently I had to de-clutter my room so now I just store my nail polish in a small dresser =) <33

  6. @Forever92 Thank you so much! I was thinking the same thing about the purples. I think I'll leave them there.

    @Prettyfulz I'll definitely check out your post!

  7. your stash is definitely growing :)

    shel xx


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