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Geometric Shapes

I love variety. When it comes to food, clothes, shoes, hairstyles and especially nails. I don't like to be bored with just one or a few things so I love trying out new nail art techniques and products. Lately tape manicures have been doing the trick!

I wish I could tell you that I was inspired by something, but really, I just experimented with tape and got this:

For this manicure I used L.A. Colors Black Velvet as the base color. Then I cut out random pieces of tape in different sizes and shapes. I applied them to my nail, making sure there were no gaps, and applied Nicole by OPI Positive Energy over the top.

It turned out alright but was too time consuming and too frustrating to ever do again. Bad experience, but this definitely will not be the end to my tape manicures.


  1. Super cute!! Are you using Seche Vite to help dry your polish? It's the star of the show when it comes to tape manicures. :)

  2. I love it=). You are right about time consumption. Making different shapes, and allot of tapes do take a lot of time. Can't wait to see your next tape mani =)

  3. @Amber I have heard such good things about Seche Vite, but I haven't had the chance to ever try it! I will definitely have to pick it up next time I go shopping.

    @colorfulbottle Thank you! I can't wait to come up with more tape manis. Hopefully it won't be so complicated next time.

  4. Time consuming, yes, but great results!

  5. I love this design! It would be great in some bright colors too.

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  6. Ooo, I love this! Very cute! :)


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